Storm Patch Trench Coat (Things You Must Know)

It is amazing to see this coat of heavy-duty fabric developed for the British Army officers before the First World War still trending to this day.

You may have yet to think deeply about the role of the storm patch on a trench coat, but this article will help you see its function.

We will also consider whether Trench coats have epaulets, whether it’s still in vogue in 2022, and the best designs available.

Storm patches on trench coats are vital in protecting you against the weather. It is a flap that does not allow water seeping down your shoulder to enter your jacket. It is found in both the men’s and women’s trench coats, on the right side of the chest for men and the left for women.

Why Are There Storm Patches on Trench Coats?

Storm Patch Trench Coat

To successfully discover why you find storm patches on your trench coats, you and I need to examine them from World War 1.

Back then, in World War 1, it was called the gun flap because it was assumed by many to be padding the butt of the rifle. Although it may have helped that way, it was not the case.

Rather, storm patches play the role of protecting the wearer from the weather. The flap ensures that water cannot enter the jacket as it moves down the shoulder.

So it is like a covering that serves the purpose of keeping you, the wearer, dry. You can find it on the right side of the chest and the left side for women.

The table below shows the difference between a male and female trench coat;

Male Female 
The storm patch is on the right side of the chestThe storm patch is on the left side of the chest
The coat buttons to the right The coat buttons to the left
The trench coat has a brother’s shoulderThe trench coat has a slimmer shoulder

It is most likely that the storm patch got the name “gun flap” after being requested by the officers of World War 1 who were lodging complaints. 

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They complained that water usually seeped down their jacket after firing their rifle. Raising the right arm does expose the early trench coat to bad weather.

But as they would have it, the trench coat started coming with storm patches. So it also protects from the effects of weather elements. 

Rather, it also serves as padding for the rifle butt and protection from the kickback effect of a rifle that the officers experience.

However, up to this day, trench coats still feature storm patches. And these storm patches still play their role of protecting the wearers from the weather.

Why Do Trench Coats Have Epaulets?

It is not surprising that the infamous military shoulder tabs found a way into the trench coat; after all, it has a military origin. 

Its primary use is to attach rank insignia to indicate an officer’s rank without causing any damage to the trench coat. 

Later, securing items such as gloves, gas masks, or whistles for the wearer became functional.

Then, a military officer can use the Epaulets to keep backpacks, ammunition pouches, or bayonets from slipping off the shoulder.

Today, the Epaulets are still in use, particularly among the ladies, to keep their bag straps in place to avoid falling off or causing distraction.

Are Trench Coats Still in Vogue in 2022?

Yes, of course, trench coats are still in vogue in 2022. Today’s trench coats have moved up the ladder among fashionable clothes and mean a great deal among fashionistas.

Trench coats of 2022 have allowed for a warm-up and have given a fantastic look to those who wear them.

If you take your time to look through the 2022 list of trench coats, you will discover that they come with different variations that are both classical and, at the same time, unexpected.

Through the fashion couturiers in their show, you will notice that the 2022 trend allows you to create a trench coat appearance with models that closely look like trench coats.

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What Are the Best Trench Coat Designs?

Trench coat designs vary from one form to another and with different lengths. For example, there are trench coats whose lengths stop just above the knee and those stop just above the ankle.

However, two determinants will influence the type of trench coat you prefer. These two determinants are (1) personal choice and (2) your height.

Although Thomas Burberry, the founder of Burberry, first conceived the idea of the trench coat, today, it has become very popular.

With this growth in popularity, many version labels today have also dived into producing their line of trench coats. To get yours, visit here on Amazon and check out those available.

Now let us consider some of the best trench coat designs we have around us;

#1. Burberry Kensington Trench Coat

Knowing that a Burberry comes from a water-resistant gabardine cloth is one thing. But the amazing thing is knowing that Burberry invented the water-resistant gabardine cloth.

Since its invention in 1879, it has been almost 150 years since Burberry has been selling this trench coat. And the coat has retained all the traditional fittings it always had.

While retaining the Khaki color, its check pattern, the epaulets, double-breasted silhouettes, and flex, Burberry has a coat that refuses to go out of style.

#2. London Fog Iconic Trench Coat

The trenches of this brand are what you will call ubiquitous, and if you don’t have one, hurry to get yours as soon as possible. 

This brand still offers one of the best value options in the market. Unfortunately, all their various trench coats produced are unique.

Those pieces include the cozy wool liner, so finding an alternative will take a lot of work.

#3. Row Edward belted Alpaca and Linen-blend Trench Coat

The Row is most favored and patronized by A-listers and deep-pocketed individuals. And this is why the label swiped the usual gabardine to the luxurious alpaca blend.

The alpaca blend goes with a bit of linen mixed within it, allowing you to see that silhouettes can serve as more than just something that protects you from rain.

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So if you have up to $4,000 to purchase this coat, purchase one now. Because the coat will become like a family heirloom, you even have eyes on them as you do in no time.

#4. Coherence AL II Gabardine Trench Coat

With all the latest designs of trench coats becoming modernized to look slimmer and shorter, Coherence retains the look of the ’50s.

It is a Japanese label that is great at producing outerwear that serves remarkably at Keeping you dry as you commute to work.

It is a silhouette that appears to be within your kneel length, has a flowing look, and can serve as a good blazer during fall.

It also has a removable melton wool collar when you need a pal on your neck to block the wind during the brisk autumn days.

#5. Mackintosh Saint Andrews Double Breasted Trench Coats

Mackintosh had been serving as a waterproof overcoat for about 100 years before Burberry brought trench coats. The brand came from the colloquial name ‘Mac.’

The coats of Mackintosh are handmade with many intricate processes, hence why only a limited amount are in production from its only factory in Glasgow, Scotland, every year.

Mackintosh may produce their style of coats, but they also offer some very good trench coats. Their trench coats are of two layers of cotton bonded fabric.

The two layers are then taped together with a water-resistant tape that ensures that you, the wearer, stay dry.

#6. Studio Nicholson Ventus Coat

Most trench coats today are usually double-breasted with a belt. But the silhouettes are no longer identified by these features with 2022 productions.

Studio Nicholson excels very well, especially with their anti-trend approach to trench coats. Even the standard khaki color at the joint is now of a grayish hue color.

Yet it maintains some of its features. For instance, Nicholson’s trench is fit-relaxed and intentionally oversized for those wearing it.


Storm patches are part of trench coats that protect you from the effects of the weather, preventing water from entering the jacket.

The epaulets play the role of securing items on your shoulder when you put on a trench coat. And trench coats are still in vogue right now in 2022.

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