Overcoat Without Suit Jacket (All You Need To Know)

The usual clothing we all know goes with an overcoat is a perfectly-fitting suit jacket. 

However, what happens when winter is over, and you still want to look good with your overcoat without a suit jacket underneath?

Well, here’s the fact.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule about wearing your overcoat without a jacket; you can add the jacket under the coat depending on the style you choose to let out. Most often, the weather of your environment can be a vital factor in determining whether you wear your overcoat with a suit jacket. 

Please read on to learn more about an overcoat and whether you can wear it without a jacket. By the end, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of wearing a coat.

Can You Wear an Overcoat Without a Suit Jacket?

Overcoat Without Suit Jacket

This question often comes off, especially when you want that feel an overcoat gives without necessarily looking serious; a casual look, to be specific.

If it’s cold and your overcoat won’t keep you warm enough, you can wear a suit jacket under it for better warmth.

However, if the weather is hot, wearing a suit jacket under the overcoat would be highly unnecessary as that’ll make you feel uncomfortable.

So yes, You can wear your overcoat without a suit jacket inside it, but you’ll need proper guidance so you don’t look weird.

Therefore, you must get an overcoat that fits you perfectly (sizing your coat).

That’s important because if the overcoat isn’t your size, you’ll look awkward in it, and the idea of desiring to look casual won’t flow well. 

Hence, here are tips on getting the right overcoat size for your body.

#1. The Right Length 

The first step in achieving a casual look with your overcoat without a suit jacket is wearing the right length. The right size complements you in every way.

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For instance, if you’re tall, you can go with an overcoat below the knee.

#2. The Right Overcoat For Your Shoulders 

You’ll be wondering how this fact is crucial for you when considering going casual with your overcoat; it ultimately adds up.

An overcoat with the wrong shoulder size will do little justice to the casual look you want without a suit jacket.

#3. Sizing your Overcoat Sleeve 

Don’t wear an overcoat with too long or short overcoat sleeves for the perfect casual look. 

To get the right sleeve for your arms, use a measuring tape and ensure that they aren’t longer or shorter than the overcoat.

What Can You Wear under an Overcoat Besides a Jacket?

To start, you get to decide what you wear under your overcoat; my job here is to guide you and help you make the right decision.

Here’s a combination of clothing you can wear with your overcoat if you still want to look good without a jacket.

#1. The Overcoat with Nice Trousers and a Button-up Shirt 

Without a jacket, you can still look casual with an overcoat; this style will be convenient if you work in a more professional office and you want to maintain looking formal.

Also, if you want to step up that look, you can add a nice-looking tie to it, and you are good to go.

#2. The Overcoat with Casuals Like Ripped Jeans 

Combining it with jeans and a nice shirt will do if you want to look classy yet casual with your overcoat. 

Wear ripped jeans and some boots to do justice to the casual look. However, if you have a thing for sneakers, please feel free and go on ahead.

#3. The Overcoat with Accessories 

The fact that you’re wearing an overcoat means you can still wear accessories. 

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So, check out a few accessories you can wear with your overcoat.

  • Hats
  • Hand gloves 
  • Wool scarfs 

All those compliment your look with an overcoat while keeping you warm during winter.

If you aren’t careful, you can overdo your dress sense with a coat, even with the correct information.

With this table, I’ll show you the dos and don’ts of styling a coat.

100% natural materials like cashmere are better.Stay off dark-colored overcoats.
Buy double-breasted overcoats.Avoid below-knee overcoats.
Accessories such as a hat will complement your overcoat.Avoid overcoats with zippers.
Don’t buy baggy overcoats.
Don’t let your cuffs out in an overcoat.

How to Wear Overcoats Casually?

There are different ways you can make an overcoat look casual. The most important thing is to know the right combination for the right style.

If you want to look casual with an overcoat, there are numerous options, depending on the fashion style you fancy.

Well, go over a few clothing options you can pick from or use as a foundation when going casual with your overcoat. 

However, please note that you’re free to go outside my list if you’re sure why you’ll want to do that.

The perfect combination with an overcoat includes a jean, a nice shirt, and the ideal footwear, depending on the look you want.

Now, let’s take each option of clothing (jeans, shirt, and footwear) one after the other to know which type would go with an overcoat;

#1. Jeans 

Knowing the type of jeans you must wear with your overcoat is essential; choosing jeans will do justice to the casual look you want to achieve.

I’ll advise that rather than wearing plain jeans, wear ripped jeans or acid-washed jeans; those jeans types have a way of enhancing a casual look with an overcoat.

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However, you can wear unripped jeans with an overcoat, but more is needed to define the casual look.

Also, please avoid wearing joggers or sweatpants with an overcoat; if you can, don’t think about it.

However, you can do that if you’re ready to have eyes stare at you in ways that don’t define admiration when you walk the streets.

#2. Shirt 

For the choice of shirts, you have many options, unlike jeans. However, in whatever shirt you pick, make sure it doesn’t steal the show from the overcoat.

That’s to say, choose something other than colorful-patterned shirts because the attraction will shift from the overcoat to the shirt.

Hence, as much as you can, pick plain shirts with colors that compliment the color of the overcoat. But if you must, you can wear checkered or striped shirts.

Please moderate the shirt’s texture type so you don’t feel hot, as the overcoat is already doing that.

#3. Footwear

Since overcoats are massive, a perfect combination will be to go with big shoes for our casual look. In selecting the shoes, you’ll have to pick boots or chunky shoes.

But if you have a special thing for sneakers, there’s a room that completes a casual look with sneakers.

Are Overcoats Still in Style?

Overcoats are still in vogue for men and women, especially during winter.

Overcoats add so much to the world of fashion in different ways;

  • During the cold season, it gives you warmth.
  • It’s a piece of clothing that gives a sense of sophistication while still achieving a casual look.

An overcoat can be a fine line between looking stunning and casual and haggard and nuts.

It’s important to know that you must pick the right clothes for the overcoat.

Also, unlike in the past when men wore overcoats that were almost their entire length, shorter ones are more in the market these days.

And it isn’t surprising because fashion has evolved from what it used to be to become better and more socially acceptable.

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