Barbour Beaufort Classic Vs. Original (In-Depth Comparison)

Barbour is an internationally reliable brand, and the quality of the brand’s products makes it stand out among its peers. 

Barbour outwears are super unique; they’re stylish and comfortable to wear. Among their outerwear are the Beaufort classic and the original. 

Both outfits are unique, and each of them has features that are peculiar to them.

Therefore, to choose the right one for you, you will want to know the differences between the two. Hence, Barbour Beaufort classic vs. Original.

The Barbour Beaufort classic and the original are waxed outerwear, each offering unique aesthetics suitable for different situations. However, there are some differences between them; the significant difference is the finishing method used for each garment. Barbour uses the sylkoil finishing method for the Beaufort classic, while it uses the thornproof finishing method for the original.

This article gives a detailed explanation of both the Barbour Beaufort classic and the original. It will help you make the right choice between both garments.

In addition, I will enlighten you on their features, and by the end, you will be able to choose the best between the Barbour Beaufort classic and the original.

Barbour Beaufort Classic Vs. Original; What Are the Differences?

Barbour Beaufort Classic Vs. Original

Barbour Beaufort classic has a traditional finishing method which is the sylkoil finishing. 

Sylkoil finish is also known as “unshorn” wax, and its application method differs from the waxed cotton finish.

In Beaufort classic, applying the sylkoil finish to the cotton material that makes up your Barbour jacket happens immediately after it leaves the loom when the material still has some fluffiness.

After applying the finish, the cotton material is dyed and waxed. 

Due to this sylkoil finishing method, the Barbour Beaufort classic is more subdued and has a matte finish compared to the Beaufort original with a glossier finish.

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Furthermore, the Barbour Beaufort original has a modern finishing method: the waxed cotton finish, and it’s otherwise known as “thornproof.” 

Applying the waxed cotton finish is different from that of sylkoil finishing. 

In Beaufort’s original, the cotton material that makes up your Barbour jacket is first treated in calendered finishing. 

Calendered finishing runs your cotton material through heated rollers at high temperatures and pressure. The calendered finish, therefore, gives your cotton material a glossy finish.

As you can see, the finishing method is the primary difference between the Barbour Beaufort classic and the original. 

Hence, the finishing method has effects on Barbour jackets because it’s the one that determines the texture, looks, and durability of your jacket.

To learn more about the differences between the Barbour classic and the original, check the table below:

Beaufort ClassicBeaufort Original
Its finishing method is sylkoil finishing.Its finishing method is waxed cotton finishing.
This jacket has a matte finish.This jacket is shinier.
It’s softer and has a drier feel.It’s thicker.
It gives a traditional look.It gives a formal or urban look.
Beaufort classic requires less maintenance.The Beaufort original requires frequent maintenance.
Its durability is lesser than the Beaufort original.It provides higher durability.
It’s available in olive color.It’s available in different colors.
Beaufort’s classic exposes little imperfections that occurred during the weaving.The Beaufort original hides little imperfections adequately.
It reveals stains.It hides stains well.

Which Is the Classic Barbour Beaufort?

The classic Barbour Beaufort is outerwear that uses a traditional finishing method known as sylkoil, also referred to as the “unshorn wax.” 

The most common coloring style of the classic Barbour Beaufort is the mixture of salt and pepper color which is olive. The Beaufort classic is flexible but has a rough surface. 

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The rough surface is caused by its finishing method because applying finish to the material that makes up the jacket occurs immediately after it leaves the loom while it still has some fluffiness.

The Beaufort classic is slightly warm, wind-resistant, soft to feel, and requires less maintenance. 

Which Is the Original Barbour Beaufort?

The original Barbour Beaufort is one of the most popular Barbour outwears, which uses a modern finishing method known as waxed cotton finishing or thornproof finishing.

Any Barbour jacket with a thornproof finish is produced from two-fold twisted yarns. The original Barbour Beaufort is available in different beautiful colors. 

Moreover, the outwear has a smooth and glossy surface. The smooth surface of the jacket is a result of its finishing method. 

The material that makes up your original Barbour Beaufort is treated first by running it through heated rollers at high temperatures and pressures. The material is then dyed and waxed.

Also, the original Barbour Beaufort is stiff to feel and durable and made from quality materials, making it a waterproof jacket.

Which Is More Stylish Between, Barbour Beaufort Classic and Original?

Well, this question has yet to have a definitive answer because it depends on your personal preference. 

Nevertheless, to know the most stylish between Barbour Beaufort classic and original, you need to compare the features of each of them to your preference.

If you’re the type that likes traditional outfits, then you should opt for thornproof jackets, i.e., the Beaufort original. 

However, if you are the type that prefers formal dresses, then the Beaufort classic is the best for you.

Also, if you want colored jackets, the Beaufort original is the right option because it’s available in different stunning colors.

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If you want a thick jacket, go for the Beaufort original, but the Beaufort classic is the best for you if you prefer a soft jacket.

In addition, if you’re the type that likes your jacket’s surface to be smooth, the Beaufort original is the perfect choice you should make. 

But, if you would like a jacket that has a rough surface, then you should choose the Beaufort classic. Another feature of the Beaufort classic is that it reveals stains. 

So, if you’re the type that feels uncomfortable with seeing stains on your dresses, the best decision for you is to stay away from Beaufort Classic and opt for the Beaufort original.

Also, it’s essential to note that the Beaufort classic is more comfortable to wear than the Beaufort original, as the sylkoil finish softens. 

Besides, if you know that you can’t give your jacket enough maintenance, then you shouldn’t choose the Beaufort original; this is advisable because the jacket requires optimum maintenance.

Regardless of your choice, you should know that the finish on your Barbour jackets wears over time, especially the Beaufort original, which has a thornproof finish.

And the wear can eventually prevent the jackets from serving their ideal purposes. 

To prevent such a situation, Barbour recommends reapplication of the finish on your jackets at least once a year. 

You can do the reapplication yourself. All you need to do is get the thornproof wax that Barbour offers customers. 

Of course, you can use the thornproof wax for both Barbour Beaufort classic and original.

Also, the Barbour brand provides reapplication maintenance every year for their customers. Hence, you can send your jacket to the brand at that time of the year.

Moreover, you should note that you can’t wash your Barbour jackets with washing machines, especially the Beaufort original.

Meanwhile, more instructions on how to care for both Beaufort classic and original usually come with them, so check one of the pockets on your jacket.


The Barbour Beaufort classic and the Beaufort original are both waxed outerwear. Yet, some apparent differences between them include their looks, textures, durability, etc. 

Moreover, your personal preference is the one that determines the right outerwear for you between the Barbour Beaufort classic and the original. 

Each outerwear has its specific features, and this article explains them all.

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