What is A Throat Latch On A Trench Coat? (Beginners Guide)

Do you know that a trench coat symbolizes status, elegance, and class? It’s suitable for layering outfits in all weather.

Aside from its symbolic meaning, the trench coat is fashionable and fit for layering different outfits. 

Thus, If you’re wondering what a throat latch on a trench coat is, this article will satisfy this curiosity.

A throat latch is a different fabric on the trench coat that sticks out from the end of the collar. It usually has a strap that you can buckle and adjust. The throat latch attaches from one end of the collar to the other.

In this article, I will explain what a throat latch on a trench coat is, how to use it, how tight it should be, and why you should own a trench coat with a throat latch.

By the end, you’ll be able to decide whether to purchase a trench coat with a throat latch.

What is a Trench Coat Throat Latch?

What is a Throat Latch on a Trench Coat

A trench coat throat latch is a little piece of different fabric on the trench coat. The throat latch is usually hidden under the collar of the trench coat.

It has holes with a small metal for strap-like buckling. These tiny holes have an extra button and a button hole that allows closure at the throat side.

The throat latch is handy for connecting the sides of the collar. You can close the collar across the neck when you turn the throat latch-up.

It’s usually loose or attached to the collar, so it pivots around when the buckle system isn’t in use.

Additionally, when the throat latch is in protective mode, you can button it across the collar. The throat latch helps protect and keep your coat in place during stormy weather.

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Also, they’re beneficial in other climates asides from storms as they protect your neck from the elements.

How Does One Use a Throat Latch on a Trench Coat?

You can leave your throat latch to hand freely on your trench coat as it gives a subtly elegant look. However, this needs to give more protection in windy climates.

Also, you can buckle the strap of the throat latch at the back or front of your neck to give it a clean look.

The throat latch has holes you can adjust and buckle up depending on how you like it.

Follow the simple steps below to use a throat latch on a trench coat.

  • Remove or un-buckle the throat latch from its strap.
  • Also, unbutton the buttons of the throat latch.
  • Adjust the collar of your trench coat and pin the two buttons at the throat side of the trench coat together.
  • Then, take the throat latch across the pinned buttons to the remaining button space. Secure the buttons on the throat latch to the button space.
  • After that, put the strap on the other side of the collar. Doing this will enable the throat latch to go around the neck.
  • Afterward, you can adjust the collar well to prevent the buckled throat latch from being visible.

How Tight Should a Throat Latch Be on a Trench Coat?

A throat latch should be considerably tight, not too tight, and not too loose on a trench coat

The tightness should be okay and fit with a firm and good grip over the collar. It should be tight enough and flexible.

Therefore, it should be generously tight, draped over, and not hug the neck tightly. You should adjust the buckle system to your preference and ensure it’s tight enough to a choking level.

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Also, you should consider your neck size and weight before determining how tight the throat latch should be.

Thus, there’s no specific recommendation for how tight your throat latch should be, as your weight and preference differ. 

However, it would be best if you stuck to a level of tightness that’s firm, not loose but not choking simultaneously. 

Additionally, you should ensure you can carry out every activity without discomfort. In other words, you should aim at having your throat latch tight, firm, and yet comfortable.

Why Should My Trench Coat Have a Throat Latch?

Your trench coat should have a throat latch to prevent it from flying off your layering piece in stormy weather. 

Also, a throat latch helps keep your trench coat’s neck in place and protects the neck against the elements.

The throat latch also helps to maintain a consistent grip over the collar of your trench coat. In addition, using a throat latch on a trench coat helps to give a clean, unique, and elegant fashion look.

Always remember that there are some differences between a trench coat with a throat latch and a trench coat without a throat latch.

Below are the differences between a trench coat with and without a throat latch.

Trench Coat With Throat LatchTrench Coat Without Throat Latch
Possesses high protection and reasonable rate during stormy and cold weather.It could easily flow off and on during low temperatures.
It gives off a clean, elegant look.It gives off a simple, cool look.
It protects the neck against elements like cold, etc.Does not possess any neck protection against elements.
Best for keeping trench coats in place, especially in cold and stormy environments.


#1. Should Trench Coat Be Generally Right?

A trench coat is a layering piece that shouldn’t be too tight and have enough space. Therefore, its size should be comfortable enough for layering, nor should it be baggy simultaneously.

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#2. Is It Compulsory To Use a Throat Latch on a Trench Coat? 

It’s optional to use the throat latch on your trench coat. However, it’s essential to use the throat latch primarily if you reside in a cold and windy territory. 

#3. How Do You Know What Size Trench Coat To Get?

There’s no specific way to know what trench coat size to get. 

But it would be best if you considered getting one with an immense size suitable for various thick clothing pieces. Also, it should be fit to layer over different summer clothes.

#4. Why Do Trench Coats Have Two Sets of Buttons? 

The first column is for decorative buttons, while the second sets are functional. Double sets of buttons are available on trench coats, so they can easily overlap.

#5. Should a Trench Coat Be Fitted or Loose?

A trench coat should be loose but not overly loose. Its body and arms should especially be not too loose nor too fitted.

#6. Can Trench Coats Be Worn In the Winter? 

Trench coats are garments worn in any weather, even during winter. It will keep you warm and fashionable in winter.

#7. What Makes a Good Trench Coat?

A good trench coat should be made from a lightweight, medium-thick fabric suitable for all climates. Also, they should have good pocket sizes and great collars as well.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the throat latch is a different fabric with a buckle system for giving a trench coat a subtle look. You should buckle it up and attach the various buttons to each opposite collar side. 

Afterward, you should tuck it underneath and arrange the collar properly. Also, ensure the buckling is tight enough but comfortable and not choking. 

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