Rag & Bone Jeans Tag Removal (Follow This Way)

Clothing tags can be a pain in the ass, especially those sewn in. That’s no different from the Label tags on the Rag and Bone Jeans.

Besides causing a real nuisance, they can affect your fashion style as they visibly hang out, can be itchy, and display your Jean size to the ever-watching public eyes. 

If the above resonates with you and you want to remove tags from your Rag and Bone Jeans, this article is for you. Therefore, you should read on.

The clothing tags for Rag and Bone Jeans are of three types; size tags, brand tags, and fabric tags. All the clothing tags are in the inner aspect of the jeans’ waistband. You can remove the sewn tags with a seam ripper, knife, or scissors.

Can You Remove the Rag and Bone Jeans Tag?

Rag and Bone Jeans Tag Remove

You can remove the tags from your Rag and Bone Jeans. The Rag and Bone Jeans tags are usually on the inner aspect of the waistband. You can identify the tags as size, fabric, and brand.

The size tag is smaller in proportion to the other two tags. The size tag is stitched, not a printed tag.

On the other hand, the fabric tag and the brand tag are bigger than the size tag and are printed-inscribed.

How to Remove the Rag and Bone Jeans Tag?

To remove the Rag and Bone Jeans tag, do the following:

#1. Cut the Tag Out.

The first thing to do when you want to remove the Rag and Bone Jeans tag, the first thing to do is to cut out the tag.

Ensure that you cut it very close to the seam. Employ a pair of sharp scissors, and you should do it carefully, so you don’t rip your Jeans open.

When you are through with this step, you’ll see a narrow strip of tag sewn into the seam.

The tag you just removed may be irritating or itchy to the back of your waist. That is common with the more papery and stiffer labels.

After you have washed the Rag and Bone Jeans for some time, they’ll soften and won’t bother you anymore.

#2. Tape the Narrow Strip of Leftover Tag

The next step is to tape the narrow strip of the left tag with a small piece of hemming tape.

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Go to a fabric department or store and purchase a hemming tape if you don’t have one. The hemming tape is no-sew and iron-on.

After that, cut a little piece of the tape almost the size of the leftover tag.

#3. Tape the Leftover Tag

Once you have cut the hemming tape in proportion to the size or width of the tag material you have left, place the tape on top of the lower part of the leftover tag.

That way, the lower part of the leftover tag is no longer hanging freely or flapping from your Jean’s seam.

That will prevent you from feeling the itchiness of the leftover tag that you cannot remove.

#4. Add Two More Layers of Hemming Tape

This step is not compulsory for everyone. You should only carry out this step if the Rag and Bone Jeans tag are super itchy for you.

In this step, attempt to attach the leftover tag completely to your Jeans using the hemming tape.

Cut two more pieces of hemming tape and attach them to the other two sides of the leftover tag. Then iron down these sides of the tags.

The tags will no longer have free edges to irritate you and are entirely attached to your jeans.

An alternative method is to employ a seam ripper. If you have a seam ripper, here’s how you can use it to remove the Rag and Bone Jeans tag:

#5. Assess the Tag. 

This step ensures that you get the best possible approach and entry point for removal.

With this, you can remove the tag easily without tearing your jeans accidentally with the seam ripper. 

#6. Examine the Different Tags 

In this step, you want to confirm the number of tags on the jeans. The Rag and Bone Jeans tags are three in number– the size tag, the brand tag, and the fabric tag. They are sewn into the jeans, side by side.

#7. Closely Inspect the Seam and Tag

Check the tag to see if it’s sewn into the seam that keeps together the jeans. Examine the threads closely to check if the seam will loosen up from pulling out the tag stitch.

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If it’ll, do not progress with the seam ripper because you’ll damage your jeans. Instead, stick with the scissors method.

#8. Cut the Threads Using the Seam Ripper 

The next step is to cut the stitch threads of the tags. Ensure that the seam ripper lies on the tag and not under.

Push the seam ripper tip underneath the stitches and pull up gently. This movement will cut the threads.

For the best results, start pulling out the top stitches first so that the risk of an accidental tear on your jeans is minimal. Additionally, start from the top right corner of the tag.

#9. Remove More Stitches 

When you’re through the stitches at the top right corner, slowly make your way to the left, gently pulling out the stitches as you go. Continue this movement until you remove all the stitches.

#10. Remove the Stitches Underneath

The tag will loosen up when you’re through with the stitches at the top. Expose the tag stitches on the other side by putting your fingers around the tag.

Then pass the tip of the seam ripper underneath the thread stitches and pull them out. Continue to alternate till you remove all the stitches.

#11. Pull Out the Loose Threads with Tweezers

When you finish, you’ll have loose threads hanging out the jeans. Use tweezers to pick them out carefully.

I recommend that you don’t discard the tags because their information may be useful in the future.

Why Remove the Rag and Bone Jeans Tag?

Removing clothing tags from garments is essential for some people.

Here are the most common reasons people remove the tags from their Rag and Bone Jeans.

  • The tags get itchy and stiff over time.
  • The tags are sewn into the structure of the jeans, and it becomes difficult to remove.
  • The tags can be discomforting as three different tags are in the waistband area.
  • A lot of users have sensitive skin, and the tags can cause irritations to the skin.
  • Some wearers remove clothing tags because they don’t like seeing them on the jeans while putting them on.
  • Formaldehyde is a component of the dyes and irritates some wearers’ skin.
  • The tags may stick out, which is not fashionable.
  • The tag may have rough edges, which can be disturbing.
  • Some buyers removed the Rag and Bone Jeans Tag because it makes the jeans look more discreet.
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Before taking out the tags, it’s essential to take note of the label details for helpful information such as ironing, washing, and drying procedures.

Best Ways to Remove Rag and Bone Jeans Tag

Rag and Bone Jeans tags can be annoying. From the itchy discomfort to the stuffy look of your waistband. Your desire to have them removed is justified.

The best way to remove the Rag and Bone Jeans tag is to use the seam ripper. Using this method completely yanks out the tags so that there are no leftover tags to itch you.

However, assess the thread stitches to confirm that the seam will not loosen up after you’re through.

What Do You Need to Remove Rag and Bone Jeans Tag? 

When you want to remove the tags from Rag and Bone Jeans, there are some instruments you’ll need to be effective.

Here are the things you need to remove Rag and Bone Jeans tag:

  • Seam ripper, 
  • Scissors,
  • Hemming tape,
  • Tweezers,
  • Knife.

You can purchase these materials from a store if you don’t have them already. They are budget-friendly, and you won’t break the bank to get them.

Rag and Bone Jeans

Rag and Bone Jeans are a brand of jeans owned by the Rag and Bone company. The company produces Rag and Bone Men’s jeans and women’s jeans.

The brand produces different styles of quality jeans, some of which include:

Jean StyleJean fit
Rag & Bone Fit 1Skinny
Rag & Bone Fit 2Slim
Rag & Bone Fit 3Athletic
Rag & Bone Fit 4Straight

Rag & Bone Fit 2 is a highly coveted slim-fit pair of jeans. It is mid-rise, has a narrow leg opening, and is tailored through the thigh and hip.

Rag & Bone Fit 4 is straight-leg jeans. It is looser and a relaxed fit in classic American jeans.


Rag & Bone Jeans are a popular clothing brand with a wide variety of jeans, such as slim-fit jeans, straight-leg jeans, and others.

However, the jeans come with three different tags in the inner waistband area, which is discomforting to some users.

You can remove the tags with a seam ripper or a pair of scissors, but you should be careful so that you don’t tear your luxury Jeans.

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