Pinstripe Pants Solid Jacket (Things You Should Know)

Suits usually come in a pair. But, if out of choice or necessity, you have to combine two of your suits, you need to know if that will be a safe fashion choice. 

Otherwise, you’ll end up putting together a very unflattering combination of pants and a jacket.

Pinstripe pants and the solid jacket is an absolute no. Putting together two different suits, especially when one is striped, is not a good fashion choice. The contrasting colors and patterns will make the outfit look far-fetched and like you wore two different suits by accident.

Do Pinstripe Pants Look Good With Solid Jackets?

Pinstripe Pants Solid Jacket

Just like plain navy pants or good old black pants, pinstripe pants are versatile and surprisingly stylish. 

And there are many ways to pair pinstripe trousers that come together beautifully, but wearing them with a solid jacket is not one of them.

Pairing pinstripe pants with a solid jacket will not work if you want a formal, informal, or business casual look. 

Finding a jacket that will complement the pinstripe suit in terms of color and material will be a struggle.

In addition to the mismatched colors and patterns, you will not be able to create a workable outfit with a pair of pinstripe pants and a plain jacket. 

Pinstripe pants work best with a plain shirt and another pinstripe jacket. Pinstriped trousers are not informal, but they are not on the same level of formality as plain jackets

A solid black or navy jacket is much more formal than a pair of pinstripe pants. So, the contrast between the solid jacket and the pants will be too much.

You’ll have one part of your outfit looking very formal and the lower part looking semi-formal. 

Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a formal or casual look; you can’t pull it off with a combination of pinstripe pants and a solid jacket. 

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The solid jacket looks much more formal, while the pants look less formal. The key is to make the pinstripe pants less formal.

Pair them with sneakers and trainers and roll up the sleeves to make the pants look more relaxed.

But, it would be a riot to wear a plain formal jacket with rolled-up trouser cuffs. And with a jacket on, a pair of rolled-up sleeves won’t accomplish much. 

The entire outfit will be one complete contrast, and you won’t be able to achieve a formal look, business casual look, or even a semi-formal look. You can try out pinstriped pants with other things. 

Can Patterned Pants Go With Solid Jackets?

Solid jackets are versatile and go with jeans, chinos, khakis, and so on. And patterned pants with a solid jacket are a very interesting combination. 

From afar, a look like that won’t attract much attention, but up close, it will—the good kind of attention.

Patterned pants are more coordinated and formal, especially when the colors are light. A pair of light-colored patterned pants can go especially well with a darker-colored solid jacket. 

Always make sure that the fabric of the suit pants is very different from the jacket. The best way to get patterned pants with a solid jacket is to stick with a darker monotonous jacket. 

Clashing colors will make the look overboard and defeat the purpose. If you wear a pair of patterned pants that closely resembles the jacket, it will look like you accidentally mismatched your suit. 

The color or material of the patterned pants also has to be very obvious and not look anything like the jacket. 

The pants should be made from another fabric, and dull colors like grey, ash, or navy are much more suitable for the combination. 

Also, make sure the patterns are simple and the pants are well-pressed. Bright and bold-colored patterned pants will look ridiculous.

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The color of the solid jacket will have an impact on the overall look. Also, the colors have to be complementary. 

Generally, trousers that aren’t plain are difficult to pair. Also keep the suit jacket black, navy or brown.

For a look like this, anything loud and colorful will be over the top. And the darker piece should be up. 

If the patterned trouser is navy, then wear a black jacket. If it is grey or tan, you can wear a navy jacket or a brown jacket.

Find lighter shades so that it will be easier to match the pants to a jacket. Just don’t wear the lighter color below. Also, don’t go for very dark patterned trousers. 

Are Pinstripe Pants Professional or Casual?

Pinstripe pants are formal, meaning you can wear them in professional settings and on formal occasions

You can wear a pair of pinstripe pants to an interview or the office or pinstripe pants to a wedding or a cocktail party.

Pinstripe pants look much more professional when paired with a matching pinstripe jacket and plain dress shirt. 

Of course, pinstripe pants look much more professional when the suit is in a darker color. 

As a rule of thumb, darker colors look more professional and more formal. And the same is true for pinstripe pants. 

If you’re going for a more serious look in a professional setting, a black, navy, grey, or blue pair of pinstripe pants is your best bet. Pinstripe pants can add flair and diversity to your wardrobe. 

And it is a very safe option for a business person that wants to break away from the regular monochromic suit pants and plain jacket. 

And in recent times, pinstripe suits are only reserved for the workplace. In addition, you can make pinstripe pants appear casual with a turtleneck and a pair of sneakers

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However, pinstripe suits always have that formal, professional banker appeal. And they belong more in a professional work environment than at a casual lunch with friends. 

If the dress code is above business casual, you can take your pinstripe suit out of the closet and put it on.

Are Pinstripe Pants Still In Style?

Pinstripe pants are back in, and for most people, there is no right or wrong way to style pinstripe pants. 

Although pinstripe pants have never really gone out of style since they peaked in the 1920s, they weren’t as popular for a while.

Today, pinstripe suits and, by extension, pinstripe pants are the popular fashion choice for people who want to break from the more common plain suits. They make quite the statement and are versatile for any man’s collection.

One thing that makes them even more popular is that they are good for formal events, professional settings, and casual business events, depending on how you style them.

So, it is not uncommon to see men rocking a pair of pinstripe pants at all hours during any event. 

You can pair pinstripe pants with a matching pinstripe jacket and tie to get that professional look. Or, you can pair it with a dark turtleneck and loafers for a less formal look. 

And for a normal day at the office, you can pair pinstripe pants with a dress shirt and contrasting tie for a business-casual look. They are quite versatile.


Pinstriped pants are a bold fashion choice, and most people prefer to pair them with a matching pinstripe jacket. 

Pinstripe pants do not go well with a solid plain jacket. Instead, you can pair pinstripe pants with a plain shirt in a lighter color or a plain turtleneck in a darker color.

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