Oxblood Vs. Burgundy Shoes (In-Depth Comparison)

The differences between Oxblood and Burgundy are very difficult to figure out; people often call one for the other.

Oxblood and Burgundy are both shades of reddish brown. Fortunately, I’ll be differentiating between the two as you read on!

Oxblood and Burgundy almost look the same, but Oxblood has shades of dark brown, and white Burgundy has shades of purple. Both colors are versatile and can be blended well with different colors. Oxblood and Burgundy are good for both formal and informal outings.

Are Oxblood and Burgundy Shoes the Same?

Oxblood Vs. Burgundy Shoes

Oxblood and Burgundy shoes are not the same. Although they might be very difficult to differentiate from the naked eye, a more professional look at them would show their differences.

Oxblood is more of a dark reddish color with a hint of brown, while burgundy is a dark reddish color with a hint of purple. 

Here is a table to show the differences between oxblood and Burgundy.

It contains brown hues.It contains purple hues.
Looks exactly like the color of the blood of an ox.Created from the color of the wine famous in the water province of France.
It is more of a dark red color.It is more of deep red color.

Is Burgundy a Perfect Replacement For Oxblood Shoes?

Burgundy can be an almost perfect replacement for oxblood shoes. You almost can’t tell the difference since they look the same. 

You might see an oxblood shoe and call it burgundy or a burgundy shoe and call it oxblood. Some people sometimes see a reddish brown color and conclude it’s oxblood with a touch of burgundy.

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Oxblood and Burgundy shoes are both versatile and can be made to fit any occasion. Oxblood and Burgundy can blend perfectly with many colors, for example, navy blue, grey, black, beige, etc.

Here are fashion ideas that go well with both Oxblood and Burgundy shoes.

#1. Wear With a Suit

Burgundy or oxblood shoes would go well with a suit for formal occasions or when you need to get to work.

When picking your suit, you should keep colors like navy blue, beige, black, grey, or white. Other colors except red would also fit well. 

#2. Wear With Jeans

It would look nice if you rocked jeans with burgundy or oxblood shoes for a casual look.

When picking out jeans for your oxblood or burgundy shoes, consider wearing denim colors like black or grey. Mid-blue jeans can also be a great alternative.

What Can You Wear With Burgundy Shoes?

Burgundy is a deep reddish brown color with purple hues that is very versatile and can be paired with many different colors.

One thing to note when picking a fit for your burgundy shoes is that clothes in the shade of red or brown like Crimson, Dark red, Firebrick, Claret, Oxblood, Carmine, etc. 

That would match burgundy should be avoided. Here are the colors of clothes to pair with your burgundy shoes.

#1. Navy Blue

Navy blue is very deep and can pair wonderfully with burgundy. Wearing a navy blue suit, shirt, or trousers combined with burgundy shoes would give you a classy and handsome look.

This classy look would look perfect for formal outings like dates or business meetings. A lighter shade of blue would give a more casual look with burgundy.

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#2. Dark Grey

Pairing burgundy shoes with dark grey trousers are a must for formal wear. The dark grey and burgundy pairing would give a casual yet eye-catching look. 

#3. Light Grey

The pairing between light grey and burgundy gives a warm and subtle pairing like the sun during spring. It would look nice to add a few accessories in red or brown.

#4. Olive

Olive-colored trousers (brownish green) would be a classic fit with burgundy-colored shoes. Light shades of green go perfectly with burgundy, except for Kelly green.

#5. Beige

This color with a shade of oatmeal goes nicely with burgundy. Beige helps to bring out the richness and depth of burgundy. 

#6. White

White and burgundy are a fun combination for summer nights or evenings. You could pair a white shirt with brown trousers and put on your burgundy shoes.

Here’s a table to show what to wear your burgundy shoes in different clothing colors.

ColorsHow To Match It With Burgundy Shoes
BlueBlack wool coat and skinny blue jeans with a graphic sweatshirt.
Grey and whiteGrey and white striped shirt with burgundy suede.
BlackBlack leather jacket with a button-up shirt.
Pale pink and BluePale pink long-sleeve tees with a blue denim vest and short burgundy boots.
WhiteWhite button slim fit blouse with skinny burgundy jeans.
Navy blueNavy blue sweatshirt with light blue skinny jeans and burgundy suede.
BlackBlack blazer and burgundy semi-formal sneakers.
Black and dark blueBlack button-up shirt with dark blue skinny jeans.
Black GreyBlack and Grey Baseball Long sleeve Tees with cuffed skinny jeans. 
Navy BlueNavy Blue Mock neck sweatshirt. 

Can You Wear Oxblood Shoes On Navy Blue?

Yes, you can wear Oxblood shoes in navy blue. Oxblood is versatile and can blend with many colors, including navy blue. 

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Styling oxblood shoes with a navy blue suit would give you a classy look and be great for formal occasions. It would also look nice to wire oxblood shoes on navy blue jeans or trousers.

Here are different brands of oxblood shoes that you can try out.

#1. Loafers

This footwear is some of the best casual and smart shoes. Penny oxblood loafers are perfect for mod fashion, giving you a step back from casual black and brown.

You should match these shoes with tailored charcoal trousers, a knitted polo shirt, and a Harrington jacket.

#2. Oxfords

Oxford shoes are strictly for formal wear like office wear, funerals, or weddings. Oxblood Oxford shoes on items of clothing are quite the trend.

You should match these shoes with charcoal, a textured dinner jacket, a black shirt, and trousers.

#3. Derbies

Derby shoes are perfect for a smart and casual wardrobe. Oxblood Derby shoes on modern soles are the perfect shoes you can’t miss on relaxed tailoring.

You should match these shoes with selvage denim, a T-shirt, and a worker-style jacket like a chore coat or overshirt.

#4. Boots

Unlike brown or black boots, oxblood boots give a look you’d prefer to rock at a date rather than at a factory.

You should match these shoes with slim indigo denim, a sweatshirt, and a proper winter coat if the weather demands it.

#5. Brogues

They are not a particular brand of shoes but rather a general term for leather shoes which could be from Oxford, derbies, etc.

You should match up brogues with a check grey suit if they’re Oxfords, pin rolled denim if they’re Derbies.


Oxblood and Burgundy are very similar and are often difficult to differentiate. 

Oxblood, also known as a temptress, is a dark reddish color with hues of brown, while Burgundy is a dark reddish color with a hint of purple.

Burgundy and oxblood are versatile colors that fit almost every occasion, and you can match them with different colors.

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