How Long Does Ralph Lauren Perfume Last? (Let’s See)

Perfumes are an integral part of the wardrobe; everyone needs to have a cologne that will add spice to them and keep them smelling and feeling fresh.

In addition, everyone wants to use a long-lasting scent that can keep them smelling fresh all day long. Luckily, Ralph Lauren perfumes have both wonderful scents and longevity. 

Ralph Lauren perfumes can last on the skin or clothing for about 8-9 hours. However, certain factors influence how long perfumes last. For example, fragrances applied to dry skin will last a shorter period, and the scent will dissipate faster if the weather is hot.

How Long Does Ralph Lauren Cologne Last?

How Long Does Ralph Lauren Perfume Last?

Ralph Lauren cologne’s longevity is quite impressive; I can put its longevity between six to nine hours after you wear it. Most of the time, it can last even longer. 

While it may not last as long as other fragrances, you can expect good value from the product.

The perfume may stay on you for five hours, and sometimes it could last even more than mine.

For example, if you wear Ralph Lauren cologne to work in the morning, you will still be able to smell it when you shower after work hours. That means it can last you an entire work day.

You should know that how long the scent lasts also depends on some factors like;

  • The weather affects a perfume’s longevity. If the day is warm or humid, the scent of the fragrance will wear off faster. So, if you wear Ralph Lauren cologne in the summer, it will wear off faster than if you wore it in the winter or in less warm temperatures.
  • Additionally, your activities can contribute; if you do any physically demanding activities that cause you to sweat, like going to the gym, the scent may wear off faster. But the opposite may be the case if your actions aren’t physically demanding.

Do They Still Make Ralph Lauren Perfume?

Ralph Lauren has been one of the leading perfume designers for several years.

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To date, the famous luxury brand makes a wide variety of men’s and women’s perfumes distributed worldwide.

The renowned fashion designer has an impressive collection of fragrances, and his other lines of accessories, home décor, and clothing began manufacturing perfumes in 1978.

Before that, the clothing giant manufactured everything concerning clothing from jeans to casual wear, formal wear, and sportswear.

However, it was in 1978 that Ralph Lauren created a partnership with L’OREAL and began the creation of much-beloved classic scents.

They first began by creating Polo, an iconic scent for men; Polo is one of the most famous men’s perfumes from Ralph Lauren.

Then they moved to manufacture a fragrance for women in 1978; most Ralph Lauren scents that have hit the market since then are classics. 

Afterward, they came up with Chaps and Tuxedo for men and women; respectively, both scents came along in 1979.

From there, Ralph Lauren continued to produce perfumes for men and women yearly and without fail.

The newest addition to the collection of fragrances came in 2022; it is called the Polo Earth and is a very classy unisex fragrance.

Under the Ralph Lauren luxury collection, there is a wide array of recent scents as recent as 2021.

Ralph Lauren colognes are always available. All scents and luxury scents are in stores all over the world.

Ralph By Ralph Lauren Perfume Review

Ralph by Ralph Lauren is an intoxicating fruity fragrance for modern young women.

Alain Achenberger composed the scent, and Ralph Lauren released it to the public in 2000. Since then, it has been a classic liked by many women.

The perfume is a fruity floral fragrance. According to Ralph, it captures the zest, energy, spirit, personality, zeal, and vitality of the modern young woman.

With its soft blue musk, shiny green apple leaves, zesty pink magnolia, and undertones of purple freesia all coming together in a perfectly blended floral flavor, Ralph by Ralph Lauren has indeed achieved that goal.

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The perfume features top notes of citrus zest, Mandarin, and apple.

The middle notes flickering are Linden flower, freesia, and magnolia, then comes the base notes of Orris and white musk to give that light fruity fragrance.

With the fragrances used, even though the perfume is lightweight, it does not wear off quickly. 

Many find Ralph by Ralph Lauren better suited for younger women because although it has that fruity floral scent, there is also an undertone of something feisty and exuberant.  

The original Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume comes in a blue box and a blue bottle which is very spot-on for its aquatic, sporty fragrance.

The scent smells “fresh,” so to speak, and when you smell it, that is the color that comes to mind. It smells floral, fresh, and very feminine, a girly fragrance.

When you smell it at first, the first notes smell like apples, citrusy, fruity, sweet, juicy, like if you tasted it, it would be lovely. But don’t, because it won’t.

Then, after a while, you perceive a clean, pleasant scent, not sterile like laundry soap or bath soap, clean like freshly washed clothes; when combined with the fruity aromas, you get a girly scent.

I believe this scent is more suitable for young girls because while it has that girly, fresh, clean scent, it’s pretty standard.

So, if you’re looking for something special, you should go for something else.

Although Ralph by Ralph Lauren is pretty expensive, considering it’s a designer perfume, it’s worth it. The 50ml bottle costs about $47.50, while the 100ml bottle costs $62.50.

The perfume is versatile, and you can wear it anytime. It can last the entire day except if the day is a sweltering summer day.

Ralph By Ralph Lauren Perfume Similar?

Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume is excellent for women; however, the scent is not exceptional, and several fragrances have a similar smell.

So, if women are looking for less expensive options that smell like Ralph by Ralph Lauren, some examples are;

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#1. Dylan Blue Pour Femme

This perfume isn’t the same as Ralph’s, but the style is similar. It is more Woody and crispy than Ralph, but it also has that fruity and juicy undertone.

It also has a great apple scent and excellent floral undertones.

Its floral undertones paired with black currant and apple give it a fresh and clean scent like Ralph’s.

Although it is not a unique scent and the aroma is quite common, it is a good alternative for Ralph.

#2. Live Luxe By Jennifer Lopez For Women

Live Luxe isn’t precisely like Ralph, but it is a less expensive option for women who love the Ralph scent; live Luxe is cheaper with a similar scent.

However, Live Luxe uses melon and pear instead of apple to get that crisp, fruity scent.

And just like Ralph, its base notes include freesia and musk, the floral notes vary a bit, but in the end, it gives a reasonably similar profile.

#3. Marine Groove By Escada

Think of summer when you perceive the tropical fruitiness of this scent; although this scent is not as floral as Ralph, it contains notes of pony and Jasmine. 

Also, the scent has the same tropical fresh cleanliness as Ralph, but it has a more bursty and lively allure.

Although it has a strong passion for fruit twist, its undertones, and sweet and inviting, Marine Groove is a lovely summer scent.

#4. Paris Hilton

Like Live Luxe, this scent from Paris Hilton has tones of melon and peach but also has strong apple notes like Ralph.

So, this scent is like a fine blend between Live Luxe and Ralph by Ralph Lauren, so it’s the perfect substitute for Ralph.


Ralph Lauren perfume is a long-lasting perfume; the scent can last for more than nine hours on a good day.

However, during summer days, the perfume can last for shorter periods. Overall, the scent is fruity, clean, and refreshing.

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