Does Saks Off Fifth Sell Fake Items? (Let’s Find Out)

Retail outlets are convenient places to get good products at reasonable prices. Some of these stores, like Saks Off Fifth, sell designer products at huge discounts.

However, one should be vigilant when patronizing them as they could pass off counterfeit goods as real. So does Saks Off Fifth sell fake items too?

No, Saks Off Fifth does not sell fake items. Most of the items Saks Off Fifth sells are outlet-made and less mainline products. Therefore, they are of lower quality and may appear fake when they are not.

Are Saks Off Fifth Items Real?

Does Saks Off Fifth Sell Fake Items?

Saks Off Fifth has many items of diverse qualities. Most of these products are of outlet standard, with only about 10% of higher-end goods, and they are real.

However, some of the reviews from the brand’s customers reveal skepticism over the authenticity of the store’s product. A Handful of them complained that Saks Off Fifth sold fake items.

There are also complaints of the brand offering false discounts and lower quality products than promised. These acts make people buy items they’d not have bought had they known.

The truth is retail outlets like Saks Off Fifth sell real items, but some people don’t understand how they operate. 

So they go there hoping to get high-quality products and label them fake when they are not.

Though you may, don’t always expect to find high-end items at retail outlets. Outlets don’t sell fake items. Brands intentionally make products of lesser quality for these stores.

Can You Get Real Designers at Saks Off Fifth?

Yes, you can get real designers at Saks Off Fifth. The outlet has items from brands like Calvin Klein, Bruno Magli, Boss Hugo Boss, Vince, Magnanni, Giuseppe Zanotti, and others.

However, most of their products are outlet-specific and have lower quality than high-end designers.

Thus, what you will find there may not be what you are hoping to get. Occasionally though, you can get high-end designers from Saks Off Fifth.

If you want to shop for designers at the store, you will do better with some information on how they operate.

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Designer retail brands have separate collections for outlet stores and retail stores. Saks Off Fifth stores are outlets for the Saks Fifth Avenue brand.

Though 90% of the items at Saks Off Fifth are outlet-specific, they have some collections from Saks Off Fifth Avenue. 

That means in the heap of low-grade designers, you can find some high-end ones. You can search for high-end goods and find them if you know how to.

Otherwise, follow these tips to seek superior quality designers from outlet items at Saks Off Fifth.

When you shop for designers at Saks Off Fifth, look for racks with “Final Few” or “Direct from Saks” labels. There you will find clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue.

The clothes on those racks are past-season items that Saks Fifth Avenue cannot sell. So they push them down to Saks Off Fifth for sale at discount prices to regain a part of their money.

For shoes, check the tags to determine if they are from Saks Off Fifth Avenue. These shoes are likely sizes 9-11.5 or 5-5.55

If you don’t know how to find the mainline items at Saks Off Fifth, the employees can help you. Their item origin is not an industry secret, and they’ll oblige you if you ask.

Is Saks a Good Brand?

Saks Off Fifth is a fairly good brand. The retail outlet offers luxury clothing and other designer products at better rates than other outlets.

They have a wide range of products for men, women, and children, from clothes to shoes and accessories. The brand also deals in room décor and home appliances.

With huge discounts, a brand is a great place for people who don’t want to break the bank over designers. For instance, you can get this Calvin Klein Bomber Jacket at a low price.

The brilliance of the brand’s stores also contributes to its fame among retail shoppers. They have magnificent interiors, and you can easily find your way around.

The brand also has provisions for returns or exchange of items if the buyer is unhappy with his purchase. They have some terms guiding this policy, however.

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Despite the positives of Saks Off Fifth in retail, they have managed to rack up negative reviews. A lot of customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the brand’s operation.

One of the most scandalous complaints involves tag switching scam. It claimed the brand switched tags from expensive clothes to cheap imitations and passed it off as real.

Some customers condemn Saks Off Fifth’s indifference to their product delivery. According to them, the brand can do better than using delivery companies that don’t care about their packages.

The omission of items they ordered from their package is more problematic for buyers. Worse still, many of them never got a refund even when they complained to the outlets.

Most of the complaints boil down to the inefficiency of the brand’s customer service. Either they outrightly dismiss complaints or fail to act on them as promised.

In a nutshell, Saks Off Fifth is a good place, but internal problems are ruining its reputation. They should make amends. Otherwise, they stand a risk of losing many of their customers.

Can You Return Saks Off Fifth Items?

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase from Saks Off Fifth, you can return or exchange it for another item. However, you can’t return items with the “Final Sale” sale designation.

The brand has a return policy, and terms guide the return of an item to its stores. If you wish to return a product, you must do so within 30 days of purchase.

Also, the item you wish to return must be in good condition (unworn, undamaged, unaltered, and salable). This term doesn’t apply if the product was defective when you bought it.

Furthermore, the brand will deduct $9.95 from your refund to cover insurance and shipping. Also, free returns don’t apply to international orders.

Click here to view Saks Off Fifth’s full return policy. If you have an item that you want to return to Saks Off Fifth, you can do so in person or by mail. 

To return an item yourself, take it to any of their stores with the packing slip. Follow the steps below to return an item by mail:

  • Find your order number
  • Pack the item securely
  • Add a shipping label
  • Send your return via FedEx
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For international returns, contact Saks Off Fifth at 1-866-601-5105 or email their customer service. They’ll provide you with instructions on how to go about it.

Are Saks Off Fifth Items Cheaper?

Compared to rival retail outlets, the items at Saks Off Fifth are more expensive. The reasons for this include superior quality of the products and better customer experience.

Competing brands like Nordstrom Rack offer better deals than the 70% discounts at Saks Off Fifth. Among such deals are sales and clearance items.

The items at the store are cheaper than those at Saks Fifth Avenue, as you would expect. Their products differ in quality and, therefore, in price.

The table below compares the prices of similar items at Saks Off Fifth and Saks Fifth Avenue.

ItemsSaks Off Fifth PriceSaks Fifth Avenue Price
Giuseppe Zanotti Talon Two-Tone Leather Sneakers$499.99$476.99-$795
Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Driving Loafers$369.99$750

However, there are some instances when items at Saks Off Fifth cost higher than the same items at Fifth Avenue. These price discrepancies may result from their annual clearance sales.

One good thing with prices at Saks Off Fifth regarding competitors is their price match policy. That is, the brand offers adjustments to prices of items that cost less at competing brands.

You will get the price adjustment if you provide a functioning link to the competitor’s item. The brand won’t honor your price match request if they can’t verify its details.

There are also guidelines and limitations to the price match policy. The item for which you request the price adjustment must be of the same size and color.

The price match also applies to selected competing brands. These competitors include the following:

  • Nordstrom
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Neiman Marcus Last Call
  • Macy’s
  • The Outnet 

Final Thoughts

The quality of items in outlets like Saks Off Fifth differs from those of high-end retail stores. Without due diligence, one may think they are fake when they are real.

You can get real designers at Off Fifth. However, you must be cautious as some low-quality items may pass off as high-end products.

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