Quality Of Burberry Made in USA! (Must Know This)

Are you a fan of one of the most recognizable fashion companies in the world? Burberry is famous for its check patterns and has remained a symbol of luxury and elegance. 

However, some brands have dropped the quality of their productions with the popularity they gained over the years. Is this the case with Burberry, made in the USA?

Compared to other brands, the quality of Burberry products in the US has stayed the same. Despite being in the market for over a century, Burberry’s products have consistently remained high in quality. Burberry has a lot of manufacturing facilities worldwide, but they all follow strict production guidelines. Hence, all Burberry products have the same quality. 

This article will dive deep into how to spot original and fake Burberry products. It will also elaborate on the quality of Burberry products made for the American market. 

Is Top Quality Burberry Made in the USA?

Quality of Burberry Made in USA

From customer reviews, Burberry products made in the US are top-shelf quality products. Burberry ensures its American products live up to the company’s general reputation. 

The brand has been renowned for producing high-quality luxury fashion items for over a century. 

They won’t want to damage their billion-dollar reputation by producing substandard products. 

Hence, Burberry ensures that they handle most of the production and distribution of their products in America. 

However, the quality of Burberry products depends on some factors. These factors include production materials, design and construction, and the facility’s manufacturing process. 

While this may be true, Burberry has strict manufacturing processes that each country follows while creating its products. 

In other words, Burberry vets each product before it leaves the manufacturing facility. Hence, all Burberry products made in the USA are top quality. 

If that isn’t true, you most likely bought a fake Burberry product. 

Who Makes Burberry in the USA?

Burberry owns its manufacturing facilities in the US. The company produces some of its products suitable for the American market in these facilities. 

Burberry’s team operates each of these manufacturing facilities and follows Burberry’s quality standards. 

However, on some occasions, Burberry partners with third-party manufacturers and suppliers in the States to produce some of their merchandise. 

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At the same time, Burberry’s main manufacturing sites are Italy, England, China, and Scotland. And each manufacturing facility has a product they specialize in making.

Below is a table that highlights each product and the manufacturing countries that handle them:

Products Manufacturing Country
Clothes & ShoesUnited Kingdom and Italy 

How Can You Identify Fake Burberry?

Burberry is one of the most iconic fashion brands in history. Every major fan of fashion has dreamt of owning a Burberry coat or bag to add to their fashion collection. 

The company has a rich heritage of producing some of the most trendy outfits in the industry. But this sort of attention doesn’t come without its demerits. 

Several counterfeit products are on the market today, and you might pay for a fake product without your knowledge. 

Hence, I’ve created this guide to help you identify the fakes of all the major products from Burberry. 

The fastest way to pick out a fake Burberry coat is by checking the label on the coat’s neck side. No fake Burberry coat has been able to get the specific details to the letter. 

On the other hand, original Burberry products are flawless. 

Although Burberry has released many coats over the century, it is easy to spot an authentic neck tag. Besides, a few versions of fake neck tags are running around the market. 

That’s because very few replicas copy old neck tags. Most replicas prefer copying recent neck tags. Hence, coats that Burberry made sometime back should be in the clear. 

In addition, fake Burberry coats present flaws in font weight. The fonts on fake Burberry coats are thicker and bolder. 

If you observe the first letters of each line, you will notice that the letters are bolded, while the original coats have slimmer and thinner letters. 

In the same way, the Burberry main inscription is too thick on fake coats. Fake coats add several more stitches to their coats. And this addition makes the logo too thick. 

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How to Identify Fake Burberry Bags?

Fake Burberry bags are challenging to spot, but not if you know what to look for. 

To know if your Burberry bag is fake or authentic, you must examine the logo, stitching, hardware, and plaid mismatch. 

#1. Stitching 

Stitching is the easiest way to determine if a Burberry bag is fake. Uneven stitching characterizes ake Burberry bags. 

Moreover, Burberry is popular for its craftsmanship and manufacturing processes, which are the same worldwide. 

It doesn’t matter where a Burberry bag is manufactured; it will have the same stitching. It’s almost impossible to create bags that match their stitching perfectly. 

Besides, most replicas aim at using fewer quality materials while selling for the same price as the original to gain more profit. 

Hence, they will spend less time trying to get the details right. 

However, Burberry is a luxury brand that won’t spare an expense in getting the details right on each bag. 

Below are a few pointers you should look for while examining your Burberry bag:

  • The stitching should have no crooked lines.
  • The stitches should be consistent in size and spacing. 
  • The threads shouldn’t be loose. 
  • Carefully examine the handles sewn into the bag, if any.
  • Carefully inspect the stitching along shoulder straps, flaps, and sides. 

#2. Label or Metal Plaque

Each Burberry bag has either a metal plaque or a leather label. The Burberry log is usually at the center of each bag with clean, readable, and sharp lettering. 

Furthermore, most fake Burberry bags ignore the metal color mismatch and poor engraving. 

However, the original Burberry purses have precise engravings, and the metal color matches the rest of the purse material. 

#3. Font Letters of Burberry Logo

In this section, you will learn how to efficiently spot the differences between font styles Burberry uses for various letters. 

These letters are difficult for con artists to match while creating replicas. 

  • The lower bowl of “B” is slightly bigger than the upper bowl. 
  • The left arm of “Y” is broader than the right. 
  • The left side of “U” is broader than the right. 
  • The bottom bar of “E” extends beyond the upper bar. 
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#4. Folded Bag Tag

The folded bag tag should feature the correct Burberry font on the outside. Furthermore, you should examine each letter to ensure they have the correct font style.

In addition, ensure that the product details on the folded tag match that of the bag—details like style and color. 

Fake Burberry bags will have mismatched tags. Hence, you should pay close attention while examining the information on the tag. 

#5. Haymarket Check Pattern and Knight

The Haymarket check pattern is a popular feature with Burberry items. The Haymarket check pattern features a faded equestrian knight insignia. 

Furthermore, Burberry places this insignia where red lines intersect. This feature makes it distinct and an easy way to spot a fake. 

If the purse you want to purchase has this pattern, ensure there is a faded knight image within the pattern. And that the emblem is placed at the red line crossing. 

#6. Plaid Patterns and Mismatched Plaids

There are a few Burberry plaids like the House Check, Nova Check, and Classic Check. Burberry plaids are always precise, featuring straight lines. Uneven lines and unusual plaid designs are the red flags for a fake Burberry bag. 

Furthermore, fake Burberry bags find matching where the plaids meet challenging. Original Burberry bags match their plaids from one side of the bag to the other seamlessly. 

However, that’s not the case with fake bags. Some fakes may mismatch slightly, while others will be very noticeable. 

#7. Check The Logo on the Care Booklet 

If you’re buying a new Burberry purse, a care booklet should come with it. You can check the purse’s authenticity by carefully checking the booklet logo. 

The purse is original if the logo appears clear in the center. 

Where Is Original Burberry Made From?

There are many locations where original Burberry products are manufactured across the globe. However, Burberry’s most operating facilities are Italy, England, Scotland, and China. 

Nations like the United States also produce top-shelf quality Burberry products.

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