Oxxford Vs. Brioni (In-Depth Comparison)

It only takes a little while for Oxxford and Brioni to pop up when talking about high-quality suits. They rank among the best and oldest brands in the fashion industry. 

For gentlemen, there’s often a tussle to choose between ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, or bespoke suits. Different alluring cases can quickly put you in a fix.

You can get quality, style, and satisfaction from Oxxford and Brioni suits. The experience is even better with custom-made wear. So what sets these brands apart?

Oxxford suits have been popular in the fashion industry for over 100 years, with a durability trademark. On the other hand, Brioni came along a few years later and left everyone amazed. In style, Oxxford offers a more traditional look, while Brioni is your hub for modern techniques. Oxxford and Brioni set themselves apart in the men’s clothing space.

At first sight, the appeal of Oxxford and Brioni suits will keep you in a fix about which one to choose. But maybe it’s just the names, or you’ve seen their products.

For any reason you’re comparing Oxxford and Brioni, this article will give you all the details you need. Ultimately, you’ll understand the brands better and know which one works for you.

Is Oxxford a Better Brand than Brioni?

Oxxford Vs. Brioni

There’s no single point to use as a measure to define which brand is better. Although in recent times, Brioni is the more popular of the two brands.

But there are many underlying factors, and the verdict is usually down to personal opinion. Thus, there needs to be a general answer to whether Oxxford is a better brand than Brioni.

But don’t worry; you’ll get a clear outline of both brands to see what they offer. That way, you’ll be able to tell between Oxxford and Brioni which is the better brand for you.

#1. Oxxford

Serving the fashion industry since the 90s, Oxxford has been consistent in its quality and delivery. The benchmark of all Oxxford suits is that they are entirely handmade.

When it comes to traditional men’s wear, Oxxford sets the pace. Yet, despite the transformation over the years, the brand has stuck to its values religiously.

You still get style and fit from Oxxford suits, but they have designs younger folks may term as “boring.” But that hasn’t affected their class and popularity one bit.

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Oxford suits are the choice for many societal elites, especially those above the middle ages. They’ve seen what Oxxford offers and can tell what a finely crafted suit is.

Little wonder many people called them “CEO suits” back in the day. That was a testament to the quality and class gentlemen could get from Oxxford suits.

Over the years, Oxford hasn’t caved into the demands of “modern fashion.” It is now the only brand for ready-to-wear outfits that makes hand-padded suits.

Most brands tend to switch to machinery to speed up production, but that often dents the quality of products. Despite the production process, Oxxford is still very affordable.

So, in terms of branding, product quality is the term you can always link to Oxxford.

#2. Brioni

If you’re a fan of action movies, you’ll know Brioni is associated with James Bond movies. That’s one of the reasons many people want to wear them.

It’s a thing of “pride” when you can claim to wear the same brand that clothes James Bond. That alone speaks a lot about how exclusive Brioni suits can be.

Such a class, therefore, has an upward push on the prices of their products. Brioni readily offers ready-to-wear and made-to-measure suits. But it has a bespoke service in Milan and Rome.

Consequently, Brioni reserves an Italian style for all its suits. Thus you’ll see that it’s a brand that offers luxury and pedigree.

Besides ties with James Bond movies, Brioni emerged as a pioneer for Italian tailoring that changed the suit business. So, many people attribute the start of men’s high fashion to Brioni.

The vast collection of suits with light and soft fabrics from Brioni makes their products loveable. Brioni also makes all the cases available by hand, so the quality remains intact.

From the onset, Brioni has been innovative in the men’s fashion industry. That continues to be a driving force for the brand even in present times.

Are Oxxford Suits Better than Brioni?

There’ll always be a public divide about the best suits on the market. But you can count Oxxford and Brioni suits among those with the best quality.

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Both brands deal with handmade suits; thus, the quality is unparalleled. In this section, you’ll learn about the unique features of Oxxford and Brioni suits to see what they offer.

#1. Oxxford Suits

Oxxford devotes a significant amount of care and diligence to making one suit. The brand is famous for the 23-hour process of making its trademark suits.

For every Oxxford suit, an artisan sews 1,350 herringbone basting stitches inside the lapel and then 850 stitches inside the collar. Such detail on the lapel makes Oxxford jackets unique.

They have an almost perfect lapel, then the collar/lapel ratio forms a distinct fish mouth notch. Another defining element of Oxxford suits was (and is) how long they last.

When shrinking the canvas, Oxxford uses hot water and not steam, as is the popular choice. Thus, the suit’s shape stays intact even after many years of service.

You could bet on an Oxxford suit lasting you a lifetime with proper care. The careful nature of the production process ensures such high quality.

Oxxford suits are the hallmark of traditional men’s wear because they reflect a liking for heritage. The suits also offer comfort, and many styles match different needs.

#2. Brioni Suits

Brioni suits are also products of great attention to detail which is evident in the 40 hours to produce one suit. Also, everything on the suit is handmade!

The quality of Brioni pieces immediately stands out when you look at them, and they seem soft even to the eyes. So it’s easy to find a ready-to-wear suit from Brioni that fits perfectly.

One of the reasons for that is that every line on the suits has a gentle curve. That’s because the cut patterns follow the curves of the human body.

Thus, Brioni suits stand out for their style and allure. Hence, it’s fitting that the brand staged the first runway collection for a men’s fashion house in 1952.

The variety of materials you can get on Brioni suits is a great selling point. That feature makes them fit to use for different seasons and occasions.

Whether it’s summer or winter, you can get a Brioni suit that’ll be the perfect fit! The brand also has a track record of sourcing materials of the highest quality.

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Oxxford Vs. Brioni; Which is More Expensive?

Brioni suits are more expensive than Oxxford suits. So they are usually in the high-end range, while Oxxford suits are more affordable.

One reason for the pricey nature of Brioni suits is the exclusive nature of the brand. It’s no mean feat that you’ll get a call to style someone as famous as James Bond.

That’s to show the caliber of elites that Brioni associates with. However, you’ll surely get great value when buying a Brioni suit.

Brioni suits start at about $5,500, but you can get an Oxxford suit for as low as $3,500. You can note the wide gap in their costs.

Both suits are handmade products, and that reflects in their prices. So Oxxford suits will cost more than suits made with machines, even at $3,500.

However, you’ll find many Oxxford suits that cost more than $3,500, especially custom ones. But generally, Brioni suits sit atop the price range.

When it comes to custom-made suits, Brioni suits are a luxury. So you can have a custom suit that costs $20,000 at Brioni. That’s not your entry-level price tag.

Which Brand Should You Buy; Oxxford or Brioni?

The brand you should buy depends on which of them meets your needs. One important rule in fashion is not to buy brands but for comfort and fit.

You’ll undoubtedly have one of the best suit brands in the world if you choose Oxxford or Brioni. Both brands have proven prestige and class.

The following section of this article will compare Oxxford and Brioni suits across some measures. The analysis will help you have a clear picture of what brand best suits you.

The table below shows a comparison between Oxxford and Brioni suits.


So, the brand you buy depends on your budget and the look you want to achieve. If you favor a traditional look and are on a budget, an Oxxford suit will serve you best.

But if you want more style and can spare extra bucks, a Brioni suit will be an invaluable addition to your wardrobe.

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