Paul Fredrick Vs. Charles Tyrwhitt (Our In-Depth Comparison)

Charles Fredrick or Charles Tyrwhitt would come to mind when you want to change your work wardrobe completely.

You’d want shirts you feel comfortable in and wouldn’t mind spending the whole day in them.

This article will tell you if it’s possible to find quality shirts in different color patterns and styles in CT or PF.

Paul Fredrick and Charles Tyrwhitt are two top retail companies specializing in making the best of men’s wear. These two companies now go beyond shirts to making shoes, cufflinks, ties, suits, and other accessories. However, in terms of its unique styles and customer service, Charles Tyrwhitt goes beyond the reach of Paul Fredrick. 

What Is Paul Fredrick?

Paul Fredrick Vs Charles Tyrwhitt

Paul Fredrick is a US-residing men’s wear retailer that thrives on offering one of the best shirts.

Additionally, If you buy your shirts from PF, you won’t regret it because they come with a special design.

That is something other companies fall short of when it comes to delivering the right quality of shirts. PF produces shirts for diverse purposes to meet your needs at any time.

Paul Fredrick produces only men’s shirts, but recently it’s spreading its tentacles to include other accessories like shoes and cufflinks.

So, you can get summer, office, casual, and sports coats from Paul Fredrick.

This clothing line produces shirts in more than 50 different sizes alongside collar options of close to six.

The clothing of Paul Fredrick is expensive, but with promo packages, they can keep prices to as low as $50.

Also, Paul Fredrick chooses to specialize in male clothing more than females to keep it simple and trouble-free.

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What Is Charles Tyrwhitt?

Charles Tyrwhitt is a large British retailer that specializes in primarily making men’s shirts as well as women’s apparel.

They are also good at producing other quality products for men, such as shoes, cufflinks, ties, and suits.

This retailer company is under the management of Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler, the founder.

Charles Tyrwhitt was a student at the University of Bristol when he came up with the idea of sewing men’s shirts.

At first, he didn’t know that he would become one of the best entrepreneurs in London. That’s because he was looking around and finding where he’d market his shirts.

Charles Tyrwhitt is home for all shirts, from summer shirts to casual trousers, jackets, and blazers.

When you buy a Charles Tyrwhitt, you’re not just buying a brand but quality and style at its peak.

Also, CT has seven markets with standard websites and retail stores in four countries.

Over the years, CT shirts have become the most sought-after shirts to ever exist in the city of London.

This men’s wear retailer prides itself on producing the best set of men’s shirts and exemplary customer care service. The headquarters of Charles Tyrwhitt is at 100 Jermyn Street, London.

Paul Fredrick Vs. Charles Tyrwhitt Sales Model

The Sales model is among the many things in which Paul Fredrick and Charles Tyrwhitt differ.

Their sales model differs from their discount level to the number of coupons they’d offer you as a loyal customer.

Also, you’d tend to discover that buying shirts from one retailer is cheaper than getting them from another.

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ModelsPaul FredrickCharles Tyrwhitt
SalesThis retail shop offers three shirts at $99 during its annual sales. Also, you can get a Paul Fredrick shirt for $30.This men’s wear retailer offers quality shirts and other accessories at affordable prices. Their shirt prices start from €30, and they have mini socks for as low as €8.
DiscountPaul Fredrick offers up to $45 off every sale at promo times. They also give coupons when you shop online with them. However, they don’t offer coupons to new customers.Charles Tyrwhitt can offer up to 65% cash off on their products, especially during summer sales. That’s to appreciate their customers for long periods of patronage and attract new customers.

Reviews Regarding Customer Service

Most reviews regarding customer service tend to favor Charles Tyrwhitt more than Paul Fredrick.

These are common reviews regarding purchasing shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt and Paul Fredrick.

Paul FredrickCharles Tyrwhitt
Most of the shirts in Paul Fredrick are bogus and won’t fit well if you’re on the slim side. Also, they have the smallest sizes of their big and tall shirts. So it’s like when you want something big, they give you a small size, but when you want it small, you get it bogus.Charles Tyrwhitt makes shirts that fit the chest more than the shirts from Paul Fredrick. So, If you’re slim and prefer slim-fit shirts, you’ll love Charles Tyrwhitt more. 
Paul Fredrick has a poor review in terms of customer service. The agents aren’t patient and have a poor return and cash back policy. The only way you’ll have a smooth exchange is when you order an item that fits and doesn’t need you returning it.The customer service of Charles Tyrwhitt is great and exemplary. The agents that work at CT put the interest of their customers first at heart. So no matter your request when you call, you’ll get all the attention you need.
The quality of products at Paul Fredrick is depreciating, with those of years ago having better quality than the recent ones. Charles Tyrwhitt makes clothes with a better construction than those of Paul Fredrick.

If you want a shirt shop where you can place an order and get it the same, go to Charles Tyrwhitt.

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When considering the best brand, the gap between Paul Fredrick and Charles Tyrwhitt is wide.

Charles Tyrwhitt is far ahead in pleasing its customers and delivering quality products.

When you patronize Charles Tyrwhitt, you’ll hardly find any fault because they meet up to standards at all times.

However, Paul Tyrwhitt not only disappoints in terms of what they send when you place an order but also in their responses.

For Paul Fredrick to catch up with Charles Tyrwhitt, it’ll have to improve in many factors, beginning with customer service. 

Paul Fredrick Shoes Vs. Charles Tyrwhitt Shoes

It’s one thing to love shoes and another thing to find quality and comfortable shoes to wear.

Both Paul Fredrick and Charles Tyrwhitt produce shoes of different categories depending on their purposes.

However, your choice of buying will depend on the cost and the style you’re seeking. 

This table shows the differences in styles of the shoes of Paul Fredrick and Charles Tyrwhitt.

Paul Fredrick ShoesCharles Tyrwhitt Shoes
Paul Fredrick’s shoes have Italian styles on them. Charles Tyrwhitt makes shoes with an English touch on them.
The shoes here appeal to a super look.Charles Tyrwhitt shoes will appeal to you if you love classical shoes.
Paul Fredrick shoes can be as high as $400 with no discount for its new customers. The prices of shoes at Charles Tyrwhitt begin at nothing less than €35. However, a shoe can be as high as €200 at Charles Tyrwhitt.

Where Are Paul Fredrick and Tyrwhitt Clothes Made

All of Paul Fredrick’s clothes get their production from China.

Charles Tyrwhitt’s clothing originates in Britain, but other countries are now producing them. Some of the countries include; Vietnam, Eastern Europe, and India. 


Paul Fredrick vs. Charles Tyrwhitt is one of the popular comparisons of brands of men’s wear.

The two retailers differ in styles of clothes and shoes as well as the services they offer to their customers.

Therefore, your continued patronage to either of them depends on the satisfaction you receive when you place an order.

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