Why Is Thom Browne So Expensive? (Read This First)

Thom Browne’s products are exclusive, and his fashion shows are world-class.

His shows model after theatrical productions rather than the traditional runway shows other fashion brands do.

Over the years, Thom Browne has bloomed into an internationally recognized fashion brand with a global voice in the industry.  In this piece, we’ll examine why Thom Browne is so expensive. 

Thom Browne uses high-end materials to manufacture its products. Aside from that, it targets wealthy people and sets its price at a figure that’ll attract them to patronize good quality stuff. Also, the amount of money spent on labor and promotion is another reason why Thom Browne is so expensive. 

Why Are Thom Browne Shirts so Expensive?

Why is Thom Browne so Expensive

Research shows that an American fashion designer handmade Thom Browne shirts professionally.

People always select fabrics or size up already-sewn clothes even at the store. Some of the costs of the shirts are as high as $3,8000 each. 

One of the reasons why the shirts are so expensive is because Thom Browne Shirts come from high-quality fabrics of reputable brands.

Since the materials used in making the shirts are quite expensive, Thom Browne, in turn, sells the finished product at very costly rates to maintain high revenue. 

Second, Thom Browne shirts have a unique styling that’s easy to recognize and comfortable to wear.

You’ll certainly not find any other shirt in the market that’s as uniquely looking as that of Thom Browne. 

Most of all, they don’t compromise on quality. The production process of one shirt is enough to make the shirt durable with a high warranty.

Spending as high as $6,000 or $2,600 on a Thom Browne is worth it.  Lastly, Thom Browne’s target market is another reason the shirts are so expensive.

Thom Browne designer is a luxurious and classy brand. It is for the 1% of the 1%.

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Since the shirts are for high-class citizens, the place the pricing appeals to them. Besides, the rich ones love to go for the most expensive things.

Is Thom Browne Luxury?

Thom Browne is a luxury fashion brand based in a city in New York, America.

Thom Browne designer is known as a luxurious fashion label since its launch of high-end women’s and men’s collections. The debut of its collection for women was in 2008. 

This fashion line first appeared exclusively in the Brooks Brothers stores worldwide in September 2007.

In July 2008, Brooks Brothers and Thom Browne announced their decision to partner in the Black Fleece collection for another three years. 

Later in 2008, Thom Browne also collaborated with an Italian sportswear company and fashion specialist, Moncler, to design shirts for men.

The men’s collection debuted in 2009, shortly after the launch of the womenswear line in 2008.

Also, Browne’s first set of collections was made for Moncler’s clothing line and was presented in 2008 at the Milan Fashion Week and has been on exhibit since then.

In 2020, Thom Browne made scarves as donations for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. The collection has since then been on sale in the fashion market.

Why Are Thom Browne Shoes so Expensive?

Thom Browne is a highly sought-after American fashion designer, making his collections even more expensive.

The shoe manufacturing department in the company uses exclusive high-grade materials to make the Thom Browne shoes.

Since these materials are costly, the final products are so expensive. Also, Thom Browne is a luxury brand; his products are luxurious.

Therefore, they appeal mainly to the high class, and the pricing fits those people. 

Finally, Thom Browne shoes are different from other shoe brands. Some of his shoes are Alden-made and have their trademark.

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Since it’s impossible to find their print and designs elsewhere, they sell their shoes at a unique (expensive) price.

Here’s a sneak peek of some Thom Browne shoes and their prices:

Thom Browne ShoesPrices
Black Calf Leather Tassel Loafer$900
Black Nylon All Terrain Low Top Shoe$1,050
Black Shearling and Suede Hector Slipper$850
White Cotton Canvas Tennis Shoe$490
Black Molded Rubber Stripe Flip Flop$240

What Makes Browne Products so Expensive?

It’s only normal to wonder what makes some designer products so expensive.

However, since it’s better to take out more money to purchase a product with good value and save yourself some trouble, it’s also necessary to find out what makes the products so exactly; and whether they’re worthwhile. 

Below are some reasons Thom Browne products cost so much more than other designers:

#1. Improved Quality and High-end Materials 

Unlike most fashion brands, Thom Browne doesn’t use synthetic fibers for their clothing.

Instead, they use high-end natural and organic fibers like linen, silk, wool, and cotton for clothes. In addition, they use quality materials like animal leather, etc., to make solid shoes. 

Most of all, they’re very particular about ensuring their clients are comfortable with their products.

To enhance the beauty of the clothes, they add attachments like gold and diamonds.

Unfortunately, these attachments further cause the price of the product to increase. 

#2. Target Customers (Audience)

In society, the wealthy always have a way of making themselves outstanding among others.

Most of them spend millions of dollars on shopping. They spend so much to buy the best products to maintain prestige and uphold societal standing.

That’s why Thom Browne is concerned about making the wealthy (their target customers) more fulfilled by providing high-quality products worth the price.

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Thome Browne products make the wealthy acquire full bragging rights and remain the center of attention every moment. 

#3. Higher Cost Of Labor

Since Thom Browne is a large fashion brand with high revenue, they spend so much money on labor.

However, they hire enough labor to produce a high output to maintain the company’s standard.

Sewers, fashion designers, weavers, and even people that source the fabrics are no small paying jobs. 

Most times, there could be more than twenty people working on a particular cloth design.

Besides, they’re working for a luxury brand like Thom Browne, which implies that they’ll receive payment accordingly.

They have so many staff to settle, so they keep their products at expensive rates to avoid a budget deficit. 

#4. Marketing and Promotion 

Thom Browne spends so much money producing its sample materials to ensure they meet all standards (including worthy pricing).

They also run TV promotions, adverts, infographics, and more to rake millions of dollars. 

After calculating the amount spent on promotion, the prices of their products become so expensive. Besides, it’s a business, and they’re supposed to be making a profit. 

Is Thom Browne Worth It?

Thom Browne is very particular about quality and value. As a result, some Thom Browne products are as low as $240, and others you’ll spend between $5000 to $8000. Notwithstanding, the products are worth it.

If you’re still wondering why you should spend so much money on ‘mere’ clothes and shoes, rest assured that you’re investing in excellent quality, innovation, and creativity.

Plus, when something is beautiful, it’s fashionable and classic. So, it’s a win-win. You look exquisitely beautiful, and the company gains monetary value.


Considering the fast growth of most designer brands like Thom Browne, people wonder why their products are pretty expensive.

There are different reasons why Thom Browne products sell at a high price. Some reasons include the cost of labor, promotion, and target market.

I hope that with this article, you’ve gotten the answer to your questions. 


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