Midnight Blue Vs. Navy Blue Suit (In-Depth Comparison)

Blue-colored suits are incredibly stylish and are among the most fashionable suit options you can find.

Midnight blue and Navy blue suits are each unique for their distinctive blue shade.

However, this subtle difference can speak volumes in the accessories you can pair them with and the kind of functions they are most suitable for. 

Midnight Blue Vs. Navy Blue Suit: this article highlights and compares the perks and flaws of each shade and how they best suit your needs.

Navy blue suits are the most adaptable and easily accessorized piece for corporate or casual purposes among the 2 suit options. They both exude style and sophistication, but midnight blue is a more attention-grabbing option compared to the conservative navy blue. Midnight blue, on the other hand, takes a more vibrant yet modern tone in contrast to Navy blue’s dull disposition.

Is Midnight Blue the Same as Navy Blue?

Midnight Blue Vs. Navy Suit

No, both color shades are quite different. Even though they are both dark shades of blue, midnight blue is considered the deepest shade of blue.

Midnight blue is closer in appearance to black than blue. Navy blue, on the other hand, is a relatively lighter shade.

Midnight blue exudes sophistication and elegance. It conveys confidence and class while its deep hue is dark and mysterious yet attractive. 

Navy blue is termed a “military” style color. It is versatile and can pair brilliantly with other color shades and tints.

It pairs well with orange, green, red, yellow, and purple. Navy blue compares to the color of the deep blue ocean and space. 

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Midnight blue is considered the timeless and more versatile option between the 2 color shades.

It has always served as a close alternative to black, and its use in fashion wear and design has only increased over the years.

Due to its extremely dark hue, you can wear it as a neutral color when matching it with other colors. 

Colors that pair well with midnight blue include; orange, hot pink, light blue, Gold, Olive, Maroon, etc. Midnight blue and Navy blue are quite confusing, even when seen in real life.

To help you distinguish this difference better, here is a table with colors similar to either midnight blue or Navy blue.

Midnight blueElectric blue, Royal blue, Navy blue, etc.
Navy blueBlue-gray, Misty blue, Dark blue, etc.

Which is Darker, Navy Blue or Midnight Blue?

Midnight blue is darker than navy blue. Midnight blue is closer in appearance to black due to its deep hue.

The hue’s name takes after its likeness to the real dark blue shade of a night sky around a full moon. 

Midnight blue was also formerly known as “Prussian blue.” Due to the “military theme,” Navy blue colors are seen as more conservative and eloquent than midnight blue. 

7 Differences Between Navy and Midnight Blue

Below is a table that shows the differences between Midnight blue and Navy blue.

Midnight blueNavy blue
Midnight blue is darker than Navy blue. Its name takes after its likeness to the midnight sky around the full moon. Navy blue is of a lighter shade compared to midnight blue. Navy blue compares in contrast to the deep ocean and space. 
Midnight blue got its name from the extremely night sky hue. Midnight blue was initially called “Prussian blue.” Navy blue got its name from the dark blue colors adopted by navy sailors in the Royal Navy in 1748. Navy blue was initially called marine blue. 
There are 2 shades of midnight blue. The X11 color and the Crayola color. The color was mainly called “Midnight.” Its first record of use as a color was in 1915.
Midnight blue suits project class and sophistication. Psychologically, color links to Power, reliability, authority, and intelligence. Midnight is the color of business suits as it exudes vibrancy and elegance to the highest appeal.Navy blue is much more conservative and can appear duller in complexion than midnight blue. Navy blue, however, is more suited for casual wear and outings. They are quite attractive and chic. 

When should you Wear Navy Suit and Midnight Blue?

Navy blue suits look exquisite when worn with a white shirt. They can be striking in black-tie events or dinner parties.

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Navy blue suits are a more casual, “modern man” option. It is a great fit for a person who hopes to pair them with various accessories and outfits because they blend very well. 

Navy blue suits are incredibly versatile. You could wear them with sneakers or slacks, which would still look good as a three-piece set with a stylish tie.

Midnight blue suits are more of a safer option between the 2 suit colors. It can fit as a neutral color due to its closeness to black in appearance.

It can make pairing them relatively easier compared to navy blue suits. They are a must-have for business meetings, galas, or weddings.

The general rule of thumb is, “the darker the shoes, the darker the accessories.” 

Therefore, whenever you are accessorizing with a midnight blue suit, always opt for darker shades of colors.

And this includes everything from socks, shoes, glasses, ties, and watches. You do not want to sport a midnight blue suit with light brown shoes or a bright orange tie.

Below is a table that details the perfect tie color for each suit.

NameOptionMidnight blue suitsBurgundy, Black, Maroon, and dark grey.
Navy blue suitsYellow, Red, pink, and light ash.

You may want to experiment with different colors of shirts to complement your midnight blue or Navy blue suit for that wedding or dinner party.

White is always the safer option, but it may look bland in contrast to other eye-catching colors you can pair. 

Preferably, light-colored shirts should be paired with darker midnight blue suits. In contrast, darker colored shirts are right for the much lighter Navy blue suits.

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Below is a table that details a few shirt color variants and the most suitable for each suit.

Pink ShirtsSince pink shirts generally belong to a brighter spectrum, they should be paired with the darker midnight blue suit.
Black ShirtsBlack shirts look amazing on Navy blue suits. The dark tone complements the lighter navy blue beautifully.

Which Looks Beautiful, Navy or Midnight Blue?

Both suits look incredible in any complexion. It mainly boils down to your particular preference and style.

Also, the function you plan to attend wearing the suit. Generally, the darker Midnight blue suits exude a sort of class and elegance that Navy blue suits may not live up to. 

Navy blue suits have their perks as they are versatile and pair well with lighter-colored shirts.

Midnight blue suits take a much more serious tone and less casual vibe. The function you plan to attend wearing the suits should also determine what color shade would look beautiful to wear.

For less casual events, wear midnight blue suits; for casual, opt for navy blue suits.


Midnight blue and Navy blue suits are extremely fashionable pieces that can never go out of style.

However, midnight blue is a much darker color shade in contrast to navy blue suits.

Midnight blue suits look amazing in business or informal events, while navy blue suits are great for casual events.

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