What is Special About Linen Shirts For Men? (Explained)

Linen is among the most highly affordable fabrics in the fashion world today. Gradually, it has become one of the best materials all fashionistas use for different designs and outfits. 

Men primarily use it for shirts, summer outfits, and even male sporting outfits. 

However, this could make you wonder what exactly it is about linen that makes it the most sought-after by men. If this is you, then read on to find out. 

Linen is a brittle and stiffer material compared to other fabrics like cotton. It is more comfortable to wear and is soft. Interestingly, it is also lightweight and absorbs heat to a large extent. Other factors that make it stand out amongst other fabrics are its moisture-wicking properties and temperature-regulation abilities. 

In this article, I will tell you why men seek linen shirts and the pros and cons of linen shirts for men.

By the end, you’ll also know what features to look for in a linen shirt and if these are worth it.

Why is Linen Shirt Sought After by Men?

What is Special About Linen Shirts for Men

Due to linen’s most outstanding properties, like breathability and accessibility, people like to have clothing made from it.

Even though most people complain about its rippled nature, ironing smoothens it.

If you are wondering what’s so special about linen shirts, here’s a friendly guide to everything you should know about them. 

#1. Texture

Linen has a crispy and stiff texture that will remain that way until you wear it. Its strong fiber makes it easy to stretch it out using an iron. 

#2. Absorbency

As mentioned earlier, linen is lightweight and absorbs heat and sweat much faster than most fabrics. 

Also, hollow fibers can absorb heat because they gain up to 20% moisture from sweat. This is one of the primary reasons why most people prefer to wear it in hot weather. 

#3. Insulation

One of the significant advantages of linen’s hollow fiber texture is that it makes it easy for moisture to dry on your skin quickly. 

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The hollow fibers also give linen breathability quality by allowing air to flow from the fabric to your skin. 

#4. Breathability

Here is another unique quality linen has over other fibers. It has hollow fibers that wick moisture away; when they do this, they allow air to touch your skin and make you feel relaxed. 

This quality helps your body cool off when you wear linen and reduces the embarrassing sweat stain around your collar and armpit region.

#5. Insect Repellant

While you may think it is strange that it has insect-repelling qualities, this is one of the reasons why it is difficult to find insects like moths on your Linen shirts. 

With linen, cloth mongers and insects are never an issue. 

Pros and Cons of Linen Shirts for Men 

Despite all the advantages of wearing Linen shirts, some downsides come with them. For example, Linen shirts quickly fold and crumple even when you touch them. 

Sometimes, just folding a Linen shirt may cause wrinkles, requiring you to iron it before wearing it. 

However,  Linen shirts can go with any outfit; they can go with jeans, chiffon, leather pants, and other synthetic fabrics. 

Let’s analyze the pros of linen shirts for men.

#1. Durability 

Linen shirts are highly durable and long-lasting. They are strong and can last you over different seasons. 

Additionally, linen shirts retain shape after washing them. They become softer and more comfortable. 

However, this does not mean linen shirts are indestructible; it only means they don’t lose quality quickly.

#2. Easy to Handle

Linen shirts do not require special treatments to keep them in shape. 

However, you must understand that using bleach and detergents to wash them can cause the fibers to become weakened. 

You can use a washing machine to wash your fabrics but ensure to dry them out in the sun. 

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Also, Linen clothes do not need too much ironing, while other fabrics become wrinkled and ugly; the wrinkles on Linen shirts only contribute to their elegance. 

#3. Hypoallergenic

Recently, there has been a discovery that certain fabrics can cause some persons to suffer from allergies due to underlying skin conditions that they have had before. 

As expected, most fabrics do not allow air to pass through, which causes moisture to build up around your neck and armpits. 

When this happens, the regions where sweat builds up become a perfect spot for bacteria. 

Fortunately, linen shirts are not like this; they are breathable and allow air to touch your skin when you wear them. They have moisture-wicking qualities and are lightweight.

#4. Perfect for Every Season

Here is another quality linen that makes people call it a magical fabric because you can choose to purchase a  linen shirt in spring or winter. 

However, the quality that makes it suitable for this is its lightweight and moisture-wicking qualities. 

While other fabrics will make you feel warm when you wear them in cold weather for only a few moments,  linen clothes will keep you warm all through. 

#5. Perfect for Every Occasion 

Suppose you are looking for clothes to wear to a lunch date, formal event, office clothing, or corporate meeting, or want a casual shirt for an evening stroll. 

In that case, a linen shirt is your best bet. For example, you can style your linen shirt with a straw hat or a canvas bag if you wear it in hot weather. 

#6. Comfortability

As mentioned earlier,  linen shirts are lightweight, breathable, have moisture-wicking properties, and are thermoregulatory. 

When choosing a shirt based on comfort, linen should be on your list. Also, most linen shirts have loose fittings, which makes them an item of ideal unisex clothing.

Although the advantages of linen shirts make them a top choice, you need to consider the drawbacks as well. 

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Here are the cons of linen shirts for men.

#7. Delicate to Wash 

If you own a linen shirt, you should wash them under mild temperatures. Consider using only soaps to wash the shirts.

#8. Linen Creases

Linen is prone to crumpling even at the slightest touch. Unfortunately, ironing your shirts does not guarantee that they will remain straightened if you wear them throughout the day.

#9. Linen Crumbles

Linen is the type of material that gets problematic when it gets loose. When you first notice a tear in your shirt, fix it immediately.

#10. Linen is Difficult to Iron

Linen shirts are difficult to iron, especially if the material is dry to a crisp. Use a spray gun to dampen your linen shirts before ironing them to get a perfect appearance. 

However, because linen creases a lot, rumples may still appear on your shirt after some time.

#11. Linen is Rough

Even though linen is perfect for creating different designs and elegant clothing, The material is rough and difficult to sew. 

The perfect way to position your linen shirts in your wardrobe when you fold them is a horizontal position to prevent wrinkles.

Below is a table showing the pros and cons of wearing shirts for men. 

Durable and easy to handle Delicate to wash 
HypoallergenicCreases easily
Perfect for every season It crumpless 
Perfect for every occasion Difficult to iron

Are Linen Shirts Worth It? 

Of course, linen shirts are worth every money spent. They are durable and suitable for different seasons, including autumn, winter, summer, or spring. 

They are lightweight and allow air to circulate when you wear them. 

They also absorb heat quickly, which is one of the reasons why heat and sweat dry away quickly when you wear a linen shirt in hot weather.  

Linen shirts contain hypoallergenic fabric, which makes them suitable for any weather or occasion. Moreover, they match well with other fabrics, such as cotton and silk.

These qualities make linen an outstanding material. Linen shirts are the perfect addition for any fashionable person.

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