Mezlan Vs. Magnanni (In-Depth Comparison)

Shoes come in diverse quality, outlook, style, and designs per the manufacturing company. 

The diversity in shoe designs always calls for comparison; hence the comparison between the Mezlan and the Magnanni shoe brands.

It is always wise to make a vivid comparison between two suitable brands to know which suits your taste. 

This article contains everything you need to know about the Mezlan and Magnanni shoe brands. 

A clever comparison between the Mezlan and the Magnanni ranks Magnanni shoes over Mezlan shoes. Opinions on matters are highly individual, but it is obvious that the Magnanni shoes have better design styling. Nevertheless, the comparison does not suggest that Mezlan shoes are bad; it only means that Magnanni shoes are a better option. 

What Is Mezlan?

Mezlan Vs. Magnanni

Mezlan is a shoe brand originally made of leather material but with an evolved range of styling patterns

It is a Spanish men’s designer’s footwear factory that has been in production for over half a century. 

All the various designs and styling patterns of the Mezlan shoes are uniquely handcrafted.

As a handmade shoe factory, the quality of the shoes is top-notch, not to mention the aesthetic outlook of the shoes.

The quality features required of every designer shoe brand are what you’ll get from Mezlan shoes.

The construct of the V thread tap sole features a rubber heel and forefront with a cut of leather sole at the middle. With such craftsmanship, the comfort of Mezlan shoes is assured.

The V thread tap sole is all about the technology of combining a rubber and leather sole that projects elegance and style. 

Formerly, you will come across Mezlan shoes as normal plain-designed shoes suitable for formal wear. 

However, the evolved range of patterned designs now includes other styles that suit uniforms and normal casual wear. 

The combination of the rubber-like material sole and leather skin adds up classiness to the style of the shoe.

Mezlan shoes are usually black or brown, but presently, you can find plain and patterned options too. You can be sure to have different sole options that match various purposes. 

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It is worth noting that the Mezlan shoe brand is a quality, luxurious handcrafted shoe brand. The sophisticated skill required for manufacturing Mezlan shoes makes for their luxuriousness. 

What Is Magnanni?

Magnanni is another luxurious shoe brand that makes various collections of shoe designs with leather materials. 

Like the Mezlan shoe brand, Magnanni is a Spanish shoemaking factory in production for a long time.

Magnanni shoes is an art on its own in the business of handicraft shoe brands, seeing that they come in various styles.

The quality, performance, durability, and overall aesthetic outlook of Magnanni shoes are truly enticing. Most user reviews rank the brand among the top brands of European footwear.

Magnanni is deep into the quality and great shoe styling patterns as a renowned luxurious shoe brand. 

Little wonder its considerate preference over several other shoe soles designs with seemingly high-profiled and elegant appearance. 

Aside from the body vamp made of leather, Magnanni shoes come with a V thread sole. A good V thread sole’s excellent features apply to Magnanni shoes.

The famous studded patterning and robust silhouette of the brand sole is the simplest way to recognize the Magnanni brand.

The overall view of the Magnanni shoe brand is that it is a manufactured product for official uses. 

However, recent Magnanni shoe collections feature designs and patterns that suit your everyday corporate wear.

You can surely find several other shoe collections of the Magnanni brand. So, you can be sure to have the choice that suits your needs.

Mezlan vs. Magnanni; Which Is Better?

Under several shoe rating features, the Magnanni shoe brand is a better choice than the Mezlan shoe brand. 

The production technique of Magnanni shoes makes for the added advantages of the Magnanni brand over the Mezlan brand. 

For starters, Magnanni shoes are a real beauty judging from the aesthetic appearance of both Mezlan and the Magnanni brand.

Magnanni makes use of a bologna construction technique which is a technique that goes well with handmade shoes. 

The manufacturing process of the Magnanni shoe brand contributes a lot to its preference over the Mezlan shoe brand. 

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Also, the bologna shoemaking technique provides the best long-lasting grip and desired all-day comfort. It involves folding, stitching, and sewing the internal host like a sock.

With such a patterned design and the nature of the shoe sole, you can bank on maximum comfort, even for long walks.

Although both shoe design patterning is from leather materials and has a V thread tap sole, Magnanni shoes receive better appreciation. 

Finally, even though both brands have the V thread tap sole, the Magnanni shoe sole is somewhat more durable. 

However, it is often a tough decision between Mezlan and Magnanni shoes, as Mezlan is also a reputable and excellent brand. The bottom line is that the Magnanni shoe offers superior features to the Mezlan shoes.

Below are other features to consider before deciding which shoe brand is better.

FeaturesComments (Contrast)
Durability Magnanni shoes are more durable
QualityMagnanni shoes have a more quality outlook due to added make-up materials.
Comfort Mezlan shoes offer great comfort but aren’t good for long walks. 
User Review There is currently a 50:50 vote on both shoe brands. 

Mezlan vs. Magnanni; Price Comparison

The price between Mezlan and Magnanni shoe brands is equal. However, Magnanni shoes sell higher than Mezlan shoes due to their preference. 

Generally, the overall price range varies only to a small degree between shoe brands. For both shoe brands, you have a price range of close to $250 – $500. 

Mezlan and Magnanni are Spanish luxury shoe brands with somewhat equal price ranges. The lowest of Mezlan and Magnanni shoes in terms of quality will amount to up to $250. 

It is to say that there is no shoe from both shoe brands that are below $250. Similarly, the peak of several designs of both shoe brands has a price tag of around $500 and above. 

It is worth noting that regardless of the brands, the shoe quality is somewhat worth the price tag.

The only reasonable reason for the almost same price range is that both shoe brands use the same raw materials. 

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On the matter of individual make-up material, both shoe brands have a combination of a rubber sole and leather-skinned vamp. 

However, the price tag is not the same as they are not the same manufacturing company designs vary. 

The individual cost price will vary for both brands as per the shoemaking process and the technique employed in the manufacturing process.  

Magnanni has a more tedious manufacturing process because every working process is handcrafted. 

Another good reason why the Magnanni shoes are a little more expensive than the Mezlan shoes.

Where Are Mezlan Shoes Made?

Mezlan shoes are made directly in the factory in Almansa, Spain. The Mezlan shoe brand’s history finds its roots in Almansa, Spain.

Little wonder the headquarters factory is still in Almansa, Spain. Within the Mezlan factory are the artisans who uniquely fusion the Mezlan shoes together. 

The leather skin and rubber-like sole are the raw material readily available within the Almansa region. 

However, there are other regions where the Mezlan factory is located worldwide. These include;

  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Las Vegas
  • Pentagon City
  • And San Jose.

Aside from all the regions above, you can also get Mezlan shoes from other retail shops. The major fine shoe shops are Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom department stores. 

Is Magnanni a Luxury Brand?

The overall conclusion on the Magnanni shoe brand is that they are generally over-priced. We can therefore conclude that they are a luxury brand. 

The least expensive Magnanni shoe brand’s cost is around $300, a high call for many other shoe brands.

The Magnanni shoe brand is truly luxurious, seeing that it is only sought after by people who demand fine-quality shoe collections.

Nevertheless, whenever there is such a high value in terms of the price, it means they are worth it. 

From the design perspective, Magnanni shoes come with excellent designs, which makes for the brand’s expensive nature.

The rare and scary nature of the Magnanni shoe brand is also a clear pointer to the fact that Magnanni is a luxury brand.


Having the right shoe for every dress pattern speaks big of your taste in fashion. 

Seeing that shoes come in different patterned designs and are stylish from different brands, it is imperative to make judgments. 

Based on quality and aesthetic outlook with other minor features, the Magnanni shoes are better than Mezlan shoes.

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