This is What To Do With An Old Letterman Jacket!

Letterman jackets hold school memories, and one can grow very attached to them. You can continue wearing this jacket even after school. 

However, if you don’t want to continue using the jacket, there are other ways to put it to use. In this article, you’ll find out what to do with an old letterman jacket other than wearing it.

You can display your letterman jacket in a shadow box. Also, you can use the jacket as a cover for an upholstered chair or pillow or sewn into a blanket. Gifting your letterman jacket to a loved one or your high school friends is also a good option. 

3 Things You Can Do With an Old Letterman Jacket?

What To Do With an Old Letterman Jacket

If you don’t feel like wearing your letterman jacket anymore, there are a few things you can do with it.

letterman jacketThings to do with an old
Display the letterman jacket in a shadow box.You can keep the letterman jacket in a shadow box for display.
Using the letterman jacket as cover clothing.Sew the jacket into pillowcases, blankets, and chairs to preserve memory.
Gifting the letterman jacket.

Giving out the jacket as gifts to family or friends.

#1. Display the Letterman Jacket In a Shadow Box

Displaying your letterman jacket in a shadow box is very common. You can clean your jacket and put it on display. 

This choice is better than keeping it in a closet where it will deteriorate. Having your jacket on display can motivate your kids or other relatives.

#2. Using the Letterman Jacket as Cover Clothing

Instead of keeping your letterman jacket to wear away, you can sew it onto a chair or blanket. Sewing the jacket onto an upholstery chair is a great way to keep the jacket’s memories alive.

If you’re attached to the jacket, you can also opt to sew it onto a blanket or pillow case cover.

#3. Gifting the Letterman Jacket

Letterman jackets can be a great gift for your younger siblings or cousins. If the jacket is no longer useful to you, your siblings can appreciate it as a gift. 

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You can also give it to a friend or other relatives of your choice. Furthermore, you can donate the jacket to shelter houses or orphanage homes. 

Can You Wear a Letterman Jacket After Graduation?

You can wear a letterman jacket after graduation as these jackets are fashionable. One doesn’t have to be a high school student to continue wearing these jackets.

Letterman jackets look great, and there are different styles to incorporate. Some styles include;

#1. Letterman Jacket With Hoodie

A dark or blue and white letterman jacket will go well with a white or grey hoodie. Blue jeans are a good option to add to this look, and white sneakers to finish.

You can try black loafers and put on some silver accessories to see how it looks.

#2. Sports Aesthetic

Letterman jackets are for sports. These jackets go well with joggers. If you’re wearing the jacket after school, it would be a waste not to try out this look.

You can wear a tee shirt inside the jacket and then slide into athletic sneakers to complete the look. Adding a sports cap can spice up the outfit.

#3. Street Look

Letterman jackets paired with dark jeans are a smart combination. It’s easy to pull off and looks simple. You can wear a black tee shirt and a pair of white or dark sneakers.

This look is casual; you can wear it on a stroll in the evening. You can improvise other foot wears and shirts. 

#4. Classic Aesthetic

You can get a classic look with a letterman jacket. A simple tee shirt beneath the jacket with dark trousers, topped off with boots, is a classic fit. 

You can use boots that match the jacket’s color or keep it simple with black boots.

Can You Display an Old Letterman Jacket?

Displaying letterman jackets is one of the best ways to use them. Putting the letterman jacket in a frame or shadow box preserves your school memories.

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You can put your jacket on display for your children, relatives, or friends. Framing your letterman jacket involves a process. You must get the framing right so the jacket will look good on display.

The following steps will guide you on how to frame your letterman jacket.

#1. Getting the Correct Frame

Picking the shadow box frame is very important in framing. The frame must be classy but not too stylish so the jacket can stand out and attract. The frame’s color should complement that of the jacket.

However, you can keep things simple by choosing a dark frame if you don’t want anything classy. The most important thing is getting a durable frame for your jacket.

#2. Preparing the Jacket

This step involves readying your jacket for the shadow box. You’ll have to press the jacket so it won’t look wrinkled under the glass. In addition, you have to measure the jacket’s size.

Measurement will let you know the size of backing and matting needed for the jacket. Once you’ve determined that, you can put up the shadow box. 

#3. Putting Up the Jacket

Once you’ve gotten the matting, attach it to the shadow box. You can have dark matting or one that matches your jacket’s color.

After mounting the matting, you can put the jacket in the box. Secure the jacket to the matting using as many pins as possible. Now, you can hang up the shadow box anywhere you want.

How Do You Store an Old Letterman Jacket?

Storing a letterman jacket requires cleaning the jacket and keeping them off hangers. Hanging a letterman jacket will make it distorted, and this distortion is impossible to remove.

Before storing your old letterman jacket, you need to rehabilitate it. This action cleans up the jacket after it’s been kept away for a long time.

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#1. Rehabilitation of Your Letterman Jacket

Saving a letterman jacket depends on the jacket’s material. Leather and wool jackets are tough to maintain. 

Leather snaps and dries out, and any grime residue draws more dirt over time. This grime attraction also happens to wool. 

If you’re unlucky, moths can get into your wardrobe. You can rehabilitate cracked, dried leather but not moth-infested wool. 

If your wool letterman jacket isn’t moth-infested, wash the jacket using an eco-friendly detergent. 

Also, include dye-trapping sheets in your wash to maintain the jacket’s colors. Dry the jacket away from direct sunlight; this first wash is mostly to remove the dust.

After the jacket dries, inspect the jacket for stains. Suppose there is any, spot-treat the jacket using a biodegradable stain mixture. Wash the jacket again after the treatment.

For leather jackets, you can wash them if the leather is free from cracks. The next step is to put the sleeves through conditioning using the leather conditioner of your choice.

Some leather conditioners can remove cracks. If the cracks are severe, you’ll need a professional to restore the jacket.

#2. How To Store a Letterman Jacket

To store an old letterman jacket, you’ll need the help of two items;

  • Untreated authentic tissue paper.
  • Archival case

Untreated authentic tissue paper is tissue paper without treatment from neutralizing substances. Since most letterman jackets are leather or wool products, it is advisable to use untreated paper. 

Also, the archival case you should get is one having a cover that will suit an unfolded letterman jacket.

After getting the materials, follow the process below to store your old letterman jacket.

  • Place the tissue inside to cover every area of the case.
  • Put the letterman jacket inside the case, then bend the sleeves over the jacket’s chest area.
  • Place the second layer of tissue paper over the jacket, then replace the case’s lid.


Siblings or friends can appreciate old letterman jackets as a gift. You can also put these jackets into use by sewing them into chairs, blankets, or pillowcases.

Wearing the letterman jacket after graduating is a sign of your legacy in school. If you don’t want to put the jacket into use, you can store it.

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