Stone Vs. Khaki (In-Depth Comparison)

Both khaki and stone are shades of beige. However, khaki is a darker shade, while stone is a lighter shade that resembles light grey or tan. 

Khaki and stone are very popular colors for casual men’s trousers and men’s suits, so much so that darker brown casual men’s trousers are called khakis.

Khaki is darker than stone, so it is easier to pair because it goes with anything. And since a pair of khaki pants do not look too formal, it’s a perfect balance. Stone clothes, however, can be difficult to style; the color is too light, making them difficult to pair.

Stone Vs. Khaki; Which Is Better For Casual Dressing?

Stone Vs. Khaki

Khaki is better for casual dressing because it is generally more versatile than stone, and it is easy to put khaki together in an outfit than stone. 

Also, khakis have no place in formal or semi-formal events. Although there are other options for khaki, like suits and shirts, khaki pants, often called khakis, are more popular. 

Stone slacks and stone chinos look nicer and more preppy than khaki trousers. And those go over better in a formal setting than khaki trousers.

Thus, most people only know khakis for their trousers and are much better for everyday activities like drinks, brunches, and meals with family than stone outfits. 

Also, most people prefer to wear khakis in place of jeans. Pairing casual clothes is also important.

Khakis are not as informal as jeans, but they are a good substitute for jeans. Pairing khakis with simple shirts and T-shirts in bright colors is easier.

That way, you look very simple and like you’re not trying too hard. Since stone trousers are so much lighter, if you try to pair them with a bright T-shirt, it just won’t work. 

Also, since stone closely resembles tan, if you pair stone trousers with a tan shirt, coat or windbreaker, you may look like you’re wearing a uniform.

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Most people think of Khaki outfits as summer outfits. They seem more relaxed, light, and casual. In winter, many people don’t wear khaki pants or suits. 

Also, khaki isn’t considered appropriate, even for semi-formal or business casual attire. It is a light neutral color and is often best for light, simple clothes and outfits.

If you want to turn it up a notch and replace casual with semi-casual, you can go for stone suits or pants.  

Keep in mind that khaki is also a more versatile color. It has different shades, and you can use different materials depending on the weather. 

A lighter shade of khaki with yellow undertones and light materials like cotton and linen are perfect for summer khaki outfits.

They give off a very casual look. With khaki, you can look great without appearing too preppy.

And you can pair khaki with colored shirts like pink, light green or sky blue. You can also use floral and patterned shirts to make the look more informal. 

However, stone colors don’t work with light colors because they are too light, and there aren’t many shades of stone. 

Which Is Better For a Suit; Stone or Khaki?

Khaki suits are more popular, but that’s because they are more versatile both in color and different styling possibilities. 

Stone suits, however, are comfortable and can adapt to formal settings. But the color is more reserved and only pairs well with darker colors and dull hues.

Khaki suits are better for the summer. Khaki suits work with everything, and it’s better for a summer suit because it is a good pairing with the lighter colors people prefer during the summer

In the winter, black, navy blue, or charcoal suits are more popular among men. But, in summer, dull colors become very boring. 

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So people tend to go with lighter-colored suits. And with lighter colored suits come lighter shirts and so on. 

It is easier to use khaki suits between stone and khaki suits because they are easier to pair. They are also brighter and less monotonous than stone suits. 

Also, the stone isn’t as much of a summer color as khaki because it contains navy and brown undertones.

Stone is a more neutral color, and it is too light for the dull months of winter when the absence of natural light makes light colors like stone attract too much attention. 

But, it is also not bright enough for the summer when there is enough natural light. 

Furthermore, stone works best with dull colors like black and navy, which aren’t great for the summer season either. 

So, with the stone suit, you have the problem of styling. But, with a khaki suit, you can pair it with light and bright summer colors like pink, sky blue, patterned shirts, and even t-shirts.

Ultimately, the color you choose depends on your needs. Khaki and stone suits are quite similar, and the season, the material, and the occasion also factor in the suit you choose.

Khaki suits work better because they are more versatile. Also, khaki is a more laid-back color for a suit than stone. 

Meanwhile, you can accentuate a khaki suit with anything; making a stone suit work is much more difficult.

Just like pants and shorts, khaki suits stand you out from the crowd, and with the right styling, you can make them work in any setting. 

But if you want to wear either stone or khaki outside in the summer, find something heavier like wool. 

Khaki SuitStone Suit
It’s more versatile.It’s difficult to pair.
It’s easier to pair.Monotonous and dull for summer.
It has different shades.Not many styling options.

Can You Replace Khaki With Stone?

You can replace khaki with stone, but not all the time. Khakis are less formal than stone, and khaki has more different shades and tones than stone. 

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Stone is monotonous, difficult to work with, and has a very indecisive color. Undoubtedly, many things that work with khaki can also work with stone. But not all of the outfits will work. 

Stone is duller than khaki, has fewer shades, and is light. So, it’s not very easy to pair it with other light summer colors. 

Since khaki is more of a summer color paired with bright summer colors like pink, blue, and so on. 

It can be hard to coordinate a stone suit with those bright colors that work so easily on a khaki suit. 

Another thing that makes it difficult to replace khaki with stone is that khaki suits look better than stone ones. 

As such, you may not be able to get the same results when you wear a stone suit with a pink shirt and when you wear a khaki suit with a pink shirt.

Khaki is more versatile than stone; unlike stone, it goes well with many bright, loud, and neutral colors. 

The color contrast is noticeable when you try to pair it with other outfits. So, replacing the stone with khaki is easier than replacing it with stone. 

However, you can replace khaki with stone in some settings, especially if you want something more subdued. 

Both colors are summer colors, and both are better for informal settings. And while stone may not be as versatile as khaki, it also goes well with several colors.


Stone is a light color, but at the same time, it is not very bright. On the other hand, khaki has several shades and is very versatile. 

Khaki also goes well with various colors and is a very good summer color idea. It is ideal for casual wear, but you can also use it for more formal gatherings.

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