Can A Tailor Make Pants Less Baggy? (Let’s Find Out)

Often, it’s challenging to find a pair of pants that suit your choice and, at the same time, your size. And sometimes, you lose weight, and your pants no longer fit. What do you do?

Here is the point the question of a tailor comes in. And so one will ask, “Can a tailor make my pants less baggy?”

Yes. A tailor can make your pants less baggy by reducing their size and making them fit or slimmer. The tailor can do this by altering the entire pant or some parts of the trouser. What you should know and take note of is that not all tailors are competent enough in this aspect. It would be best if you met a professional for such services.

Can a Tailor Reduce the Size of My Pants?

Can a Tailor Make Pants Less Baggy

Yes. A tailor can reduce the size of your pant. You must also note that it is not all pants sizes that a tailor can size down, but most. So, you must allow the right tailor to take a look.

A tailor can reduce the size of your pants by making some adjustments, including reducing the size of the baggy trouser to your size. A tailor can do this by stitching the extra inches that make the pants baggy.

 Then, the tailor stitches the pant from top to bottom. After the tailor does this, they will try to put everything on the pants back in shape.

A tailor can also reduce your pants by tapering the pants to a slimmer fit size. The tailor can do this by cutting out the excess fabric but consciously not destroying the whole pant.

Then, stitch it back in the right order. The tailor must take caution at this point to not destroy the pant or alter the shape.

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Hence, it is evident that a tailor can reduce your pants size. Consult the right tailor with the right experience and someone who has done it before.

How Do You Make Pants Less Baggy?

You can make your pants less baggy by tapering them, sewing them, wearing a belt, using elastic between the waistlines, and on a lighter note, gaining weight.

There are two ways of making your pants less baggy. You can either permanently make your trouser size less baggy or permanently make your trouser size less baggy. 

#1. Sewing

You will need a professional tailor, a sewing machine, and a sewing thread. You should know that this item is the best method of making a pant less baggy.

The tailor takes out your measurement and evaluates it on the baggy trouser for adjustments. Or use one of your fitted trousers to get the exact size of the baggy pants.

#2. Tapering

Tapering pants are an easy way of giving them a fit. All you need to do to taper baggy pants is to know where to taper the pants, pin and cut the excess fabric, and sew a new seam. 

When done, it will leave your trouser in a much new, slider and fitted position. Tapering is a permanent method of making a pant less baggy.

#3. Wearing a Belt

Wearing a belt is the best way to fix overly baggy pants temporarily. This idea will help hold the pants at the waist and then hold them in a shirt. 

This idea won’t work for overly baggy trousers anyway. But it will make your pants smaller and tighter at the waist region. This item will make it hold firmly and avoid falling off.

#4. Using Elastic Between the Waistline

You can use an elastic in place of a belt. The difference is that an elastic will hold better or is tighter than a belt, but it does the work of making a pant look better off and less baggy.

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The above is a temporary method and might not even be effective. Putting a tight elastic on your pants sometimes causes a lot of discomforts.

#5. Gaining Weight

You could get smaller pants to avoid the tale of making your baggy pants smaller after purchase, or you could gain back weight so that the pants fit like they used to. And also try to maintain your weight.

How Much Does Tapering Cost?

A competent tailor can help taper or alter your pants for around $30 to $45.

To have your pants look more fitted or slimmer, you can have them tampered with or adjusted to a smaller size. This idea will make the pant’s thigh area tighter and give them a skinnier fit.

Tapered pants look better and come out without faults if tapered by the right tailor. Tapering could be an option when you buy bagging pants or if they become oversized.

The price or cost of tampering pants or trousers varies, though. Cost depends on factors like where you stay, the tailor involved, and what kind of trousers you want to tamper with. 

The above means tapering trousers’ prices vary among tailors, locations, and pant types. So, it would be best if you weighed the cost by the above.

Whichever way, the cost is not too high, and you can afford the cost. Don’t panic. Tapering or adjusting a trouser is money you can afford.

Below is a table showing the price tag of every pant alteration to help you make your budget.

Alteration Price
Shorten$14 to $25
Lengthen$25 to $30
Re-hem$8 to $10
Taper$30 to $45
Waist in/out$15 to $35
New zipperAround $25
Fit new hook and barAround $10
Remove pocketsAround $10
New pocket$15 to $25

You need to check what aspects from the table your tailor will tamper with, calculate how much it will cost, and sum it up.

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Can a Tailor Make the Waist of My Pant Smaller?

Yes. A tailor can make the waist of your pant smaller. If you feel your trousers are not tight and you want them tighter, a tailor can bring them in and make your pants look more fashionable.

Not all tailors can get this accurately without totally altering it, though. So be careful if you want an excellent result. Always trust only competent hands with jobs like this.

Adjusting the width of your pant’s waist can make a huge difference in the comfort of your pants. Your pant waist should sit on your hip bone and remain tight without a belt.

Your tailor should lose the pant enough to allow 2-4 fingers to fit into the waistband. The tailor can take the width of a proper pant’s waist out by 0.75″ (1.5 in total circumstances), 

While the tailor can take the width of your pant’s waist in by 1″ (2 in total circumference), any changes to this dimension will also give rise to some changes to the hip width of the pant.

Every good tailor knows these precautions, and all you need to do is get a good tailor who will take your measurement and use it to bring out an excellent slim-fit trouser for your comfort.


Now, you know that a tailor is a right person to make your pants less baggy. Go on and make those baggy pants everything you imagined. 

In the long run, remember an inexperienced tailor handling your baggy pants can be Tragic, but the right ones will leave you with perfect-fit pants. Make the right tailor choice.

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