Vibram Vs. Topy (In-Depth Comparison)

Suppose you have some experience walking in extreme conditions. You can testify it’s crucial to have appropriate footwear that matches the situation. 

Investing in high-quality gear can go a long way in improving your experience and guaranteeing your safety. 

The ideal sole should be versatile and should be able to provide you with excellent traction across different surfaces. 

Vibram and Topy are the most popular sole companies in the world. Thus, which brand’s product is superior to the other?

Picking out a distinct winner between the two would be highly inaccurate. Both companies produce soles that have specific uses. Vibram produces soles that are best suited for harsh environments. You can easily hike with Vibram soles, but you can’t use them for dress shoes; that is Topy’s department. However, both companies produce soles that have numerous uses.

Vibram Vs. Topy; Which Is More Durable?

Vibram Vs. Topy

It isn’t easy picking out a clear distinction between these two brands. Each brand’s sole is tailored to protect a variation of shoes. 

Vibram soles are better suited to heavy-duty shoes, while Topy soles protect dress shoes better

Topy is the ideal sole for office shoes, while Vibram is best suited to gym shoes. They are both heavyweights in their various departments. 

Bringing Vibram to the corporate society, it won’t do so well. Putting Topy soles on hiking shoes is a recipe for disaster. 

Topy soles won’t last if you use them for hazardous activities, and Vibram won’t look too good on a dress. A few sections will follow detailing the instances that best suit both soles. 

#1. Vibram Sole Review

Vibram soles are famous worldwide for their high-quality products. Vibram soles are very durable, versatile, and comfortable. 

Vibram has a long-standing record of making quality products; hence, you should expect nothing less from the brand. Unlike other brands, Vibram soles have distinct variations and complexity. 

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Vibram soles are grouped into Lightweight, Super-gripping, and Super long-lasting. These soles are water resistant and prevent your feet from getting sore. 

Each Vibram sole is designed to provide your feet with maximum protection for various terrains. Whether you want to stroll, hike or go to the gym, Vibram soles are the best option. 

Vibram soles effectively provide ankle support for your feet and protect you from injury and debris. Vibram soles are the top choice for running, weightlifting, climbing, and yoga shoes. 

#2. Topy Sole Review

Topy is a sole rubber protector applied to the bottom of shoes with leather soles. Topy is a half sole, which means that the sole doesn’t cover the entire length of the sole. 

The sole runs from the tip of the shoe to where you arch your foot when you walk. In some cases, the sole goes the entire length to the heel. But these are rare cases. 

They don’t run to the heels because you can always replace your heel with a rubber or even a Vibram sole. Topy soles’ thickness is usually about the thickness of a credit card. 

The slender nature of Topy soles doesn’t mean they aren’t rugged or provide serious traction. Topy soles come in different grades, colors, and patterns. 

Topy may be ideal for dress shoes. However, they can also be fused with work boots and athletic shoes. 

Which Is Cheaper; Vibram or Topy?

The prices of these two products are always fluctuating. It’s not easy to distinguish between the two in terms of price because they come in different grades. 

Mountain climbing soles won’t be as light as work shoe soles. Each grade of the sole is intended for different use. And the difference in detail can also translate into the cost of production. 

The price of Topy soles sometimes goes as high as $300, the same with Vibram. However, it depends on the purpose of the sole. 

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Quality is also a big game changer; if the quality is higher, you should expect the price to be slightly higher. 

Hence, if you want to use either of these soles, I recommend you meet a vendor to get the exact price range for the quality you want. 

Are Sole Protectors Worth It?

Yes, especially for shoes that are delicate and expensive. Whether you have a busy schedule or not, you surely don’t want to spend the time you would have used to relax at a cobbler. 

Sole protectors can save you and your footwear from strain. Sole protectors offer high-quality protection. 

You can count on a sole protector to keep your sole from damage and decay. Sole protectors offer varying levels of protection. 

The protection level you will enjoy depends on the grade you choose. Sole protectors add to the durability of a sole because of the extra level of protection over the sole. 

Better durability means fewer repairs and longer life of your footwear. You won’t have to visit the cobbler to resole as often anymore. 

Since you don’t resolve as often anymore, you won’t have to go through the process of “breaking in” to make the sole more comfortable. 

Sole protectors have a lot of benefits; however, they also come with some disadvantages.

Below is a table elaborating on the pros and cons of using sole protectors.

A manly touch to shoes.Naked soles sometimes look better.
Gives a new look to shoes.A bit heavy to carry.
Provides better comfort than resolving.Cobblers charge too high to fix.
Reinforces grip.A DIY project.

When Should You Add Sole Protectors?

There are certain situations when a sole protector is the best option. However, when you should add a sole protector is up to you. 

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You can put on a sole protector when the shoe is fresh off the counter, or you can choose to wait till the sole wears out. 

However, there are certain situations when you don’t have a choice but to put on a sole protector. 

For one, if you purchase a shoe with very poor traction, you may want to put on a sole protector to provide more traction. 

If you have an expensive shoe, regular cobblers may not be able to get the detailing right. 

Hence, you may be required to send it back to the manufacturers for a resole. And that would cost you a small fortune. 

Hence, to avoid these additional costs, it would be best if you fixed a sole protector on that expensive footwear immediately. 

No matter how careful you are with the shoes, you will still use them, and the soles will eventually wear out. 

As with soles, even sole protectors begin to look beat up after a while. Due to worn-out soles and sole protectors, slipping and sliding over an icy sidewalk is easy. 

Hence, you also need to replace sole protectors every once in a while for safety and the best experience.

How To Keep Soles From Cracking?

You may have noticed cracks on your rubber soles. It is all about storage and conditioning. As with every other thing, proper storage increases the lifespan of rubber soles. 

Below are some tips to help you store your rubber soles appropriately.

  • Store the sole at room temperature.
  • Avoid exposing the rubber sole to Ultraviolet light.
  • Wash rubber soles with gentle cleaners.
  • Keep conditioning to a minimum at all times to ensure softness.
  • Store rubber soles in airtight containers (for instance, a leather bag).


Vibram and Topy are two of the most recognizable sole manufacturers in the world. Both brands produce high-quality products that have served customers for years. 

However, Vibram is better suited to footwear that experiences the worst weather conditions and strains. Topy is best suited to dress shoes, but they both have soles for different uses.

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