Was Converse Popular in The 50s? (Must Know This)

Converse has come a long way, and almost everyone who loves to wear good shoes has had a pair of the converse brand at some point.

A pair of Converse suits almost every style and represents a perfect way to mix class, style, and comfort.

Converse was established in 1908 and has stood the test of time. But were converse popular in the 1950s?

Yes, Converse was popular in the 1950s. Converse became popular among athletes and also a go-to sneaker for the youth. Converse’s golden age stretched from the 1940s to 1960, when the brand became most popular.   

Were Converse Shoes Popular in the 1950s?

Was Converse Popular in the 1950s

Converse shoes are considered one of the most classic brands of sneakers. In the 1950s, Converse shoes were a popular brand.

The brand was popular among athletes in the big leagues and both college and high school athletes.

Also, most of the youth were already big fans of the brand. As a result, the youths adopted converse shoes as a part of their school dress codes.

By 1950, converse shoes were no longer just for athletes and became a fashion brand for most youths and kids.

The black and white version of the brand became an identity shoe for most youths. There is no doubt that converse shoes were a statement sneaker for most individuals even in the 50s.

It will help to know that the basketball game was also becoming more popular this time.

And the demand for the brand was also on the increase. This turnout of events made converse the primary mass-manufactured shoe for Basketball in Northern America.

Also, within this period, people did not wear sneakers for entertainment purposes. Instead, the primary aim was for the functionality of the shoe.

What Year Did Converse Become Popular?

Converse became most popular in 1960. The year was the golden age of sneakers. Around that time, the brand was at its apex.

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In 1960, converse sneakers were the most sought-after sneakers because of the purpose the brand served.

Converse sneakers regulated about 80% of the US sneaker market during this period. Before 1960, most basketball clubs demanded sneakers corresponding to their gears.

By 1960 Converse made the colored version of the shoes in response to club demands.

The colored version of the brand brought in a general increase in demand, consequently giving the brand control over the shoe market.

Converse sneakers were rated as the all-time best-selling basketball shoes by this time.

Converse sneakers were no longer just basketball shoes but became an easy-going brand that cemented the shoes as a social symbol of the people.

With the introduction of the color version of the brand, there were improved designs that came as both exclusive and special editions.

And the improved editions had fibers made available using skin, together with the first cotton style of the brand. These features made the brand a choice of sneaker across every group of people.

What Era Was Converse Popular?

Converse shoes’ most favorable era stretched from the 1940s to the 1960s. Within this period, the brand was the most sought-after.

Also, the National Basketball League and the Basketball Association of America merged in 1946 into what we now know as the National Basketball Association.

Converse became the go-to brand for NBA stars and other basketball players. Generally, you had to own a converse sneaker around this era if you had plans to take the game seriously.

While the brand became more popular within this era, Converse had the All-Star edition of its shoes, representing a top-notch version for basketball players.

With the All-Star version, converse introduced Oxford. The Oxford represented a lower edition of the All-Star. 

The Oxford edition was mostly for individuals who wanted an easy-going edition as a substitute for the top-notch All-Star edition.

It would help to know that Converse shifted from making casual shoes to producing shoes for the military during World War II. After World War II, Converse introduced more improved editions of sneakers.

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Converse publicized the American symbol with its Yearbook. For example, the Basketball Yearbook applauded converse’s role in American athletes’ lives. 

The superiority of converse in the shoe market continued until around the 1970s, just before other brands brought in competition.

How Did Converse Get Popular?

Converse originally started production in 1908. Marquis Mills Converse set up the company. The brand was called the Converse Rubber Shoe Company.

 While the company was efficient for a couple of years, the major change happened when the brand started making Basketball shoes.

In 1917 converse ventured into the production of basketball shoes. And the sneakers were called All Stars, and the brand became a cultural idol.

While the brand sales were still regular, Chuck Taylor joined the sales crew in 1921 when he came across the brand.

Chuck Taylor saw potential in the brand and its design. These moments brought converse to the next level.

Taylor brought remarkable marketing ideas to the brand, promoting the shoes across America.

Chuck Taylor organized basketball clinics, where he taught kids the game of Basketball alongside expanding the brand’s name.

As the game of Basketball grew across America, Converse grew along, and the brand became the major athlete’s sneakers.

Chuck Taylor stayed committed to promoting the brand, and in 1932, converse made modifications to the standard design.

The brand incorporated Chuck’s name on the ankle patch of the shoes. The moment brought the Chuck Taylor All-Star brand.

Chuck Taylor lifted the shoes from being basketball shoes to becoming people’s sneakers.

Because of his devotion to promoting Basketball across the States, Chuck Taylor got Inaugurated into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Chuck was named the Ambassador to Basketball in 1968. For over 30 years, Converse All-Stars shoes were the Olympic basketball games’ official sneakers.

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Even as a top-notch sneaker, Converse also came with its drawbacks. The table below shows some of the pros and cons of the converse sneakers.

Pros Cons 
Converse are comfortable around the foot.The shoes lack arch support.
Converse makes versatile and durable shoes.The brand has a lot of imitations.
They are multi-purpose sneakers.They are not the best shoes for your feet.
They come in a variety of colors and designs.They are expensive.

What Were the Most Popular Shoes in the 1950s?

They have greatly improved the brand of shoes over the decades. As a result, every era has specific shoes that represent their understanding of fashion.

Fashion was already a big deal in 1950, and many shoe brands made various dazzling footwear for both males and females.

Aside from converse sneakers that went from being a basketball shoe to becoming a fashion statement in the 1950s, Keds were another shoe brand.

Keds, an American brand of canvas shoes, became popular in 1950 after the actor Monroe wore the shoes in a movie.

Ladies’ Pumps were popular around this time. The stiletto-heeled opera was a sort-after shoe for the ladies. And ladies wore the shoes on memorable occasions.

Also, brands like the winklepicker were available during the 1950s. However, it was the ultimate edition of the opera pump shoe.

Other popular shoes in the 1950s include the following.

  • Saddle shoes.
  • Bunny shoes.
  • Moccasins.
  • Sandals.
  • Flatties.
  • Wedge shoes.
  • Mule shoes.
  • Winter boots.
  • Creepers.
  • Elvis’s blue suede shoes.
  • wingtips.

Although these brands of shoes were present, converse sneakers still held 80% of the shoe market.

The brand started to slip around the 1970s when other shoe brands made waves. And later, in 2001, Converse went bankrupt.

Final Thoughts 

Converse shoes are a classic brand of shoes. The company was founded in 1908, and by 1950 the brand was already popular.

The brand became popular after the company started production of Basketball shoes together with the major role that Chuck Taylor played.

Similarly, his name was incorporated on the sneakers and gained the name Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Nike currently owns the converse.

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