Striped Shirt With Striped Pants (Does It Go Well?)

Every year, top menswear designers worldwide showcase their newest collections at fashion shows. Among all their designs, there is always one design present each season- stripes. 

It has been a wardrobe staple since way back. You can incorporate stripes of various colors and sizes in many of your outfits to give that classic patterned and tailored style you want to create. 

However, you can find pairing stripes challenging, especially with other stripes.

Pairing a striped shirt with striped pants looks better than it sounds. You can wear similar colors of stripes. They can also be of different tones, sizes, and patterns. But it would help if you were careful how you combine stripes so you will not look odd.

Please take note of a lot of things that I will unveil in this article. You will learn how to style a striped shirt, pants, and other clothing you can combine with stripes.

When you finish reading this article and hear stripes, you know the best way to style them.

Can You Wear a Striped Shirt With Striped Pants?

Striped Shirt With Striped Pants

You can wear a striped shirt and striped pants. Combining a striped shirt and pants is to look authentic and intelligent but not too striking.

However, avoid matching stripes of the same color until you feel ready to try it. It all depends on you but ensure the striped shirt and pants are consistent.

You can also combine vertical and horizontal stripes on the pants and shirt to create a great outlook.

Before creating the style, you want with stripes, keep in mind the following rules:

#1. Choose Your Stripes Wisely

When choosing the pattern of stripes you want to wear, you have two options: horizontal or vertical stripes. 

Everyone prefers the vertical stripes because they think the horizontal stripes are unfitting. Of course, you might also think so. But that’s only sometimes the case.

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Although vertical striped clothing is best when you want to appear taller, horizontal stripes can make you look slimmer. So it’s left to decide which effects you want with your outfit. 

For example, you can opt for horizontally striped pants and a shirt if you want to look classy, but if you want something simple, go for a casual T-shirt.

#2. Keep the Styles Thin

When trying something new for the first time, you must keep it simple. So are your fashion choices, especially when you want to change your clothing styles. 

You can start by selecting thin striped clothing of subtle colors. Stripes are always trendy, but you can also wear this clothing to complement seasonal trends.

In addition, the colors of the striped shirt and pants you choose are fundamental. But if it’s your first time wearing stripes on stripes, it’s best to stick to a palette of identical colors.

#3. Mix Stripes Carefully

If you are the type that loves to try different fashion styles, then you will find mixing stripes fun. 

But there are rules you need to follow when mixing stripes so you don’t look odd. Ensure you wear a different striped pattern of shirt and pants. 

So feel free to wear striped pants and a shirt, but they must be of a different color and proportion.

Also, select colors that work hand in hand. You can complement your clothing with shoes and accessories. You are going to love the combination.

Fashion should be fun, so you don’t have to take it too seriously. Feel free to play around with it, and don’t be afraid of mistakes. Just learn from them.

Can You Wear a Striped Shirt With a Striped Suit?

You can always combine a striped shirt with a striped suit, but you must choose the perfect shirt. 

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A striped suit is a patterned clothing that finds its way into the men’s classic wardrobe and business wear. 

Whether you choose a single-breasted pinstripe suit or a bold rope striped on a six-by-two double-breasted model, this clothing is part of a men’s fashion code. 

To wear the perfect shirt depends on the type of suit you wear and your body structure. 

The table below explains the types of striped shirts and the body type that is perfect for them.

Types of Striped ShirtsPerfect Body Type
Tightly spaced  PinstripesIt’s best suitable for short, thin men.
Horizontally striped shirtsIt goes best for tall people. 
Widely-spaced vertical shirtsIt is suitable for short and heavy men.

To determine your body type, you can check the body type manual. When pairing striped suits and shirts together, it’s best to avoid stripes that come in neon-like colors such as electric blue. 

These colors will give you a mafia outlook rather than the classy style you are looking for.

Here are some perfect examples of stripes combinations.

  • You can pair a narrow striped shirt and a window pane suit with a dotted pocket square.  Complete this look with a regimental striped tie; trust me, you will look stunning.
  • You can decide to go all pinstripes. Wear a lighter shade of pin-striped shirt with a widely-spaced blue pin suit. Of course, the stripe pattern is the same, but the difference in the stripes spacing makes this outfit work well.
  • A white and blue narrow-striped shirt is a must-have for every man. This outfit is perfect for a slightly wider tie and a darker-shade striped suit. You are good to go.

How Can You Match a Striped Shirt With Pants?

There are various ways to pair a striped shirt with pants to create different styles, from office outfits to casual ones. 

Check out some style ideas below:

  • If you want to look smart, pair a lighter striped shirt with neutral pants such as black, grey, tan, navy blue, and white. 
    You can tuck in your shirt if you want a professional look. Complement the outfit with neural shoe tones.
  • To look casual, pair a vertically striped shirt with a pair of blue jeans. Add a pair of oxfords or sneakers, depending on your preference.
  • You can decide to stand out. Wearing a striped top with bright-colored pants is one way to do so. 
    You can choose a white and pin-striped blue shirt and emerald green pants. Add white sneakers, and you are never going to regret your choice.
  • Also, you can match pants with a color from your striped tops. A white and tan vertically striped shirt on a pair of tan pants will not look bad. You will look elegant. 
    Also, you will never go wrong wearing a yellow and dark-streaked shirt on dark blue pants. You will love the overall look.
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What Can You Wear With Striped Pants?

Wearing striped pants with other clothing is easier than it seems. 

Here are a few ways to do that.

  • A black long sleeve shirt and black and white pants are not bad. Round off your outfit with a pair of black skin loafers. You are going to love the ensemble.
  • When the dress code says elegance, match a dark blue overcoat with dark striped dress pants. Introduce a pair of low-top Converse, and you are good to go.
  • A vertical streaked shirt jacket is the perfect choice for striped pants. Complement the outfit with suede boots. You will give out a casual yet classy vibe.
  • Another relaxed combination you can choose is a light blue long-sleeve and black and white pants with black leather sandals. This outfit is a lifesaver because it’s straightforward to create.
  • A grey overcoat and striped pants are central to the men’s collection. Adding red and white athletic shoes will bring out the beauty of the outfit.

    You can always create your styles with striped pants. Just make sure the colors and dresses are compatible.

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