Why Did They Discontinue Hollister Drift? (Let´s See)

The Drift cologne is one of the best products of Hollister as it has a heavenly fragrance that lasts for a long time.

Due to this fact, many customers of Hollister ponder the sudden discontinuation of the Drift cologne. 

The discontinuation of Hollister Drift is due to Hollister’s failure to find a suitable replacement for the cologne. Hollister stopped the production of the cologne, making it extremely difficult to find and purchase it from their stores. 

What Happened to Hollister Drift? 

Why Did They Discontinue Hollister Drift? 

Hollister discontinued the production of the Drift cologne, much to the dismay of many customers.

The company began the production of Drift in 2004, and it ended in 2007. Although the perfume spent four years in the market, it has greatly impacted many users. 

The cologne is popular among many, particularly guys, as it makes them feel young.

Hollister Drift cologne has a woody and alluring fragrance that men crave as it boosts their confidence.

Unfortunately, the perfume is very rare and difficult to find due to its discontinuation. 

Nevertheless, you can find and purchase the perfume on eBay for $300-$399.

As a result of its rarity, it’s very expensive and goes for five times its original price.

You can also purchase the Drift cologne from other trustworthy online sites and expect the delivery as soon as possible. 

However, you must be extremely careful while purchasing the Drift cologne online, as you might lose your money in the process.

Imagine losing $400 for a perfume that’s not even available; now that’s a huge loss, right? 

Furthermore, some people attempt to recreate the perfume with fake ingredients and sell it to different people.

So, you must be careful as this perfume might have devastating side effects.

These side effects include severe skin problems, profuse sweating, constant allergic reactions, and many other ailments.

These problems arise when the percentage of chemicals in the perfume is extremely high.

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However, if you are familiar with the scent and state of the Drift cologne, you can easily recognize the original product. 

Notwithstanding, if you don’t find the Drift cologne in the market and online, you can opt for other perfumes similar to Drift.

This way, you can enjoy the new and fresh fragrance and prevent the invasion of severe skin problems. 

Why Did Hollister Get Rid of Drift Cologne? 

Hollister got rid of the Drift cologne due to their failure to develop a suitable replacement for Drift. Hence, the Drift cologne is not available in all Hollister stores worldwide.

In addition, many perfume brands decide to get rid of different fragrances for several reasons. 

One of the most prominent reasons for this decision is when they encounter poor sales.

Admittedly, no perfume brand wants to keep a perfume that brings down sales daily.

As this adversely affects the growth and development of the brand.

Hence, perfume brands take them down and replace them with new and refreshing perfumes that fill the air and attract many customers. 

Sometimes, they stop producing old perfumes when the ingredients are extinct.

When ingredients for a particular perfume abruptly become extremely scarce, it’s difficult to continue its production.

However, some brands often continue the production when they find the same ingredients for the perfume. 

On the other hand, some perfume brands find it hard to recreate the old ones.

Thereby discontinuing the production and bringing up new perfumes that will capture their target market.

With the advancement of cosmetic products, brands are always at the top of their game, trying to outshine each other.

And capture the attention and never-ending patronage of many customers. 

So, you can find different perfumes with different aromatic and invigorating scents.

You can get cedarwood, sandalwood, fruity, vetiver, pine, and patchouli scents from different fragrances.

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Plus, you can purchase them from different stores available in the market. 

Alternatively, you can place your order from the website of your choice. For instance, if you want to purchase Hollister, Chanél, or Diór perfumes, you can visit their official website to place your order. 

What is Similar to Hollister Drift?

Admittedly, it’s frustrating when your favorite perfume suddenly becomes scarce.

The situation becomes worse when it’s not available online and in the market, thereby making it extinct.

Fortunately, with the creation of new and exceptional perfumes, you don’t need to worry about the old perfume. 

Many Hollister Drift users still crave the Drift cologne, but some often wonder what other products are similar to Drift.

Over the years, many unique perfumes have made headliners and front covers of different magazines due to their appealing scents. 

So, there are tons of options to choose from when you are on a hunt to find the perfect fragrance to replace Drift.

I’ll highlight some of the perfumes that are similar to Hollister Drift. Let’s jump right in! 

#1. Hollister Jake 

This fragrance has a calm and soothing scent that spreads completely wafting in the air.

It has a stunning aqua blue color that reminds you of the beach.

Hollister Jake possesses fresh spicy elements like poppy and sage in addition to a woody, desirable whiskey and citrus elements that last for more than 24 hours and keeps you fresh at all times.

This perfume has a cool vibe that any man can enjoy. 

#2. Hollister Wave for Him Eau De Toilette Spray 

This fragrance has a woody aromatic scent specifically for men. The top elements of this fragrance are bamboo leaf, grapefruit, and yuzu.

Other elements include cypress, lavender neroli, tonka bean, salt, musk, and driftwood.

Hollister wave for him spicy and woody scent keeps you fresh and dry all day long. 

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#3. Hollister Canyon Escape for Him 

This fresh, woody perfume gives off masculine energy with its unique blend of spices.

It contains elements such as bergamot, black pepper, vetiver, sage, oak moss,  patchouli, and cardamom. The earthy and woody fragrance gives you a warm and relaxing feeling. 

What is the Scent of Hollister Drift Cologne? 

The Hollister Drift cologne has a fresh woody scent that captures the attention of anyone who perceives the scent.

Although Hollister Drift is a discontinued perfume, it has a spicy and heavenly fragrance that is pleasant and alluring.

In addition, it gives off a cool and masculine vibe that many guys crave and enjoy. 

This fragrance contains elements such as sandalwood, sage, citrus, and many more.

The bold and unique blend of these ingredients makes the Drift cologne desirable and high in demand.

However, this perfume is specifically for guys. The reason is that most of its ingredients give off a woody, earthy and spicy scent. 

Perfumes that are specifically for women don’t contain these primary elements.

On the contrary, perfumes contain ingredients that give off fruity and sweet scents, particularly for women.

Nonetheless, some women who enjoy the spicy and woody scents can also opt for the Drift cologne. 

If you don’t find the Drift cologne in the market and stores, you settle for similar fragrances.

For instance, you can visit a cosmetics store and explore different fragrances. This way, you can pick the fragrance of your choice.

Alternatively, you can discuss your specifications with a cosmetics expert to assist you in finding the perfect perfume. 

Final Words

Hollister is just like any other brand that discontinues the production of different fragrances for specific reasons for the evolution of new perfumes.

Furthermore, if you don’t find Hollister Drift in stores and online, you can opt for other fragrances to replace the Drift cologne.

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