3 Mail Reasons Men Should Wear Linen Shirts!

Fashion for men is broad, comprehensive, and interesting. There are a lot of options if you want to look good. However, a linen shirt is one type of clothing that doesn’t seem popular. 

At least less popular than cotton. But linen can solve many fashion questions men have during summer. You have to contend with the heat and subsequent sweat. 

Do linen shirts provide any solution to this dilemma? Why should you consider adding this fabric to your wardrobe?

Linen shirts are good for men for various occasions and reasons. It also gives men multiple options when it comes to styling and design. The lightweight linen materials also make it a good option for you during the heat of summer. They are just many reasons to add linen to your favorites. 

In this article, I will explain why linen is suitable for men, especially in certain conditions. I will also give hints on how you can style your linen to stand out and look classy. 

At the end of the article, you will see reasons to love linen shirts and learn how to style them.

Are Linen Shirts Good for Men?

Why Should Men Wear Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are delightfully good for men. Maintaining class in a linen shirt might be one of a man’s best dressing choices. 

The summer period is one season when you enjoy all the essential benefits of having a linen shirt. 

When the temperature is as high as the sun and comfort becomes vital, a linen shirt might be there to save the day. 

However, linen provides much more than a “comfort” option in the heat of summer. It is a good option for men for many reasons. 

#1. Luxury

Luxury has always been synonymous with linen shirts. The effortless style and look that linen shirts give you make you stand out. 

Admittedly, this choice of clothing is not common in everyday settings. So, if you can pull it off with style, you achieve that luxury look even in the most casual of events. 

Enjoying the luxury of linen also shows you have a conscious taste in your fashion. So with the suitable linen and dressing combination, you look right in place. 

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#2. Breathable

Linen’s light and breathable material give you an extra reason to look good. Class and look are excellent reasons to pick an item of clothing for occasions and seasons. 

Linen’s luxurious look gives you that luxury. However, you must pay attention to comfort, especially in hotter seasons. Nobody looks good when they are uncomfortable. 

The breathable property of linen ensures you continue to look good regardless of temperature and hours out there. 

There is room for air on your screen. And if you are out on a sunny but windy day, linen shirts are the best for you. 

#3. Quick Moisture

Sometimes, you have rainy days and are out in the open. Linen’s soft material ensures that you get dry in no time without developing a cold. 

The material can release vapor of sweat and rain quickly into the atmosphere. The quick moisture also provides ease when thinking about laundry. 

Do Linen Shirts Look Good on Men?

Linen shirts are not only good for men; they also look good on them. You can wear your linen shirts on various occasions with the right color, design, style, and combination. 

These different occasions demand different styles and options. But here is the best part. Linen offers you multiple options. 

Just think about which setting or look you want to achieve and go for it. 

To show the versatile nature of linen shirts, here are different settings where this shirt could be handy. 

#1. Office Setting

Linen fabric is not popular for business settings such as workplaces and offices. However, if you pick the right color and tone, you can pull off a classy business look during summer. 

As a substitute for the classic work shit, you can go with a pale shade of blue. That shade seems natural and doesn’t draw attention to you but to your business acumen. 

For such an office setting, wearing a slim-fit linen shirt and dress trousers of any cool color, such as gray, is best. You can add a gray jacket to establish your official look. 

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A simple linen shirt, dress trousers, and brown shoes are enough if weather conditions make things difficult. You can pull off that classy office look in style. 

#2. Casual Setting

A linen shirt gives you variety when styling for your casual occasion. The different styles and look available mean you always have ideas. 

You can appear in any casual setting with a pink linen shirt and chinos, which are comfortable yet different. A floral linen shirt is the ultimate casual pick. 

There are different patterns and color patches for you throughout the summer period. The best part is that they stay in trend. 

If your casual setting allows for much flexibility, you can opt for short sleeves linen. Imagine enjoying a pleasant, relaxed evening in pink short sleeves linen and beach-colored shorts. 

You can also roll your long sleeves to the elbow and have one button free to look carefree and fun. 

There is a wide range of options for you, and that’s the thrilling part of adding linens to your collection.

#3. Formal Events

You can fit in with a linen shirt on a formal occasion with the right color and combination. The idea is to blend your office look with a casual setting. You want to look relaxed yet official. 

A linen shirt can also be classy for such a formal setting. You can wear a simple-fit white linen shirt or an earth-tone shade at a wedding. 

Pair your option with a linen suit with a neutral tone. It gives you that formal look that is inviting yet distinguished. 

Are Linen Shirts better than Cotton?

Linen shirts are better than cotton. They have been around for thousands of years. Hence, they are a good pick if you want shirts that serve you for a long time. 

Cotton is more popular due to its thickness and wide use. However, linen shirts can withstand heavy use. So, you can continue to wear this shirt long into fall and other seasons. 

Simply put, linen shirts are better in terms of durability. But cotton serves a broader range of purposes and styles. 

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Do you need an Undershirt to wear a Linen Shirt?

You don’t need an undershirt to wear a linen shirt. But you can choose to wear one. It is in fashion if you choose either option. 

Some people sweat more than others, and they need an undershirt to help absorb the moisture. That way, the linen shirt won’t stick to your skin. 

However, if you feel like you don’t need one, then you don’t. It doesn’t affect your look and taste in fashion. It’s all about preferences.

How should Men-style Linen Shirts be?

Are you preparing to pick one of your favorite linen shirts for an occasion? The best pick still needs the best combination and style to make it look good. 

So when styling your shirt, there are some subtle differences to remember. Here are some points: 

#1. A Range of Fit

Your linen shirt can be slim fit or free fit, depending on the occasion. But you don’t have to overthink your options. A slim-fit linen shirt is more suitable for office and formal occasions. 

On more casual occasions, you can opt for the free fit. Slim fits are also cool for casual occasions. It all depends on your preference. 

If you want that vintage look, it is classy to go for that free-fit linen shirt. The slims are more of a contemporary look. 

#2. Don’t Overthink the Combination

The fact that linen shirts are suitable for various occasions means you can be flexible with the combination. You can be expressive and free with the pants combinations. 

You are good to go if you don’t look too casual for a formal setting or office space. Your linen shirts, whether long or short sleeves, fit with a range of pants. 

You can pair your linen shirt with dress trousers, chinos, jeans, or shorts. 

If you need to know which pant color to pick, you can always choose colors similar to your linen shirt or a shade darker. That gives your styling balance and taste.

Here is a summary of tips and styling of linen shirts based on the occasion

SettingsColorSleevesCombination style
OfficeNatural color or dull colorLong sleevesWith trousers, a suit is optional
CasualWide range of colors, and floral designsShort sleevesShorts, Chinos, and Jeans. 
FormalNatural color and light colorsLong sleevesTrousers or chinos depending on the occasion.

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