Does Overstock Sells Fake Perfume? (Must Know It)

When purchasing skincare and body products, the product’s authenticity is usually the first thing to check and confirm before you purchase or start using the product.

With the help of technology, it is now easy to purchase anything, including some perfumes from online stores. 

The Overstock perfume has long been serving consumers various fragrances in sizes, designs, and prizes.

However, because Overstock perfumes are purchased only online, most people fear that they may have a lot of fake and poor-quality perfumes.

The authenticity of an Overstock perfume is very high. Overstock does not provide customers with fake or counterfeit products. So, more than 2.4K customers have ranked them highly for their outstanding perfume fragrances and flavors. As a bonus, Overstock services are also cheap and reliable. 

Is Overstock Perfumes Legit? 

Does Overstock Sell Fake Perfume?

Overstock is an advanced and legit online perfume shop that deals with the best perfumes.

They provide good and quality products that have outstanding flavors and fragrances.

Overstock perfumes have been trusted by thousands of customers who give positive reports daily on the Overstock websites. 

Since Overstock was started in 1999 by Patrick M. Bryne, its authenticity has not dropped.

They collaborated to include their perfumes and fragrances in high collections like Davidoff, color me, white musk, and royal mirage. 

To better discover the legitness of Overstock perfumes, you can check the consumer review sites for more details. 

How Do You Know If You Have Bought Fake Perfume? 

As a consumer of a product, the last thing you will want to discover is that you have purchased a fake version of it.

But unfortunately, there has been an increase in the production and circulation of fake designer perfumes in the market. 

They are usually called the ‘GRed A or GRed AA’ perfumes. This is because they have all the features of an authentic original perfume, including bottle design, scent, and packaging.

However, you can never compare the long-lasting fragrance of an original perfume to the scent of a fake fragrance.

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Besides, consumers can identify a fake perfume from an original through the following.

#1. Packaging

Fake perfume producers usually misspell the brand name they are making counterfeit products of.

An original brand of a product can’t forget the correct spelling of its brand name, mainly because they are costly and exclusive.

Also, the wrapping on fake perfumes is often broken, whereas original perfumes are wrapped neatly with plastic cellophane. 

#2. Perfume Bottles

Original perfumes have engraved their countries of origin at the bottom of the bottle or on stickers.

However, GRed A perfumes, more often than not, do not have any country’s name put on them.

Sometimes, a fake perfume would have a well-labeled country of origin but still be counterfeit. 

Luckily, you can still find out the authenticity or quality of perfume by merely observing the bottles.

Fortunately, no matter how smart fake perfume producers get by the day, the packaging bottles always give them away. 

Most fake brands do not have high-quality bottles. Unlike the original but it does have a smooth and fine surface.

The fake perfume usually has rough and contoured body surfaces. 

Additionally, the cap of an authentic perfume is supposed to fit tightly and stay ideally on the cap even when you flip the bottle upside down.

Unfortunately, the GRed AA perfume caps are often shaky and slide from place to place on the bottle.

#3. The Content 

Another exciting way to check an original perfume is to shake the bottle when the content is inside.

For instance, when shaken, original perfumes produce bubbles that appear on the contents and disappear after 10 to 15 seconds. 

In contrast, in counterfeit perfumes, the bubbles disappear after you stop shaking them.

The contents of the designer perfume should also have a consistent color which is expected to be auspicious too.

This means that the longer the bubble stays after appearing, the more authentic a perfume is.

#4. The Scent, Fragrance, And Flavor

All original perfumes have three layers: the top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

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The first note accounts for the reason why the scent of a perfume is more intense when you first spray it. This first scent is known as the top note.

After this is the middle notes, which you smell later, the base note remains. 

However, this is not so with fake perfumes because they have a flat uni-dimensional quality, thereby missing the middle and base notes.

Original perfumes also last at least two to three hours and even more. On the other hand, fake perfumes last just an hour or less. 

Nevertheless, some original perfumes do not have complex notes, and you must study a perfume very well to know whether it is a single-layered perfume.

Customer’s Reviews Of The Overstock perfume

Generally, Overstock perfumes are highly reliable and also authentic. They do not sell fake products to consumers.

Even though they have a zero return policy, some customers agree that returning a perfume they do not feel satisfied with is usually free of hassles. 

Most sites have also rated them to have 35% excellent and 13% on great quality while having a cumulative percentage of 52% of poor quality and inadequate services.

So, as expected, consumers are more liable to give reviews of poor-quality products and forget to drop the positive reviews. 

However, the few positive reviews show that even though the prices are low. So, Overstock delivers their perfumes in excellent conditions and excellent delivery. 

On the Overstock website, most consumers who have purchased an Overstock perfume agree that it is one of the best online stores for purchasing perfumes and recommend it to their friends and family.

Sadly as reviews keep increasing daily, more negative reviews have continued to pour in. 

For instance, consumers who have written to them when they have a delivery of the wrong order say that to have a refund of their money took Overstock months to do that.

Some consumers also agree that the Overstock online store is a sham and encourage others to stop patronizing them, especially those who are skeptical and continuously dissatisfied with Overstock services. 

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A consumer once revealed that Overstock sold fake perfumes in reused bottles.

Generally, Overstock perfumes have a consumer rating of 2.98 stars and rank the 75th among other perfume websites. 

Is Overstock Perfume A Good Choice?

Yes, Overstock perfumes have good quality. Overstock is also an excellent place to shop if you’re looking forward to purchasing a perfume soon.

But unfortunately, they limit their sales to only their website by not extending it to other merchandise such as Amazon or eBay. 

Most consumers, irrespective of negative reviews, say that the perfumes purchased from Overstock were cheap, genuine, and brand new with 100% authenticity and quality.

In addition, overstock has a 30-day money-back guarantee system for checking returns and provides worldwide shipping. They also have introduced reward programs for sales. 

Where Does Overstock Get Their Products? 

Most consumers wonder how Overstock can sell new products for less and still get a profit.

This is because overstock buys excess inventory products from high-end retailers and brands in bulk. These products are usually purchased at a meager discount.

At the same time, Overstock repackages them and sells them to consumers at prices that are consistently lower than an average retail price. 

Interestingly more and more online retailers have begun to adopt the Overstock method of sales because they have experienced a positive shift in sales since its inception.

Also, increased closing for brick-and-mortar stores has encouraged retailers to pick up the line of business which is undoubtedly a good thing for Overstock, which is already in the market. 


Overstock perfumes are high-quality perfumes. They are also legit and have distinctive scents, flavors, and fragrances.

As a plus, Overstock perfumes are very cheap and reliable. However, in recent times there has been an increase in fake perfumes in the market.

However, you can spot these fake perfumes through their contents, packaging, bottles, and scent.

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