Here Is How To Remove Lacoste Logo!

Lacoste logo is among the many logos found on iconic casual and sports brands, which is an emblem of a green crocodile with an open mouth.

Do you see it as an impossible task to remove a Lacoste logo from a polo without ruining the shirt? This article will give you a step-by-step method to remove it if no longer desired.

Lacoste logo is an embroidered crocodile logo on the shirt. It is removed by carefully using a seam ripper and tweezers to cut out the stitches without tearing through the fabrics.

How to Remove Lacoste Logo?

How to Remove Lacoste Logo

You remove the Lacoste logo before washing the shirt. At this point, the fabrics are still in their original form. After cleaning the polo shirt, removing the Lacoste logo becomes difficult.

Lacoste logo is removed by a careful, patient, and time-consuming process using a seam ripper, tweezers, or instruments such as a scalpel, sharp knife, or pins.

You remove the Lacoste logo under a good light source for excellent work on your polo shirt.

In addition, you need a good light source to view the threads amidst the fabrics better. 

You remove an embroidered Lacoste logo from the inside of the shirt. At the same time, you remove a patched Lacoste logo from the outside.

Lacoste logo removal takes a lot of time without the right tools being handy.

A step-by-step method for Removing the Lacoste Logo

To remove an embroidered Lacoste logo from your fabrics is not as difficult as it seems. You only need some tweezers, magnifying glass, and a seam ripper.

Here are the step-by-step methods of getting the Lacoste logo off your polo shirt:

  • Firstly, you turn inside a polo shirt, making the thread used visible. Then, using the seam ripper, slide it under some embroidery thread. The seam ripper will cut the thread as you keep sliding it under the embroidery thread.
  • After cutting through the embroidered threads, use tweezers to pull the thread out gradually before going on to the next area. While doing this, consider that a small portion is focused on per time because the threads are tiny and closely opposed. Focusing on a segment per time offers a good job and preserves your fabrics.
  • Care is adhered to when using the seam ripper because it is liable to cut through your fabrics. You will encounter a rough-textured fabric when cutting through using the seam ripper. Once seen, pull them out.
  • Next, a magnifying glass helps to check for tiny threads still intertwined within the fabric. When seen, you pull it out because if left in, it might bulge out of the fabrics making the work shabby.
  • After the above processes, the shirt is washed twice and then ironed adequately.
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Removing the Crocodile from a Lacoste Tennis Sweater

Removing the crocodile from a Lacoste tennis sweater is possible if you spend quality time trying to get every piece of the logo out of the sweater. The crocodile is either glued or stitched onto the sweater.

You can remove the glued crocodile logo from a Lacoste tennis sweater by rubbing a cotton ball dipped in nail polish over the site with the logo. 

After applying nail polish to the logo, you will peel the logo off with fingernails or a gentle plastic scraper.

Remember that the site where the logo was before removing might appear brighter and newer-looking compared to the other part of the tennis sweater.

The reason is that the nail polish causes the fabric at that site to slacken slightly.

Likewise, removing the crocodile logo on a stitched tennis sweater requires a seam ripper and tweezers.

The seam ripper cuts the stitches gradually while the tweezers pick out the strands of the logo site.

Using this method of removing the crocodile logo from the tennis sweater might endanger your fabrics, so adequate care and precision are needed.

You can quickly fix minor errors rather than significant mistakes. You improvise when the error is minimal, with another design covering up that site.

Your time, energy, patience, and skills are all required to get a good job done.

How to Unstitch Polo Logo?

There are many reasons why an individual wants to unstitch their polo logo. It might be that the logo is flawed, or the color or design is not pleasing to you. Or it is wrongly placed.

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Embroidery or polo can ruin your Lacoste polo shirt. Several tools and techniques aid the effective unstitching of the polo logo.

However, it requires time, energy, and patience.

Cutting and Removing Stitches

You do a lot of cutting and removing to remove stitches on the fabric. Start the process from the back of the embroidery.

If the site for the stitch removal is significant, put an embroidery loop around it. The fabric must be smooth and flat but not too stretched for the proper stitch removal.

For small areas, lay the fabrics over your non-cutting hand, on a drape or a hard surface.

Then, use a sharp seam ripper or curved cutting scissors to lift the thread and cut each strand. 

You should not be in haste or risk the chances of jeopardizing your fabrics. Instead, view the thread using a magnifying glass while cutting the thread one layer per time.

Using a sharp new razor blade or an electric shaver to cut through the threads is faster. 

Hold the blade at a right angle to the fabric and slowly cut through the thread gently, one layer at a time, reducing excessive damage to the fabric.

Then, turn the fabric around and cut it from the back. Brush away the tiny particles with your fingernails or use a roll of tapes, preferably duct tape that leaves no residue.  

Turn the shirt right side out and remove the top stitches with your fingers or tweezers. Continue with a magnifying glass until you remove the whole stitches.

Why Remove Lacoste Polo Logo?

Here are several reasons why you should remove  the Lacoste polo logo:

  • First, you create your own; cutting off someone else’s logo enables you to create your own.
  • For fear of not wanting to, they do someone else’s advertisement for free.
  • You regard the logo as a little uncomfortable in the age of austerity.
  • The Lacoste logo is encased in a meme captioned because of changing behavior towards logos.
  • People are scared that if logos are allowed to progress, it may get to the point that one day customers will turn into horses, as stated by; Ralph Lauren. 
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Lacoste crocodile logo detail

The Lacoste logo is one of the famous logos that are relatively constant across the world. Lacoste claims the logo has over 1200 stitches in it.

It is clear that it was machine-made and not hand-man. The logo mostly comes in green color with a white edge and a red tongue.

The table below shows the pros and cons of having the Lacoste logo on your shirt.

For identificationIt is considered less fashionable
For originalityIt makes the shirt plain
For beautificationIt leads to the destruction of the fabrics


Lacoste logo is an embroidered crocodile logo on the shirt. It is removed by carefully using a seam ripper and tweezers to cut out the stitches without tearing through the fabrics.

The Lacoste logo is removed by a careful, patient, and time-consuming process using a seam ripper, tweezers, or instruments such as a scalpel.

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