Shirt Button Keeps Coming Undone (Reasons & Solutions)

Whether you’re male or female, no one likes it when they must keep looking to check or adjust their cloth.

This issue can be disorganizing and disturbing, especially on days when you have really important things to do.  

When the rest of the outfit is well put together, and your shirt has open buttons, it can make a person appear unkempt and careless.

Knowing what causes this and how to prevent such situations is important.

Your shirt keeps coming undone for many reasons, the common one being that the shirt is too tight. It could also be that you’re wearing the wrong size. For whatever reason it might be, having your shirt button open up every time can be highly inconvenient.

Why Does My Shirt Button Keep Coming Undone?

Shirt Button Keeps Coming Undone

Your shirt button can keep coming undone when the shirt is too tight. Once you notice that your button keeps removing from the buttonhole, check the size. 

The shirt size is a major reason why the button keeps opening. A man wearing a loose t-shirt resembles a young child dressing up in his father’s clothes.

When the same person wears a tight t-shirt, he looks unnecessarily larger and keeps getting disturbed by his buttons.

But when he wears his correct size of shirt, he looks fit, athletic, and generally better. The shirt button may also be opening because of the kind of singlet worn under the shirt.

If the shirt is your perfect size and you wear a thick cloth underneath the shirt, the buttons are going to keep opening.

The buttons will open because the thick cloth underneath your shirt has increased your body size.

The thick cloth will make the shirt tight, and tight shirts are one of the reasons why the button on the shirt never stays put.    

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Another reason your shirt button can remove is when the buttonhole is loose. A buttonhole is a space in the cloth that allows the button to fit.

When the shirt’s material is worn out or old, it can begin to tear and affect the buttonhole.

When this happens, the buttonhole will become too loose and won’t firmly secure the button. The buttonhole could also have been stretched, making it too loose to hold the button.

The thread used to sew the buttons can also lose its tightness as it stretches. If they are too loose, they could pop open even if they are still fastened to your dress shirt.

Sometimes when you buy a shirt from a particular brand, the buttons might not be the same. This situation is usually referred to as a factory mistake.

During production, the shirt button may have been missing, replacing it with an inferior one.

When this happens, the button won’t be as firm as the original. The buttons could also keep opening if you do not button the shirt properly.

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry, there are times when the buttons are put in the wrong buttonhole. After a while, the buttons would come undone.

How Can I Keep My Shirt Button Fastened?

When you wear a shirt with buttons, you’ll expect the buttons to remain intact once you fasten them.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Here are some things to ensure your shirt buttons don’t pop open.

#1. Wear Your Correct Size

Button buckling is frequently caused by wearing excessively tight clothing in the chest area. The impact that well-fitted clothing has on your appearance is enormous.

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Apart from it preventing your button from opening, well-fitted clothes are items that fit your body perfectly and allow you the opportunity to move freely without bothering about the buttons.

Wearing tight clothes doesn’t allow you this freedom. Here are the signs to know when your shirt is not the correct size, and it’s too tight.

The SignsDescription
The shirt restricts your movement.Your garments don’t fit if they restrict your ability to move as you should. 
The shirt has spaces around the button.A fold or gaps around the buttons is one of the most obvious indications that a shirt is not your correct size. 
There’s no little space at the sides.The shirt is too tight if you can only hold a small amount.

#2. Avoid Thick Singlet

Make sure the undershirt is thin if you wear one with your shirt. Thick underwear will take more space making the shirt tight.

Select a lightweight undershirt to secure the buttons on your shirt. An undershirt made of cotton or linen is suitable.

In addition to being soft, they are also fairly thin. You can wear a cotton or linen undershirt without worrying that it will make the buttons on your shirt undone.

#3. Go for Shirts In Your Custom Size

Shirts that are custom-sized are made to your requirements. Once you provide your measurements to the tailor or a specific brand, they design a shirt exactly to your liking.

Shirts that are made to order usually focus on quality. Compared to regular dress shirts, they offer better buttons and quality.

Getting a custom shirt also allows you to complain if anything differs from what you want.

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How Can You Keep Button Holes From Fraying?

Excessive cloth washing leads to the fabric deteriorating, which in turn causes frayed button holes. As a result, the buttons readily pop out of place.

However, it is possible to stop the button holes from fraying.

#1. Be Patient With Your Buttons

When securing or unbuttoning your shirt, be cautious and gently handle the buttons. Don’t yank the buttons in or out with force.

Understandably, you might be in a hurry but exercise patience when doing the buttons.

The likelihood of your shirt’s buttons popping open will only rise if you hastily button and unbutton them.

You might unintentionally strain the thread that secures the buttons. You can avoid this from happening by being more cautious with the buttons.

Not only do fraying buttonhole threads make a garment look unkempt, but they also run the risk of making your buttons snap open. If your buttonhole is already worn out, you can take it to a tailor and have them repair it for you.

You can also fix this yourself by adhering to the following procedure.

  • First, remove all the hanging and loose thread from the buttonhole.
  • Get a needle and thread.
  • Select a thread with the same color as the one on the buttonhole. Use one close to it if you don’t have the exact color.
  • Thread the needle with one end, then knot the other two ends of the thread.
  • Start at the interior bottom border of the buttonhole; this is the side away from the cloth edge. Be sure to hold the cloth right-side up and horizontally.
  • Keep stitching the buttonhole until it is firm enough to secure the button.
  • Repeat this for other button holes if they have the same problem.


Whenever you wear a shirt, you presumably anticipate that your dress shirt’s buttons will remain closed once you fasten them. Unfortunately, buttons occasionally move on of their own accord.

Now that you know how to avoid this situation and even fix it don’t allow a few buttons to keep you from wearing a shirt.

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