Hickey Freeman vs Samuelsohn (In-Depth Comparison)

Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn are both luxury brands making headlines in the fashion industry with their astonishing designs.

Since both luxury brands belong to the same company, fashion icons tend to wonder if there’s any difference between them. 

Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn have different methods of making clothes such as suits, pants, tuxedos, sportswear, and shirts. They also have different unique designs that look extremely appealing, and this keeps customers coming back for more. 

Differences in Style and Construction between Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn

Hickey Freeman vs Samuelsohn

Although Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn are not as famous as big-time fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, they still make high-quality clothing.

Due to their coexistence in the same company, many people think these luxury brands are the same.

However, this is not the case as these brands contain different styles and construction patterns. 

The only similarity between the two is high-quality clothing and the availability of custom-made clothes.

It means you can visit the brand of your choice and take down your measurements to make the style you prefer.

Now, let’s look at the difference in their style and construction. 

#1. Style 

Hickey Freeman is always at the top of its game, constantly coming up with exquisite designs that exceed the expectations of many fashion icons.

This brand focuses mainly on suits, pants, and shirts for men and boys.

Hence, the details for the style and appearance of the clothes undergo several thorough tests before they are made available for purchase. 

Plus, Hickey Freeman often contains many styles on the racks for you to choose from.

On the other hand, Samuelsohn constantly amazes many people with its intricate and jaw-dropping styles.

Although they contain a few styles, they appear very attractive and easily grab the attention of many customers. 

#2. Construction

The method of construction of these brands is not the same as they use different materials for the process.

Hickey Freeman often uses machines for the construction of suits and other clothes.

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Furthermore, they use wool, cotton, linen, and other fine raw materials for clothing

Meanwhile, Samuelsohn often goes old school by utilizing hand-tailoring to make the designs more delicate and appealing.

Some materials include linen, cotton, wool, plastic buttons, and many more.

Although the construction process is time-consuming, the results are always worth the wait. 

Who owns Samuelsohn and Hickey Freeman? 

Grano Retail Investments Inc is the owner of both Samuelsohn and Hickey Freeman Grano Retail Investments.

The company has been the owner of Samuelsohn from the 22nd of March, 2010 till date.

Grano currently owns all the assets of Samuelsohn and continues to maintain the growth and development of the luxury menswear brand.

On the other hand, Grano has been the owner of Hickey Freeman since 2013, constituting the Rochester factory. 

However, the Authentic Brands Group currently owns Hickey Freeman. Grano Retail Investments exists as a private investment and advisory company.

This company usually focuses on small to medium manufacturing, wholesale, and retail acquisitions. 

Grano often buys and invests in other companies where it can add immense value and obtain profits.

This practice is not unusual as it’s common in the fashion industry. For instance, when two fashion houses are going through a rough patch, they decide to merge their companies.

This collaboration strengthens them as they continue to come up with new ideas and amaze many people. 

This brilliant ideology keeps sales extremely high constantly and keeps people from all walks of life trooping in to purchase clothes.

In most cases, some companies invest in failing fashion houses to revive their sales in the market. 

Others buy the assets of other fashion houses and own them completely. This purchase usually happens when these fashion houses decide to sell all their assets to them.

Thereby giving them full control of all the activities, materials, investors, employees, and many more. 

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Well, if sales begin to go down in the market, it’s best to improve the quality and designs of the clothes that you produce.

This way, you’ll be able to maintain sales and avoid selling your assets to other companies. 

Which is the Best Brand, Hickey Freeman or Samuelsohn? 

Comfort and warmth are key factors that determine the supremacy of a clothing brand.

These factors are evident in Samuelsohn’s premium menswear brand as they produce high-quality clothes. 

When it comes to brand supremacy, it’s difficult to point out the best as many clothing brands keep evolving with new ideas regularly.

Hickey Freeman produces suits, shirts, pants, scarves, and other pieces of clothing. 

Like any other clothing brand, Hickey Freeman seeks to generate designs to capture its target market.

As a result, they often make custom suits for many people. Plus, their designs are unique, with a flawless appearance that captivates customers at first sight. 

The only downside to Hickey Freeman is that some of the suits appear a little tight around the arms.

It usually happens with custom-made suits. However, the problem might be from you and not the brand.

There might be an increase in the size of your body. The solution to the problem is to adjust the suit to your current body size. 

However, this will not be a problem if your body size is still the same as the measurements for the suit.

On the other hand, Samuelsohn is one clothing brand that leaves people gawking and incites a very strong interest. 

The craftsmanship and effort to make the custom suits attractive are truly remarkable.

The elegant designs and unique blend of colors make them stand out among other suits.

Samuelsohn is also a menswear brand that specializes in producing clothes of high quality.

Its clothing includes tuxedos, shirts, blazers, pants, suits, neckties, T-shirts, and many more. 

Furthermore, the Samuelsohn sportswear is another thing of beauty as it oozes comfort and warmth.

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They come in different colors and styles, and they are suitable for any kind of sport.

So, you can visit the Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn brands and examine their clothing properly.

Afterward, you can choose the brand you like best and patronize them at your convenience. 

Quality comparison: Pricing Difference Between Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn

Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn are undeniably the best clothing brands due to their production of high-quality clothes.

However, the prices of these brands differ as one may be more expensive or cheaper than the other. 

Hickey freeman suits usually cost between $1,200-$1,800, and this depends on the type of suit you want to purchase.

Meanwhile, Samuelsohn suits cost between $1,300-$1,900, and the price might increase if you want to make a custom suit.

Hickey Freeman suits are cheaper and more affordable than Samuelsohn suits.

Let’s look at an overview of the prices of Hickey Freeman suits.

  • Grey Plaid Infinity Suit_$1,695.00 
  • Light Blue Grey Mini Check Wool Suit_$1,295.00 
  • Iron Grey Tasmanian 150s Stripe Suit a Fit_$1,795.00 
  • Blue Neat Suit_$1,595.00 
  • Charcoal Grey Glen Plaid_$1,795.00

Below are some of the prices of Samuelsohn suits. 

  • Charcoal Grey Window Pane Silk Wool Suit_$1,995.00
  • Burgundy 150s Wool Silk Sharkskin Suit_$1,695.00
  • Grey Window Pane Silk Wool Suit_$1,995.00
  • Blue Micro Birdseye Wool Suit_$1,895.00
  • Blue Plaid Silk Wool Suit_$1,895.00
  • Blue Windowpane Wool Silk Suit_$1,895.00

These prices differ depending on your location and the store you patronize.

Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn’s custom suits are very expensive. The reason is that the materials for the suits are expensive, and the process is time-consuming. 

Notwithstanding, other clothing from Hickey Freeman, like shirts and T-shirts, cost about $100-$150.

On the other hand, plain pants from Samuelsohn cost roughly $295.00-$300.00. 


Although Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn share a few similarities, they have major differences in style and construction.

Plus, you can easily visit any of their stores to purchase the style of clothing that you prefer. 

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  1. FYI, Samuelsohn and Hickey Freeman’s fully canvassed suits (gold label) are made in the same factory in Canada. Your jacket is half-canvassed and made in Rochester (grey label). I’m not sure you are comparing apples to apples in your article.

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