Perry Ellis Quality (All You Need To Know)

Getting the most from the clothing industry can take time and effort, mainly as many options exist. In addition, sometimes, it takes time to tell if a brand has quality offerings. 

Men’s suits, underwear, shirts, swimwear, casual wear, fragrances, and watches: Perry Ellis makes them all. 

However, the company has changed so often that customers must be more particular about its product quality. 

Although Perry Ellis products aren’t too tacky, they aren’t top quality. Instead, the brand offers affordable clothes with mid-range fabric. So, the Perry Ellis clothing line mainly serves young male folks who want to look nice on a budget.

This article contains all the information you’ll need about the cost and quality of Perry Ellis products.

Is Perry Ellis a Good Brand?

Perry Ellis Quality

Perry Ellis is a good brand, there have been a lot of changes to the brand, and it has added more products to its range of offerings, but the brand has continued to satisfy customers.

Perry Ellis is a semi-popular brand; it’s well-known in men’s wear and is the go-to brand for up-and-coming young men on a budget. 

The brand is known to adjust its products to go with the trends. Their ability to predict and deliver customers’ needs makes them quite good. 

Their affordable men’s preppy fashion also makes the brand attractive.

The brand was a foremost American designer brand in the 80s and 90s. And although the brand has lost some of its prestige, Perry Ellis’s offerings are still worth investment.

Perry Elli’s clothes are simple, comfortable, and well-made garments suitable for everyday use. Their goal is to make designer wears that are affordable but also durable.

Their items are fashionable but still functional enough for everyday activities like work, light outings, and high-end dinners.

Also, the brand has other things going for it, such as its versatile styling and eye for trends. The clothes are also easy to wear, and the price range is affordable. 

Does Perry Ellis Make Quality Products?

Perry Ellis products have an excellent customer rating of 3.75 stars out of 4-star reviews. That means that most customers are generally satisfied with the brand’s products. 

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Perry Ellis has employed some of the finest designers, keeping the brand relevant. And now, the brand is producing high-quality products for men.

Perry Ellis began making men’s sportswear for Americans. Over the years, the brand’s range of products has widened to include men’s suits, clothing, perfume, and accessories.

Regardless of the change and increase in the range of products, the brand has kept its classic style alive. It has also continued using high-quality fabrics and classic lines. 

Perry Ellis clothing is designed to be high quality but affordable. As a result, they’re a favorite among American men. 

Perry Ellis suits and sportcoats are among the best quality made-in-America products.

Perry Ellis designs some of its casual shirts with 100% polyester, which provides flexibility for the wearer. It also wicks moisture and dries quickly.

Perry Ellis makes their polos with mercerized knitted cotton fabric which is also easy to wash. 

However, they mainly make their suits with polyester, rayon, and spandex for an elegant, breathable look.

In addition, the brand offers suit vests, washable vests, and tuxedos for more glamorous or high-end occasions. They make all their products with suitable quality materials and fabric.

The company has its headquarters in Miami, but the brand completes most of its manufacturing in Asia. However, they established a certified testing lab in China to maintain quality.

Thus, all the products must go through a highly meticulous inspection to meet quality standards and optimize the customer experience. 

Are Perry Ellis Products Designers?

Perry Ellis as a brand isn’t what it used to be. The products are good enough, but they’re not luxury products. Also, the products are very affordable. 

So, it’s safe to say they’re not a designer brand. However, people regarded the brand as a high-end designer brand in the 70s and 80s.

However, the brand has lost some of its notoriety, and it’s no longer up there with designer brands like Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren, which were its biggest competitors.  

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Although it’s still worth investing in the brand, it’s not the most high-end in the category, and the products are affordable and accessible. Instead, the brand aims for affordable luxury.

The brand is often referred to as a designer brand, but its products need to be more designed. 

They’re regular, affordable clothes, and the fit is good enough, but the materials and production aren’t what one would call designers. 

Instead, they aim to make affordable clothes to improve their quality.

The brand makes dependable, affordable, everyday wear. Its perfumes, belts, sportswear, ties, suits, shorts, and t-shirts are more affordable than designers.

Is Perry Ellis Expensive?

The products Perry Ellis offers are affordable. They’re the go-to brand for people who want to look good but don’t want to break the bank.

Perry Ellis is semi-popular and has good quality products, but many say it is not a luxury brand because of its relatively inexpensive products.

The affordability of Perry Ellis products is the primary reason why fashion critics and designers don’t place them in the luxury or designer category. 

Therefore, one can best describe the brand as an affordable luxury.

The clothes are neither expensive nor the watches, perfumes, ties, shoes, and other products. It’s better than some low-end items you buy at a store but a little more expensive.

You can order a 100% cotton single-weave dress shirt from Perry Ellis for 15%. Although the quality is less than you’d get from designers like Ralph Lauren, it’s better than most low-end stores. 

Is Perry Ellis Worth It?

Perry Ellis products are worth investing in, even better than affordable ones. That means you’ll get good value for your money.

The brand is famous for its casual wear, perfect for people who like to look good without dressing up too much. So if your style is simple, the Perry Ellis brand is for you. 

The clothes are classic and timeless, and the quality is good, so you can wear them for a long time after purchasing them. Perry Ellis brand is suitable for casual, office, and formal wear. 

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Also, the designers at Perry Ellis are known for paying attention to trends which is why it has remained a staple among young men. Also, the brand is known for its affordable clothes. 

So, they’re good for you if you want to look good without breaking the bank. In addition, their products are high quality, especially at those prices.

The brand is stylish, comfortable, and affordable. So, it’s a good investment, and it’s worth it. You can also choose to wait for sales and then participate then.

Perry Ellis products are good, and they’re often a worthy investment. But sometimes, that is different. Also, some customers complain that the clothes come in limited colors.

The table below will examine the pros and cons of investing in Perry Ellis.

Pros of Perry EllisCons of Perry Ellis
The prices are affordable.The brand has limited color options.
The garments are durable.In some cases, the quality is sub-par. 
Clothes are simple and easy to use.The clothes are not for people with basic tastes and needs.
They have a wide selection of options. Some of the pieces can be deceptively cheap. 

Is Perry Ellis Better Than Saks Fifth Avenue?

Perry Ellis’s competitors include designers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Brooks Brothers, and Neiman Marcus Group. 

Perry Ellis ranks first among its competitors. In a survey carried out comparably, Perry Ellis International ranked first, two places ahead of Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Saks Fifth Avenue ranks way below Perry Ellis International in product quality, customer services, pricing scores, and gender and diversity scores.

Also, Perry Ellis International offers more quality products than Saks Fifth Avenue. Also, Saks Fifth Avenue is one of Perry Ellis’ retail partners.


Was the Perry Ellis brand famous?

Perry Ellis was a trendy brand in the 70s and 80s. The brand underwent several changes and mergers, making it more obscure. However, the brand appears to be bouncing back.

Is Perry Ellis a luxury brand?

At best, Perry Ellis can qualify as an affordable luxury. The brand makes regular, affordable, and accessible products. The quality is good, but more is needed to classify it as luxury. 

Do Perry Ellis products run small?

Perry Ellis products do not run small or big. Instead, the brand encourages customers to order their exact size when ordering clothes and shoes. 

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