Striped Tie With Pinstripe Suit: All You Need To Know

Pinstriped suits are one of the most challenging outfits to combine, especially if you need to wear them with a tie. Only a few neckties can comfortably blend with the suit pattern.

Wearing a striped tie with a pinstripe suit is a challenging choice to make. It could make you look more or less fashionable depending on how you wear each.

However, you can learn about the proper way to wear a striped tie and pinstripe suit when you read through this article. 

You should not wear a striped tie with a pinstripe suit because the stripes on the combination would contend with each other, thereby giving you a terrible look. However, if you wear a striped tie and pinstripe suit, the stripe patterns should be different, and the shirt must be solid colored.

Can You Wear a Striped Tie With a Pinstripe Suit?

Striped Tie With Pinstripe Suit

You can wear a striped tie with a pinstripe suit. Although, it is best you avoid this combination because the tie patterns will contend with the suit stripes.

Combining a striped tie and pinstripe suit can result in an error if you don’t do it perfectly. A solid tie is always best for pinstriped suits.

However, if you need to wear a striped tie and pinstripe suit combination, it would be best to avoid matching the same stripes together.

The stripe pattern on the tie shouldn’t match the stripe on the suit. But then, you can blend it with a solid-colored shirt to keep it simple and less noticeable.

But, it is best to wear striped ties on a solid suit or a tie with a pinstriped suit. Solid outfits are versatile and match any color or pattern.

Another unique strip combination you need to consider is a horizontally striped tie. It is better to wear horizontal stripes than vertical stripes.

However, it would help if you had vertical stripes on your pinstriped suit. Then you can wear a solid shirt with it to coordinate the look.        

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What Suit Goes With a Striped Tie?

A solid color suit goes best with a striped tie. For example, you could wear a navy or black suit and a striped tie with a brighter color shade.

Then, you can wear a solid-colored shirt with the combination. The essential point you should note is to avoid loud patterned suits.

For example, you would look bright and refined if you combined a black suit with a white and black horizontal striped tie.

Additionally, completing the combination with a white shirt is always best. But, it would help if you avoided vertical stripe ties irrespective of the suit color.

What Ties Go Best With Pinstripe Suits?

It is best to wear a solid-colored tie with a pinstripe suit. The tie should match either the suit’s background color or the color of the pinstripes on the suit.

Then, complete the look with a cream or white shirt to make the overall appearance formal and powerful. You could also wear a striped or patterned shirt with a pinstripe suit.

However, the tie should be solid colored, and the pattern or stripes on the shirt should be calmer so it doesn’t contend with the stripes on the suit.

Additionally, if the tie patterns are simple, you can wear a patterned tie with a pinstriped suit. A geometric pattern like dots or squares on any tie color would be enough.

But, it would be best if you combined a solid shirt with a patterned tie. A lesser pattern combination would help you look professional and formal.

Which Pinstripe Suits Are More Fashionable?

A fashionable pinstripe suit depends on the look you want. The color of the suit and accessories would determine how fashionable you eventually look.

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However, it is always best to wear dark-colored pinstripe suits for a more fashionable look.

Any flashy or colorful suit would look tacky. Additionally, a fashionable pinstripe suit appearance depends on several principles. You will get a fashionable appearance if you dress up according to these principles.

The principles determining the appearance are as follows:

#1. Color Combination

It is best always to wear a suit that matches your skin and hair color. It means lighter suit colors for light-complexioned men and dark suits for men with darker skin tones.

#2. Stripe Width

There are three types of stripes which are wide, thin, and bold. Each type of stripe has its unique occasion and purpose.

The most common, thin stripes give a classic and professional appearance. The wide stripes are trendy and modern, while the bold stripes are too obvious.

It is best to choose thin stripes because of their classy look. The wide and bold stripes would look too colorful and flashy.

Men should wear stripes with a width between one and two centimeters. You can measure the width of the stripes with a horizontal ruler.

#3. Suit Fitness

The pinstripe suit should always fit your stature accurately to look fashionable. You must ensure the trousers and jacket are your perfect body fit. It is best if the jacket is slim-fit and the trousers are straight leg but not too loose or tight.

Here are the features to adjust to get a fashionable look.

Suit FeaturesIdeal Fit
ShouldersIt should have a natural drape.
WaistlineIt is best as a half-moon shape.
JacketThe length should cover your seat.
SleevesIt should stop around the wrist bone.
Trousers or pantsStraight-legged and slim-fitted but not too tight

#4. Type of Shirt

Pinstripe suits usually look good with almost every shirt style; however, it is best to avoid wearing some shirts with the suit.

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You should avoid wearing a long-sleeved dress shirt with a pinstriped suit. At the same time, you shouldn’t wear a formal tie, so you don’t look too serious.

It is best to wear a casual tie or short-sleeved dress shirt to look fashionable and relaxed.

#5. Accessories

It would help to avoid wearing too many accessories with a pinstripe suit. Instead, you should look simple and use basic accessories.

Too many accessories would make you look flashy and overdressed. So, wearing a black leather belt, a thin wristwatch, and black leather shoes is best.

#6. Suit Color

The color of your pinstriped suit depends on the occasion. It is best to wear a black or navy blue suit for formal occasions and a beige or light gray suit for casual occasions.

You can wear a navy blue or charcoal gray pinstripe suit for a classy appearance. Additionally, a double-breasted suit would look bold and confident.

You need to also consider the season before choosing a suit color. For example, wear a navy, white, or blue pinstriped suit for a summer look.

#7. Suit Design

The design of your suit could influence your overall appearance. It is essential to know that double-breasted pinstripe suits are not suitable for shorter men.

It is best to wear a single-breasted pinstripe suit if you are short. You would look bigger and shorter if you wore a double-breasted suit.

However, if you insist on wearing a double-breasted suit, you should ensure it is slim-fitted. It would help to make you look taller and more fashionable.

Only tall and slim men should wear a double-breasted pinstripe suit. It would look perfect on that kind of body shape and height.


In conclusion, wearing a striped tie and pinstripe suit to get a fashionable look should be easier if you follow the guidelines in this article.

It would help make a pinstripe suit look classy, regardless of season and occasion. However, wearing only a few stripes is best, so you don’t look tacky.

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