Narrow End Of The Tie Too Short (Must Know This)

Sometimes, when you knot your tie, you notice that the tie’s narrow end is too long, and you can not show up to an event looking like that.

You can quickly solve this by following a few easy steps. If you show up to an event looking like that with a tie with a long narrow end, it looks so unprofessional. 

To give your tie a more professional look, you can just loosen it up first and then raise your collar and reknot your tie with the narrow end shorter at the beginning. Also, you can try other knot styles or add another keeper if the narrow end of your tie is too short.

Why Is the Narrow End of My Tie Too Short?

Narrow End of The Tie Too Short

There are a lot of reasons why the narrow end of your tie seems or is too short.

Sometimes, the tie you have there also plays a significant role; some ties have wider ends than narrower ones.

For those reasons, this leads to the broader end being too long and the end only coming out a few inches after it has been knotted, and sometimes, it does not come out at all. 

Another reason is the size of the person or the person’s height.

People who are more extensive or taller need extra lengths for their ties, and after being knotted, the broader end of the tie needs to stop being longer for it to get up to their belt buckle. 

Tips To Solve Tie Length Problems 

Supposing you are bigger or taller and prefer a certain length of the tie to go with your outfit, this is the article for you.

You might even be wearing the tie just at the correct length, but it still doesn’t sit right on you and might not even have enough lower end to go through.

This might not be a problem for people who are average heightened or shorter/ smaller people but for those of you who can perfectly relate, we have solutions for you; 

#1. Lengthen Your Ties 

You do not have to stress about this issue and go all the way to have this problem, but if you patronize an awesome tailor who can add a little fabric to your tie’s narrow end, that can also work well.

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If you do not have any tailor who can comfortably do the job, you can visit, and for as low as $31, you can get your tie lengthened, shortened, and broader or narrower tie. 

If you want your tie to have a neater appearance as though it was brand new, they can also clean your tie for an extra $6.

You can also reach their website or contact them at (212) 629-5800. 

#2. Pick A Different Knot 

The whole problem can just be filed by deciding to change your knot tie.

You might have been used to that knot tie for quite a while now, but considering changing your necktie knot can be the significant solution you need, perhaps, one can change your needs.

There are some other necktie knots design you can try out like the; 

  1. Four in-hand knots. 
  2. Half Windsor knots. 
  3. Full Windsor knot. 
  4. Nicky knot. 
  5. Kelvin knot. 
  6. Pratt knot. 
  7. St Andrew knot. 
  8. Balthus knot. 
  9. Hanover knot. 
  10. Plattsburgh knot. 
  11. Victoria knot. 
  12. Bow tie knot. 
  13. Grantchester knot. 

You can read more on any of these knot styles, and maybe one would be able to fix your issue with shorter narrow ends of your tie. 

#3. Wear A Vest or Sweater 

This might be a confusing solution for some people, but it is not a bad idea at all.

Of course, this style also depends on the season because not everyone would be able to pull this in summer.

Still, for those who can pull this off, a 3-piece suit and a unique vest or sweater permit you to use whichever fancy necktie knot you like.

It allows you to do this without bothering about the length of the tie. This would make your look like a zoom meeting; only the upper part matters. 

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#4. The Entire Tie Keep 

For one, this is more like an item that appears on a shank keep. A tie keep does not help you solve your tie length issue, but you can use it to hold your tie in position on a windy day or if you reside in a breezy environment. 

It also serves as an excellent alternative to a tie bar, and you can also decide you fold the narrow end of your tie and hold it down with a tie keep; if done correctly, it wouldn’t be noticeable. 

#5. Add An Extra Keeper Loop to the Tie with Tear Menders

This is a critical addition you can attach to your tie without using a thread and needle.

Instead, you can quickly purchase a bias tape roll from a clothes store or amazon, cut out a two to three-inch strip, and then use your tear mender to glue it to your tie’s end. 

Ensure that you place it as high as needed so you would properly fit your tie’s tail into it.

If correctly done, in no time, you would be able to get back into the mood with a well-functioning tie. 

How Long Should the Narrow End of a Tie Be? 

The actual answer to this question is it depends. There are a lot of factors that you should consider before determining how long the narrow part of your necktie should be.

Although this is not a constant, the narrow end of your necktie should not be more than an inch away from your belt buckle.

Of course, some people prefer theirs a bit shorter, but that is the generalized length. 

If you are stuck with a tie that has a skinny end that is way too long, you can simply just tuck it up in your pants and hold it tight with your belt; but this only works if the wider tie at the front is long enough to get to your belt buckle.

If done correctly, no one would be able to notice unless you tell them.

You shouldn’t try this method if the wider part is shorter, it would end up making you look funny, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

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Do I Need the Narrow End of My Tie Longer or Shorter?

The narrow end of your tie is meant to be shorter; that way, it looks more normal.

However, for you to wear a tie the right way, the wider end should be able to touch the top of your belt buckle and slightly overlap it.

Also, ensure that the pointed or arrow-like end should fall directly in the middle of your belt buckle when standing in the correct posture. 

You have to re-knot the tie when you see the narrow end coming out of the wider part

For a start, find some matches between the front of your tie and its back blades and stand straight in the correct posture.

Then, at the proper length, the adjacent blade of the tie is almost at the same length as the front; however, it is finer when it is a bit finer. 

A more extended back blade allows it to appear like you did not hook the back blades correctly.

You can archive the right proportion of tie lengths by using the loop added to the back of the tie, called the holder. 

Another critical piece of information you should note is that you should never pre-tie a tie.

We know this can be tempting, especially if you do not have enough time to knot the tie the next day, but not only does this crease and stretch out the tie material but the shirt type and pant rise also play a huge role. 


The easier way to fix the short narrow end of your tie is to take it to a tailor who can do the job to have more material added.

If you do not want this option, then you can just use the information provided in this article to get the perfect length of the tie to suit your height.

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