Blazer Tight Around Arm (Reasons & Solutions)

Well-fitting jackets are usually preferred to loose ones because perfectly fitted suits appear smart, classy, and more appealing than loose ones.

However, getting a jacket that fits properly can sometimes be challenging. The reason is that the blazer may be too tight or too loose, especially in the arm and chest areas. 

So, for a tight-armed blazer, you may want to know why it is so and how you can fix it. Let’s find out in this article.

Blazer will feel tight around the arms if the armhole of your jacket is too high. Too high an armhole causes tightness around your arms because of its closeness to the armpit. So, for a jacket to fit properly, the armhole should be a few inches below the armpit so your arms can also move freely.

Is a Blazer Supposed to be tight in the Arms?

Blazers Tight Around Arms

A blazer is a classy outfit and looks best when it fits well. However, your blazer should not be tight around your arms, chest, or body. Yes, it should fit, but it should only hug your body slightly.

Tightness around the arms can be traced to the armhole, not your jacket sleeve, as you may assume.

The height of the armhole determines how comfortable you’ll feel around your arms when you have your blazer on.

Your blazer armhole is supposed to be a little below the armpit, like ½ to 1 inch down.

It should be high enough to cover the visibility of the armpit areas but shouldn’t be at exactly the armpit. 

There must be enough space to allow unrestricted movement of your arms and the general comfort you feel in that region.

Although the blazer armhole is not supposed to be too high to reach the armpit, it should not be too deep, creating excess fabric underneath your arms.

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In addition, an armhole that extends two to three inches below the armpit comes out ill-fitted with wrinkles around the arms, which shouldn’t be for a perfectly fitted suit.

And while you may desire absolute comfort in your blazer, move your arms freely and feel as comfortable as possible.

You must understand that blazers are not as free as your regular outfit. So, do not expect to feel the same comfort as you would in your other outfits.

If you desire freedom around your body, you shouldn’t consider putting on a blazer.

A blazer should not cause discomfort around your arms or body. If it does, check the height of the armhole of your jacket.

And although suits are not entirely comfortable, they should, however, not pinch you.

How Do You Know If a Blazer is Too Tight?

You’ll know your blazer is too tight when you feel discomfort in certain areas after putting on your jacket.

The table below lists these areas and how to know when your blazer is tight or fitting on you.

Body AreaToo tightFits
Jacket chestVisible gapped chest break.The lapel lies smoothly and follows the shape of your chest.
BackFew horizontal creasesNo creases
Midsection button closureForms X shape at the chest area when standing.No ugly X shape when standing and hugs your body slightly.
ArmsRestriction in the movement of the bicep and elbow.Arms move freely and conveniently.
Jacket shouldersBites and pushes against the blazer sleeve.No bites and falls clean off the shoulder

The above details tell you when your jacket is too tight or fits well on you. And this will guide you in getting a perfectly fitted suit.

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Other things to pay attention to when you intend to get a jacket that will fit properly are:

#1. The Suit Jacket Length

A proper suit jacket length should touch your mid or lower couch. But, you may wonder, what has the length of my brazer been related to how fitting it is. 

The trick is that the length of your jacket determines how well the entire jacket fits your upper body.

With your arms relaxed at the sides, your jacket should touch the middle of your hand. 

This length is the perfect suit jacket length. Any jacket longer or shorter than this is not a perfect size, except it’s just a casual jacket.

#2. Length of Jacket Sleeve

The sleeve length of your jacket tells a lot about the size- either undersized or oversized.

A perfectly fitted suit should have a sleeve that rests at the top of the wrist, revealing about 1/4 or 1/2 inch of the cuff of your inner shirt.

An undersized jacket will have a sleeve that lies far above the wrist, revealing too much of the inner shirt sleeve.

In contrast, an oversized jacket will have a sleeve length that goes beyond the wrist, revealing no cuff.

Should You Be Able to Raise Your Arms in a Blazer?

When putting on a blazer, you should feel as comfortable as possible.

You should be able to conveniently raise your hands, stretch for a handshake or a hug, reach out for a drink, and do things normally.

But when you raise your arms, and the jacket pulls upwards, it shows that the blazer is too tight.

Although, blazers do not give total comfort like you’d feel when you’re on casuals. However, you shouldn’t feel pain, pinches, or choked when your blazers are on.

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Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that your blazer should be loose because loose blazers will give a poor impression of you and make you look whack.

So, a perfectly fitted suit that boosts your overall outlook and self-confidence is the standard.

How Can I Fix a Tight Blazer Armhole?

If you got a tight blazer at the armhole, you could follow these guidelines to get it fixed to achieve your desired comfort.

  • With the help of a seam ripper, completely remove the sleeves of the jacket to expose the armhole area.
  • Use chalk to mark your desired armhole length.
  • Cut out the desired armhole length using a pair of scissors. Ensure to measure well and be sure of the measurement before you cut.
  • You can choose to use an old jacket that fits well as a template by placing them side by side with each other while tracing out the outline.
  • Make another sleeve that will fit into the new armhole.
  • Sew the sleeve around the armhole.

You can seek the help of a tailor to fix the jacket to avoid ruining your jacket.

However, the best and easiest way to fix the tight blazer is by opting for a more convenient-sized jacket.

A perfectly fitted suit jacket will be very comfortable around the armhole, arms, chest, length, and the entire body area of the jacket.

Most times, tight blazers are usually undersized blazers. When you get a jacket smaller than your body size, it will feel tight and uncomfortable, requiring a tailor to fix it, which can be expensive.

However, if you can’t find a blazer that is your perfect size, it’s best to go for a larger size instead of a smaller one.

The reason is that oversized jackets are much easier to fix than tight ones. Also, taking a few inches inside the jacket is easier than letting out some.


Tightness around your blazer’s arms results from the high armhole of the jacket and not the sleeve of the blazer.

When the armhole cuts into the armpit, it causes tightness around the arm, which can be discomforting.

However, a tailor can help correct this issue, or you can get another jacket that will fit properly.

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