What Kind of Shirt Is Not Preferred for Men? (Explained)

Before now, women were the suckers of fashion and for being quite picky regarding their clothing.

However, as fashion continues to evolve, men have joined the train and are now more considerate of the kind of clothes they put on.

You may plan on gifting a male friend a shirt but don’t know the right one to purchase. Well, this article is a friendly guide to making the right choice.

Most agencies and organizations do not accept male workers wearing polka-dotted shirts and sequins. Also, short-sleeved shirts are unacceptable, especially if they are above the elbow. Overly tight shirts are also not preferable for men. Lastly, any brightly colored shirt of red, yellow, or orange shades is a bad choice.

In this article, I will give you a detailed guide on the kind of shirt most preferable for men and the type you should wear for formal or casual occasions.

 In addition, I will tell you how to select the best color to wear and explain why.  

3 Types of Shirts Not Worn by Men?

What Kind of Shirt Is Not Preferred for Men

Men generally choose their clothing items based on the comfort they get from wearing them, how much temperature control and heat absorption, and their durability.

That is why, most times, they are unconcerned with what the times and seasons are saying about fashion and what is trending.

Nevertheless, this does not mean they suck at knowing what to wear when needed. I’ll outline the three types of shirts men hate to wear and why they avoid them.

#1. Short-Sleeved Button-down Shirt

Wearing a buggy and oversized short-sleeved shirt is as bad as having a man wear a woman’s pair of jeans on him.

It is attractive and unprofessional, and any man will readily dump it. Furthermore, it will make you look much older than you are and give you a droopy look.

Avoid wearing this if you want to look attractive and create an impression if you go, even if it is a casual event. 

#2. Deep V-Neck T-Shirt

Here is another shirt men avoid wearing. A deep v-necked shirt is quite exposing on the chest region. 

Besides, men who have worn a deep v-necked t-shirt have affirmed that it made them look shabby and uncomfortable walking around. 

#3. Undershirts

Ideally, undershirts are not clothing to wear and walk around. Most men say they do not wear undershirts because it is not only inelegant but also restrictive.

It also makes them feel sore and also hot on warm days. Aside from this, if your undershirt is of a nonbreathable material, you will likely find it too stiff and choking. 

What Color of Shirt Do Men Dislike? 

Colors play a significant role in enhancing the general appearance of a person. Interestingly, colors symbolize social status, occupation, and even confidence.

While the choice of a man’s clothes is usually to attract flattering attention, some colors are peculiar to most men.

Every man wants to create an impression when they go out for meetings, weddings, hangouts, or simple social gatherings.

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They hate to feel uncomfortable in their clothing and do not appreciate overly tight clothes and, worst of all if it has an unpleasant color.

For this reason, it is often difficult to see a man wearing a shirt in colors such as

●       Pink

●       Orange

●       Yellow

●       Lemon green

●       Brown

Aside from these colors, men would readily go for shirts with dull, dark, or bright colors. I recommend you look out for things like your body type, complexion, and hair color.

Men prefer to wear colors such as

●       Red

●       Blue

●       White

●       Black

●       Dark green

Tip: To choose the best color to wear as a man, you must look out for things like your complexion, the color and style of your hair, and also your eye color.

Here is a table showing the colors most suitable for men to wear

Suitable ColorsPoorly Suited Colors
BlackLemon green

What Type of Shirts Do Men Prefer?

Most people even believe clothing and its colors influence people’s moods and emotions.

Typically, men prefer clothes with perfect sizing, either not too big or too slim fit, especially because such clothes could get tight around their chest and arms.

Most men now prefer custom-made clothing because they get the best of their desired looks. As expected, however, already-made shirts for men come in different sizes, materials, and designs. 

Nevertheless, a man’s shirt choice usually depends on the event, mood, and even occupation. Here is a detailed guide on the type of shirts men prefer

#1. Oxford Button-down Shirt

Men prefer to wear this Oxford shirt because of its unique design and material.

They are thick and have a button-down collar with a complementing hanger loop at the back of the shirt’s yoke.

Interestingly, the Oxford shirt goes well on various dresses, making it rank top on this list. You can also purchase a non-iron oxford shirt if ironing your clothes is challenging.

They also go well with jeans and chinos but should never be worn with a suit. You can also wear them to weddings, parties, and even the office.

#2. Cuban Collar Shirt

Here is one of the shirts men prefer to wear on casual outings, especially because they are short-sleeved and slim-fitted to size the arm, allowing some comfort.

It has an open-necked collar, which is perfect for going out because it will allow some air onto your chest.

Some of the features of the Cuban collar shirt include a straightened hem, boxy fitted, and front buttons.

For this type of shirt, you can wear chinos or jeans just for a casual feeling.

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#3. Overshirt

One of the interesting features of this shirt is its versatility. It is suited for both cold and hot weather.

For example, you can wear it with a jacket when it is hot; on the other hand, you can wear a coat over it on a cold day.

Simplicity is key in overshirts, and it goes well with jeans and boots.

#4. Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt gets used as a substitute for jeans or denim shirts. It is a good option for a casual meeting, a night out, or even a date.

However, if you wear a chambray on denim trousers, ensure they do not match closely. In any case, the best thing to do is to wear it with chinos or plain trousers.

#5. Polo Shirt 

Here is the most popular and preferred type of shirt besides basic t-shirts. Every man has various collections of polo shirts in their wardrobe.

They are perfect for both casual outings and work purposes. Over the years, most organizations and companies have used the polo shirt as a classic for their dress codes.

Note that polo shirts can go on any dress.

#6. Mandarin Collar Shirt

This shirt is perfect for men who cringe at wearing a tie or having frails on their shirts. It is a classic choice for formal events such as weddings and in the office.

You can wear it comfortably in chinos or jeans and can even go further to wear it on a pair of dress shoes, depending on your choice. 

What Shirt Type Do Men Prefer for Formal Settings? 

Fashion keeps evolving, but one of the things that does not is styling and packaging. The kind of clothing anyone wears determines their mood for the entire day.

Regardless of the occasion, be it a meeting at the office or a formal event outside your workplace, every man wants to make a long-lasting impression through what they wear.

Some factors influence the choice of clothing for formal outings. They include but are not limited to the color of the shirt, the material, and the type of formal event.

Here are some of the best types of shirts men prefer to wear

●       The white shirt

●       Dennin shirt

●       Oxford button-down shirts

●       Henley shirt

●       Band collar shirt

●       Linen shirt

●       Classic short sleeve T-shirt

●       Chambray shirt

●       Flannel shirt

●       Over shirt

●       Cuban collar shirt

Tip: To know the exact type of cloth you should wear to a formal outing, ensure you know your body type and the type of shirt that looks best on you.

If you adhere to this, be sure that you will leave the meeting, creating a lasting impression on your counterparts.

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What Type of Shirt Do Men Prefer for Casual Occasions?

Just like formal settings, there are many different varieties of shirts that men prefer to wear for casual occasions when they go out to hang out with friends.

Even though there are no strict rules or limitations on how casual wear should look, there are still preferences on what you should wear outside the comfort of your home.

Besides, there’s always room for elegance and appropriateness.

Here are a few shirts for casual occasions:

●       Dennin shirt

●       Classic crew neck t-shirt

●       Polo shirt

●       Classic casual shirt

●       Casual knitwear

●       Jackets

What Types of Shirt Do Ladies Prefer on Men?

Over the years, ladies have suggested that more men should become more interested in choosing their clothing. To this end, even men’s clothing colors have to be appropriate.

Below are a few of the colors ladies prefer on men:

#1. Red

Here is one of the outstanding colors men find attractive, as do women when they see it on a man.

Significantly, it stands for power, passion, good health, and, most importantly, money. On the other hand, red also symbolizes confidence, agility, and social status.

A study on the psychology of colors determined that women are more sexually attracted to guys who wear red instead of dark or dull colors.

According to a recent survey, Purple Women prefer men wearing bright-colored shirts, and purple is no exception.

Some women even say they would readily go on a date with a guy dressed in purple if he asked.

#2. Black

According to most women, it shows confidence and intelligence. They say that blacks portray sexiness and capability.

For some ladies, blackness inspires a sense of security and protection, which often builds up a sense of trustworthiness for guys who wear black.

#3. Blue

According to studies by BuyTShirtsOnline, over 42 percent of the ladies interviewed said that blue is one of the best colors they love to see their men wear.

#4. White

White ranks highly attractive, especially because it is not aggressive, arrogant, or dull. Rather, it gives off positive vibes and optimistic feelings.

If any man looks forward to impressing a woman on a first date, white is the color for the job.

Additionally, ladies say that a white shirt and jeans combo catches the eye and leaves a long-lasting impression on them.

While women appreciate certain colors like red, blue, and black on men, a few colors are a huge turn-off when they see them on a man.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate colors for men’s shirts, there are some colors you need to stay clear of.

Some of those colors include: 

●       Pink

●       Orange

●       Yellow

●       Lemon green and

●       Brown 

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