Men’s Pants Inseam By Height (All You Need to Know)

One crucial thing to consider when getting pants for yourself or someone is the fit. To get pants that fit well, you have to know your measurement.

Men’s pants are usually measured in inseam by Height. 

If you want to get a pair of pants for yourself but don’t know your measurement, how do you determine the inseam measurement for your Height?

You can get your inseam by Height by checking the tag on some well-fitting pants. The measurements are usually on the labels. If you can’t find any pants with tags, you can measure your inseam by Height by checking the length from your crotch seam to the hem of your pants with a measuring tape.

In this article, I’ll provide information on calculating your pants’ inseam by Height. 

I’ll also tell you how to find the length of your trousers by inseam and provide you with tables for easy measurement conversions.

How Do You Calculate Pants inseam by Height For Men?

Men’s Pants Inseam By Height

You can use a sizing chart to calculate your pant inseam by Height. The inseam by Height varies from man to man by how long or short their legs are.

Here table to show the measurement values of pant inseams for diferent heights in inches:

Height in InchesRecommended Inseam
5’4”25” inseam
5’5”26” inseam
5’6”26” inseam
5’7”27” inseam
5’8”28” inseam
5’9” and more29” inseam

Here is a table to show the measurement values of pant inseam lengths for different heights in inches:

Height in InchesRecommended Inseam Length
5’9” and moreRegular

If you need to convert the value of your Height from inches to centimeters, here is a sizing chart to get the deals:

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Height in Feet and InchesHeight in centimeters
5’4”162.5 centimeters
5’5”165 centimeters
5’6”167.5 centimeters
5’7”170 centimeters
5’8”172.5 centimeters
5’9” and more175 centimeters and above

How to Find Your Length of Trousers by Inseam?

There are two standard ways to check the length of your trousers by inseam. The first method is to get a pair of your favorite pants and check the tag on the pants.

You’ll find the measurement by inseam printed on the tag. You can use these measurements to purchase other trousers of a similar fitting.

The other method you can use to determine the measurement of your trouser by inseam is to measure the inseam yourself.

Here are tables showing materials you need to measure the length of your trouser and their function:

Smooth surfaceTo place your pants on
A pair of well-fitting pantsTo check the inseam measurement
Measuring TapeTo get the measurement value
IronTo smoothen out the wrinkles and folds on the pants.

Here are steps on how to measure the length of your trousers by inseam:

  • The first step is to find a pair of nicely fitting pants. Then, you can easily find your pant measurement by checking the inseam from the pants you own.
  • Lay the pants on a flat surface and fold them half by length. When you fold the pants, ensure that you line up the legs with each other.
  • The next step is to lift the top pants leg. When you lift the top pants leg, you will see the inseam running from the underside of the crotch down to the pant hem.
  • Use an iron to smoothen the wrinkles on the lower pants legs so you can measure adequately.
  • Get a measuring tape to measure from the crotch seam to the hem of the pants. You can find the crotch seam at the center of the crotch of your pants.
  • The measurement from the crotch seam to the hem of your pants is your inseam. Check the measurement value and write it down somewhere for future use.
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If you don’t have well-fitting pants, you can measure yourself through the mirror, and here are steps on how to do it:

  • It would be best if you got the measurements very close to your skin, so it is best to take the measures in your underwear.
  • Stand straight in front of a floor-length mirror to help you when taking measurements
  • Put the tip of your measuring tape where your thigh meets your groin. Make sure to leave the tape unrolled as you hold the video.
  • The next step is to slowly lower the down to your ankles and keep it close to your skin. Finally, you can use the mirror to check when you reach your ankle.
  • You can stop unrolling the tape when you get to the point where you want the hem of your trousers to be.
  • Remove the tape as you hold it where it touches your crotch. Be careful when doing this, so you alter your inseam, then you’d have to measure it all over again.
  • Jot down your inseam somewhere for future use. 

If you cannot accurately measure your inseam, you can ask someone else to help you. Ensure to stand up straight and ask the person to measure from your crotch seam to the trouser’s hem.

What Height is a 32-inch Inseam?

The average Height for a 32-inch seam should be around 5 ’11 or 6 feet.

Here’s a table to show how tall you should be for a 32-length pair of trousers: 

Petite 5’3” or less25″ to 27.”27” 
Average 5’4” to 5’7”28″ to 30.”28″ to 32.”
Tall 5’8” and above31″ to 34.”32″ to 34.”

Here is a table for the inside leg measurements for a 32-inch leg Regular:

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SizeInside leg in inchesInside leg in centimeters
Short30 inches76 centimeters
Regular32 inches81 centimeters
Long34 inches86 centimeters

Here is a table for the standard leg lengths for 32 inches:

ParticularsMinus (short)Standard (normal)
Inside leg length75 cm, 29.5 inches81 cm, 32 inches
Length with large hem80 cm, 31.5 inches86 cm, 34 inches

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