Are Ted Baker Suits Good? (Explained)

Ted Baker suits have been a source of much interest since the company launched its menswear line in 1987.

Over the years, the brand has continuously improved its clothing line’s aesthetic and material quality. 

However, with many welcomed improvements, the price of each suit seems to skyrocket as well.

So even though Ted Baker suits are top quality, there are a lot of equally very quality suits out there. So what then makes Ted Baker suits so good?

Ted Baker suits are still an authority regarding top-quality smart-casual suits. The elegant yet sporty finesse each suit exudes makes them highly sought after. However, the rise of other stylish brands catering to a similar consumer base, coupled with Ted Baker’s slow innovations in design and price, has generated fewer sales and interest from the public.

Is Ted Baker a Good Brand?

Are Ted Baker Suits Good

Ted Baker is a reliable high-end fashion brand renowned for its top-quality fashion accessories and clothing.

Ted Baker boasts of a rich history in the fashion world that has elevated its status and seen fashion pieces worn by famous figures over the years. 

However, consumers see Ted Baker as a much pricier option than other fashion brands with relatively similar quality.

It has made it difficult for customers to justify spending so much for quality available elsewhere. But, Ted Baker’s high price tag might be worth the quality.

The Designers at Ted Baker pride themselves on their superior cuts, unique styles, and serious attention to detail and creativity.

The result is evident in their use of colors and the quality of the material. Almost all Ted Baker summer suits are made of worsted wools and cotton. 

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Aside from the smooth finish and lightweight and supple texture worsted wool brings to the design, cotton makes the fabric more breathable and cool in hot weather.

Another benefit of worsted suits is the ease of maintaining them. They don’t wrinkle or stain easily.

And being an organic fiber, they do not damage when exposed to moisture or water. 

Ted Baker traditionally favors darker color tones for their suits. However, they are conscious enough to design pieces that blend well with each season.

As a result, the brand opts for darker shades during the gloomier winter months and vibrant, lighter shades during the summer months. 

The conservative influence of the brand’s roots also comes into play as it is a British company, and Britons favor more conservative colors.

However, Ted Baker’s suit prices are a significant obstacle for customers. Newer suit brands entice the public with lower prices and relatively similar quality.

However, Ted Baker’s superior standards remain the brand’s priority. 

Ted Baker Endurance Suit Review

Ted Baker’s Endurance collection was first introduced in 1999. The collection is for the modern man on the move.

Also advertised as “Performance suits,” the entire collection features crease and stain-resistant, moderately elastic, and water-repellent suits. 

The line was neither spared attention to detail, as is expected of Ted Baker. Each crisp jacket features breathable mesh panels and rubber tabs on the inner pockets.

In addition, the suits are adorned with printed linings and branded lapel pins. 

The brand claims suits belonging to the Endurance collection are all-weather and highly durable.

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The fabric is elastic enough to allow the wearer to stretch and participate comfortably in physically exerting activities.

Bouldering Champion Matt Cousins made history when he wore one of Ted Baker’s performance suits on a three days mountain climbing expedition. 

He reported the suit was highly durable and allowed him enough flexibility to perform more strenuous tasks easily.

At the same time, he highlighted that the suit still looked brand new–no creases, no stains after the three-day expedition.

Here is a detailed look at the Endurance collection suit’s unique qualities. 

Crease recoveryCrease recovery is a critical feature customer look out for in suits. However, the type of material alone doesn’t determine its crease recovery. For example, Ted Baker’s Endurance collection uses 100 natural super-stretch yarns to ensure your suit fabric bounces back to its original shape after being pulled or stretched. 
Water repellencyTed Baker designers also integrated water repellency into the collection’s suiting fabrics. Water droplets fall off as soon as they come in contact with the suit’s material. The suit’s material is also quick to dry. As a result, the suit remains breathable and cool when worn on hot or humid days. 
Stain-resistantTed Baker uses a special treatment on the Endurance collection’s unique merino wool fabric that makes the suits extremely resistant to stains. 

Is Ted Baker Still Popular?

High prices and resistance to following style trends are slowly pulling the brand out of the public eye.

Young professionals now tilt towards flashier and sleeker suit lines that are remarkably cheaper than Ted Baker suits.

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The main issue is price, as various brands now offer equally quality suits for lower prices than Ted Baker.

The company’s value seems to be floating on prestige, name, and legacy alone compared to other suit brands. 

Newer suit brands are not only producing cheaper quality suits to their shared targeted audience with Ted Baker, but they are also experimenting with newer styles and trends that appeal to the modern man and era.

However, Ted Baker still churns out the same kinds of conservative clothes, making its designs look staid to the public. 

What Is Ted Baker Famous For?

Ted Baker’s reputation as a top-quality fashion label is widely renowned. Several celebrities have worn their clothes over the years, that only added to the allure and exclusivity of the brand.

From the onset, the company has always focused on quality, attention to detail, and functionality. 

The company used to offer free cleaning services to its customers, a feat that propelled it into the public eye.

In addition, the company takes pride in the fact that each fashion worn designed by it has the brand’s personality woven deep into its very heart. 

The label also features a wide range of collections and fashion accessories, which include: Womenswear, fragrance, skiwear, watches, eyewear, and footwear.

The company also signed territorial licenses in 2006, opening stores in Asia and the Middle East. 

How Trustworthy Are Ted Baker Suits?

Ted Baker’s suits are of excellent quality. The unveiling of the Ted Baker Endurance collection puts to rest whatever doubt may arise to test the brand’s staunch reverence for quality and attention to detail. 

Ted Baker has also been around for a long time since they opened their first stores in Glasgow and have had many famous people who’ve worn their clothes throughout the company’s history.

Ted Baker’s high prices and subtle exclusivity may be an issue deliberated on. However, its quality has never been below the standard to which the company holds the brand name. 


Ted Baker suits are renowned for their high quality and thoughtful attention to detail.

The Endurance Collection is a revolutionary improvement to the brand and has proved to live up to its high standards.

However, the high prices of Ted Baker suits remain a turn-off for most buyers who opt for equally or relatively quality suits that cost less.

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