Do Lacoste Polos Shrink? (Must Know This)

Lacoste Polo shirts are a widespread gift. People consider it the perfect present for many occasions, even birthdays and others.

Because Lacoste has established itself as a brand known for its high-quality clothing, they are stylish yet affordable. 

After reading this post, you’ll enjoy wearing Lacoste clothing items with your friends. You might have heard a lot about it, especially as a fashion staple for decades.

And you might want to buy it for a loved one. But you want to know if the Polo shirt shrinks. No worries.

Yes, Lacoste’s Polo’s shrink because they are made from Lyocell. When washed gently, Lyocell will reduce roughly by 3% in the first wash and would most times resist shrinking from then on. But, Lacoste polo shirts shrink more significantly when subjected to high temperatures while washing or drying,  

Does Lacoste Polos Run Small?

Do Lacoste Polos Shrink

Despite its growing popularity and increased demand, the brand still offers one of the few true-to-size measurements in the industry.

As a result, Lacoste’s Polo does not run small. Instead, they fit snugly to any-body type. 

So, if you are tall, you should get a polo shirt size that fits you. And if you have a shorter torso, the Polo can get tucked in.

The Lacoste polo shirt has different sizes. They range from the more extended classic, the regular, and the shorter slim.

The different dimensions make it easy for you to measure your torso into consideration when getting the Polo. 

Lacoste has endeavored to keep its high-quality polo shirts for years. And everywhere you see someone wear it, you can be sure that the Polo fits him once he buys his recommended size.

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How Much Do Lacoste Polos Shrink?

Lacoste’s Polo can shrink by up to 1.5 inches. But in the end, it all depends on how hot you set the dryer.

Most times, after the first shrinking. After that, the material adjusts and rarely shrinks again. Even at that, the Polo must not be near hot places.

It is advisable to buy a Lacoste shirt that fits your size. However, if you insist on buying a smaller size because it is cheaper, in the long run, you’ll most likely dump the Polo because it shrinks too much.

Lacoste’s Polo is known for many things. They are known for their slim fit and bold colors.

And also for their shrinking! They shrink easily and quickly, meaning you should maintain them to avoid further shrinking.

It has likely become a common joke among your friends about how small Polo can shrink.

How To Shrink A Lacoste Polo Shirt?

You can shrink the Lacoste polo shirt with boiling water or a dryer or ask for professional help.

The main aim is to make it wearable and change the baggy Polo into something that fits. 

It is always awful when you have to put off wearing your Lacoste polo just because of its size.

However, putting it in the wardrobe and expecting it to get into size will not work. Nor will placing the Polo under undue stress

Instead, you should shrink it. Here are some ways to shrink it:

#1. Boiling

Boil a pot of water. How the shirt will shrink depends on the temperature of the water. So it is left to you to decide what temperature is appropriate for you. 

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You can decide to place the whole Polo inside or only the part you want to shrink. First, remove it every two minutes till you are satisfied. Then lay it out to dry. As it dries, it shrinks.

#2. Professional Help

A sewist or a dry cleaner can also help your Polo shirts shrink. Their expertise would make the colors of your Polo untouched.

If it is a seamstress, they would likely fit it to your specifications and measurements. 

#3. Dryer

There are a few different ways to shrink a polo shirt. One way is to throw it in the dryer on high settings. Then, run a rinse cycle set at the highest and a dry cycle set at high! 

Alternatively, you could first place the shirt in the dryer with a damp towel. Next, place it in the dryer with a dry towel and repeat until it shrinks. 

How Do You Unshrink A Lacoste Polo Shirt?

After dry cleaning, your Polo might come out smaller. And it would almost be as if you couldn’t wear it again.

Don’t throw it away. It can happen to anyone, and luckily there is a way to unshrink it. 

All you have to do is relax the fibers with baby shampoo or Borax. You can also decide to use hot water.

In today’s market, it is becoming more and more difficult to buy quality clothing. Ralph Lauren is expensive, and so also is Lacoste polo. 

If you have a Lacoste polo shirt that you no longer want because it has shrunk. Don’t throw it away.

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There are plenty of ways to get your Lacoste Polo back to its original form. Here are some of them:

Wash the shirt with cold water and a gentle laundry detergent.Soak the Polo for about 30 minutes in a baby shampoo
Place the shirt on the clothesline for a few hours to drySqueeze the water from the clothing
Hang the shirt on the hanger when wet, and let it dry.Put the Polo in a towel, then squeeze gently.
Place the shirt in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for several hours. Place it in another dry towel, then use your hand to stretch it.
Place the shirt in a steamer for a few hours.When it has gotten to a previous size you like, bring it out to dry,

Finally, Asking a professional to help you unshrink it is always possible. Most professionals have special chemicals that allow them to bring the Polo to size. 

The only downside is that it might be expensive. So weigh your options about which method you want to use to unshrink your Polo.

Do Polos Shrink In Wash?

Lacoste’s polos are known for their timeless style and tend to shrink in the wash. You may have heard that the Lacoste shirt shrinks after a few washes.

They do indeed shrink, but they do not shrink to the extent that many believe. Suppose you want to prevent the polos from shrinking.

First, use cold water to wash it. Then, remove the Polo as fast as you can when you have single-cycled it. That method lasts as long as you are proactive and quick to react.

However, if you plan to shrink the Polo on purpose, this is not a very good solution because it can also shrink the shirt’s color, and the shirt will also lose its shape. So instead, get professional help or boil it.


There are a lot of polo brands in the market ranging from Ralph Lauren to Lacoste.

Suppose you have always wanted Lacoste. Put it in mind that they sometimes shrink because of their material.

However, if you want to unshrink, this article has shown the various ways you can do that. With this in mind, you can safely buy a Lacoste product without fear.

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