Plain Toe Blucher With A Suit! (Read This First)

Appearance contributes significantly to masculinity. You cannot overlook that wave of being a true gentleman for any reason.

A complete gentleman always has that dashing impression when he pulls up in a suit. But, mind you, the looks can never be 100% if the shoe does not fit.

Are you having difficulty figuring out whether your plain-toe blucher fits a suit? Do not worry; I got you on this.

Plain-toe bluchers are a perfect match with a suit. It is among the top five kinds of shoes recommended for a pleasing appearance whenever you want to go out in a case. A plain-toe blucher creates a killer look when its specifications match your suit.

However, there are specific rules that you should know before putting on a plain-toe blucher with a suit. Keep reading to find out.

Can You Wear Plain-Toe Bluchers With a Suit?

Plain Toe Blucher With a Suit

Yes, you can wear plain-toe bluchers with a suit if it supports the event you will be wearing it at. 

There are conditions when you cannot wear a plain-toe blucher with a suit.

These conditions are;

  • Color 
  • Style 
  • Appearance and 
  • Appropriateness 

#1. Color 

Believe me when I say you will look more like a clown when you put on a green pair of bluchers with a red suit.

This description should give a perfect picture of how color significantly affects your dressing.

Although you can wear a plain-toe blucher with a suit, you should ensure the pair matches in color.

#2. Style 

It would help if you also considered the style of the suit before putting on plain-toe bluchers. 

A plain-toe blucher does not go with ties. Hence, do not wear it if you plan on fixing a tie along with your suit.

However, you can wear a plain-toe blucher with a suit having a scarf around your neck.

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#3. Appearance 

This factor is the primary condition you should consider before considering wearing a plain-toe blucher.

Appearance matters a lot in a general scope. For example, are you going to a formal or a casual event? Different kinds of shoes are befitting for either of the two.

A plain-toe blucher is not the pick for a formal outing. 

#4. Appropriateness 

A plain-toe blucher is not appropriate for business meetings or seminars because of its casual nature.

However, it is appropriate for long trips and walking around your neighborhood. Plain-toe bluchers work with suits, and you can wear them. 

Make sure the plain-toe blucher meets all the requirements of color, style, appearance, and appropriateness before wearing it.

Can You Wear Plain-Toe Bluchers With a Striped Suit?

It would look awkward to wear a plain-toe blucher with a striped suit. The plain-toe blucher is casual footwear.

Whereas striped suits are a standard pair. A striped suit draws your audience’s attention and makes them focus on you.

So, wearing a plain-top blucher with a striped suit will be a big minus to your appearance.

You can wear a plain-toe blucher with a striped suit. It is a matter of choice since plain-toe bluchers are compatible with cases.

There are some designs of plain-toe bluchers that are good with striped suits. 

You can wear a striped suit with a plain-toe blucher on a typical day at work. However, use an Oxford shoe if you want to attend a meeting with business partners.

It would be more professional than wearing a plain-toe blucher. Striped suits are sharp and elegant, so the kind of shoe that would be best should depict sharpness and elegance. 

As I mentioned, “A striped suit draws your audience’s attention and tends to make them focus on you.

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That would make your audience more interested in what you are wearing. And it would be a big flop if you wore a plain-toe blucher with a pair of nice striped shoes.

Your sense of appearance adds to the mentality perceived by your subjects and co-workers. 

So try to be as professional as possible regardless of anything. Stick to the principle of a perfect boss. 

And you will always gain respect and admiration from your subjects. So it is not always about whether you can wear a plain-toe blucher with a striped suit.

Is it professional enough to wear it? Will I lose respect for wearing it? Does it look awkward?

Ask these questions before deciding whether to wear a plain-toe blucher with a striped shoe. I already answered them within the paragraphs.  

#1. Are Plain Toe Bluchers Good for Formal Dressing?

No, plain-toe bluchers are not suitable for formal dressing. They tend to fit well on casual outings rather than any legal appointments.

Do not make the mistake of putting on a plain-toe blucher for a formal event. Although it might seem to fit, it will dent your entire appearance.

Therefore, to maintain the perfect gentlemanly appearance, always wear a shoe that matches the event.

I will draft a table below to show the kind of shoes for formal and casual events.

Oxford shoesDerby shoes
Monk shoesBlucher shoes

Oxford shoes are the most recommended kind of shoe as far as formality is concerned. 

Aside from oxford shoes, all other shoes are either semi-formal or casual. I am not trying to belittle any shoe brand whatsoever.

Derby shoes are closely related to oxford shoes in the overall assessment. So I do not mean other brands are less of a shoe.

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Other shoe brands have fantastic quality and shape. I speak only as an expert in menswear with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Most people wear plain-toe bluchers with jackets and other casual wear. This combination does not make any less than a compatible shoe with a suit.

Judging from the appearance, oxford shoes are the best formal footwear. In contrast, plain-toe blucher takes the credit for best casual footwear.

#2. Does Plain-Toe Blucher go With Jeans?

Sure, a plain-toe blucher goes with jeans. However, they both make a good match since plain-toe bluchers go with casual wear, and jeans are casual.

Putting on a jean with a pair of plain-toe bluchers was never a thing in the classical era. But as it is now, the combination has become a fashionable trend.

The modern world has adjusted the classical man’s dress code. You would never see someone putting on a suit and a pair of sneakers in the 60s.

However, it is now standard and fashionable. But the trend is not for everyone. 

Imagine coming for a meeting as a manager of an elite dressed in a sneaker on a smart suit. But, unfortunately, that does not depict your image.

The same goes for your plain-toe blucher. To start with, a plain-toe blucher is not advisable for formal outings.

So putting it on with jeans for a formal event would only make you look hilarious.

The kind of jeans to wear with your plain-toe blucher should also fit it. It is better to wear a slim-fitted pair of blue jeans with black plain-toe bluchers.

The color of the outfit should always match each other. If it doesn’t match, do not wear it.

Notwithstanding, a plain-toe blucher and jeans are a great pair. But only on a casual basis.

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