RRL Jeans Review!

Clothing lines are a key branch of the manufacturing industry, and they are very competitive with different subsidiary lines.

For example, aerie is an offshoot of American Eagle Outfitters, while Miu Miu takes its roots from Prada. 

RRL is a branch of the famous Ralph Lauren fashion line that has gotten significant reviews over the years.

So, it is natural for RRL, known as double Ralph Lauren or double RL, to become the best Ralph Lauren fashion line.

RRL jeans have a very high quality compared to other similar products. Double RL offers a perfect fit for the jeans it produces, making them comfortable. The RRL jeans are always a great piece of wear even though it comes in five different fits. It is a lightweight product that depicts the American style and unique craftsmanship.

Are RRL Jeans True to Size?

RRL Jeans Review

Yes, RRL is true to size, making them the perfect jeans choice. The size of Ralph Lauren jeans does not vary across the different kinds of jeans they have. The slim-fit jeans are also true to size. 

Moreover, RRL jeans have a size chart where you can pick the correct size of your trousers.

Notwithstanding, there may be a disparity in the size of RRL jeans across other brands. It brings us back to the statement true to size is not entirely the right thing to say. 

Size 32 of Wrangler jeans might be completely different from the same size as Ralph Lauren jeans.

So, it is better to ask for the measurement of a brand rather than whether it is true to size.

The case of true to size only applies when you purchase your jeans from just one brand. All jeans brands should have a size chart displaying the different sizes of jeans available.

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For example, RRL Ralph Lauren comes in six (6) options.

  • The slim fit
  • Slim fit boot cut
  • Slim straight 
  • Straight
  • Low straight and
  • Button straight

All these options of RRL jeans are true to size. Below is the size chart against the waist and thigh of Ralph Lauren jeans.


Once your size of jeans is there, it no longer matters whether it is a slim fit, straight, or buttons straight. That is what the entire concept of true to size entails. 

So, Ralph Lauren’s jeans are true to size, but only within the brand. I can not assure you that anything outside the RRL brand is true to size.

Where Are RRL Jeans Made?

RRL jeans are made in California, in the United States. However, the back end of the production takes place in Japan.

The composition of the fabrics used for the different fits of RRL Ralph Lauren jeans takes place in Okayama. 

They take these fabrics back to the city of California for sewing. However, most RRL garments are made in China, but it does not reflect that.

That has raised a misconception that it does not reflect Chinese nature because RRL Ralph Lauren is a profit-based brand. 

People believe that things made in China are cheap. However, due to the manufacturing bond between Ralph Lauren and China, they produce some RRL garments there.

There are only a few RRL garments made in China. Notwithstanding, this does not include jeans. RRL jeans are cut and sewn in the United States of America.  

Moreover, they procure cotton for production in Tennessee, United States. The manufacturing team sends the cotton to Okayama, the denim capital.

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The cotton is dyed into indigo and woven with a shuttle loom to become selvage denim. 

The fabrics are then sanforized and taken back to the United States. They take the selvage denim to California this time and not Tennessee.

Quality of RRL Jeans

RRL jeans are of high-quality fabrics from cotton made in Tennessee. The jeans are very light in weight, and they do not shrink. Instead, they neatly stitch Ralph Lauren jeans together. 

The sewing of RRL jeans makes them fit in size with thick fabrics that make them the durable choice of denim.

The cotton used for Ralph Lauren jeans is a special one that is very thick and light. And this makes it a comfortable cost-saving pair of jeans. 

They sew the jeans in such a way that you can walk and sit down comfortably. They also come in different fits so you can pick the kind of one that suits you.

Also, RRL Ralph Lauren jeans do not shrink after wearing them for some time.

The reason is that they sanforize the selvage denim they use to make RRL jeans before they sew them. It is a treatment given to the material to withstand shrinking. 

Ralph Lauren jeans are also neatly and tightly stitched to hold perfectly well. The strong stitching is one of the reasons why RRL jeans are durable.

These jeans do not wear off easily and still maintain their quality and beauty after washing. 

It is possible because of how thick the materials were rope-dyed. As a result, it becomes nearly impossible for the dye to wear off after washing it multiple times.

And it seems to become more beautiful as the washing exposes the inner layers. 

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Ralph Lauren jeans are of high quality, and they are durable. They are also comfortable to wear.

RRL Jeans Customer Reviews

RRL jeans customer reviews are not top tier as one would anticipate. For example, the customer review of RRL Ralph Lauren jeans is approximately 3 out of 5-star ratings.

Notwithstanding, RRL jeans have a 5-star review on Amazon. 

The general review is low because of customer service. However, people give Ralph Lauren jeans better reviews in terms of the quality of the product.

In addition, some customers praised the brand for the durability of its jeans. 

Although some complained about the high cost of RRL jeans, they still meet the desired quality.

Below is the customer rating of Ralph Lauren jeans on a scale of five (5)

Quality 4.6

Are RRL Jeans Worth It?

Yes, RRL jeans are worth every ounce of penny and positive remarks it gets. People look out for quality, durability, and fit in jeans. And double Ralph Lauren jeans have all of these characteristics.  

So compared with its features, buying Ralph Lauren jeans for $200 is worth it. However, it is better to buy a pair of jeans trousers that would serve you for long without losing their essence.

Using $200 trousers up to 50 times saves you more than using $50 jeans up to 10 times. 

The former is the case with Ralph Lauren jeans. In the sense that you get maximum satisfaction for what you handsomely paid to wear.


The famous Ralph Lauren is not only a polo shirt icon but the man behind RRL jeans. Double Ralph Lauren is a remarkable brand when talking about jeans.

They make these jeans with 100% very durable and high-quality cotton materials making them one of the top jeans brands. All these are evident in the reviews of Ralph Lauren jeans.

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