L.L. Bean Narrow Or Medium (Let’s Find Out)

Boot sizing can be tricky, especially since each manufacturer has its way of doing it, and so many people have different-sized feet.

Fortunately, L.L. Bean does make some boots that are pretty easy to size correctly, and this article will give you the information you need to get them right if you purchase L.L. Bean medium or narrow boots!

Narrow or medium? The answer depends on the width of your foot and how high it arches. A flat arch can be kept in place and comfortable in a narrow shoe, while a high angle would require extra space. Take your feet measurements to determine which category. 

Are Bean Boots Narrow?

L.L. Bean Narrow Or Medium

Yes, bean boots are narrow. However, they come not only in narrow widths but also in wide and medium widths.

This option is available to men because L.L. Bean women’s boot sizes do not come in narrow widths.

Instead, they come in medium widths ranging from size four to size 13.

There are three width options available for men’s L.L.Bean boots. However, even if you have a narrow fit, L.L.Bean suggests that you order the medium fit, particularly for rain boots or winter boots.

Even if your feet aren’t that narrow, narrow-fit shoes can feel constricting, especially if you plan to wear them with thick socks or removable liners. It is especially true if you want to walk around barefoot.

If you are sure about the length of the feet but unsure about the width, you can also order multiple widths and compare how they fit next to one another or go to a store that sells Bean boots and try on several different pairs.

That way, you can get an idea of whether or not going with a narrow size would be helpful for you.

Bean boots fit snugly around your feet, stretching out with us. But unfortunately, it can lead to some slippage if you have narrower feet.

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The solution is simple, however—if your Bean boots feel a little loose, take them off and put on a pair of thick socks before wearing them again.

Do All L.L.Bean Boots Run Big?

When asked about L.L.Bean boots, the common question is, “Do all your boots run big?” The answer to that is: not necessarily.

As L.L.Bean boots are handmade, they are notorious for being a full size larger than they should be.

Running big might depend on the socks, if they would be a perfect fit, or if you would have to buy a smaller size.

Although L.L.Bean boots have a reputation for running large, most customers say they have to buy a half-size smaller than usual to get an ideal fit. It is especially true for Bean’s signature boot styles. 

To determine whether or not Bean boots run big, you must first familiarize yourself with the company’s sizing manual when it comes to the sizing of their shoes and boots.

It indicates that the shoe will need to be sized up by 0.26 inches to accommodate the increase of 1 Paris point.

Therefore, if you select the typical size for your shoe, which corresponds to the standard American size, you might get a larger size than you need.

When measured against the regular American size, Bean Boots will be on the larger side.

L.L. Bean boot styles vary in volume, so you may find that some run more prominent than others.

It’s best to try on each type of boot and decide for yourself if they run big.

If you don’t have an L.L.Bean store near you, try ordering boots online and consider choosing your next pair based on how they fit rather than how they look in a photo!

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One way to tell if a boot runs big is by comparing it to how your current boots fit.

If you’re looking for a more structured, supportive fit with less room for extra socks and insoles, try ordering boots with a medium volume.

Do L.L.Bean Sizes Run Small?

It’s a common misconception that L.L.Bean boots run small; they run pretty true to size.

The shoes will feel a little snug at first, but they stretch out over time, and since there is plenty of space between your toes and the top of the boot (there’s no need to cram your feet into them), you shouldn’t experience painful blisters after just a few days! 

Just make sure to buy in person rather than online if you can. To determine your L.L.Bean boot size, measure your foot while standing and remove one-half-inch to one full inch to get your ideal size.

L.L. Bean Shoe Size Chart

You can order boots from L.L. Bean for a woman, a man, or a child. Bean Boots can be found in a wide range of sizes, heights, and widths to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes.

For example, the Men’s Bean Boots come in sizes ranging from 4 to 20, including half sizes.

Additionally, they come with three different width fittings—the widths range from wide to medium to narrow.

Women’s bean boots are available in sizes ranging from 4 up to 13. Unfortunately, there is only one width fitting option: a medium width.

Children’s bean boots are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 8.

Because bean boots do not come with a length measurement, you will need to measure your child’s feet in centimeters to determine the appropriate size for them.

L.L.Bean suggests tracing your child’s foot and then measuring from the tip of their longest toe to the back of their heel to get the most accurate size possible for their products.

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This measurement will provide the centimeters you can use to assist in finding the appropriate size for your child.

“Do Anderson Bean Boots Run Big Or Small?”

The Anderson Bean boot runs true to size, so it’s best to choose your usual shoe size.

However, some boots may feel snugger than others in their designs because of the materials used.

Anderson Beans don’t slip like synthetic boots. Instead, the manufacturers trimmed the leather to stretch over the ball of their foot using the hide’s natural elasticity.

Their all-leather construction ensures it’s a perfect fit.

Some leathers used by Anderson Bean boots stretch better to accommodate a customer’s foot, like calfskin, kangaroo, ostrich, and elephant, and they fit better than reptiles.

Reptiles, sharks, and stingrays resist foot pressure.

Some leathers fit better than others because softer leathers are more elastic and flexible; they may “shrink” when you remove the last because it tends to spring and stretch.

In addition, they adapt to the foot while worn. Soft leather boots that are snug at first will loosen up. 

Remember this while fitting foot-problem consumers. Harder-finish leathers need more precision.

When working with these rugged leathers, wearing a boot too snug over the instep or ball of the foot may be uncomfortable.


The L.L. Bean boots are available in different varieties, and their shoes are available for men, women, and kids.

However, the width it offers for everyone differs; for men, they can get it in narrow, medium, or wide, and a different width for others.

Also, when using L.L. Bean boots, you should size down as their sizing is different from standard American sizing.

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