L.L. Bean Boot Sizing (Everything You Should Know)

Getting the right size of L.L.Bean Boots can be tricky. And few things are as annoying as having the wrong sizes of your favorite Bean boots delivered to you.

However, buying the correct-sized Bean Boot for yourself is a factor of many things. This includes where and how you choose to wear your boots. 

This article covers all one must know about the correct sizings and fittings for L.L. Bean Boots.

The L.L. Bean Boot Size Chart points out the correct lengths, designs, and sizes that’ll guide you in making the perfect choice of boots. Men’s boot sizes range from size 4 to size 20 and come in medium, wide and narrow fittings. Women’s boot sizes range from size 4 to 13. And they only come in medium fitting.

Are L.L. Bean Boots True To Size?

L.L. Bean Boot Sizing

L.L. Bean Boots are not made true to size. It is important to factor in the type and size of socks you intend to wear with your L.L. Bean Boots. 

While some prefer wearing thick, heavyweight (that take up shoe space) during winter with their L.L. Bean Boots, others prefer to wear light or middleweight socks that take up less space. 

If you plan to wear them with light or middleweight socks, you must order 1 size down for full sizes and 1 ½ for half sizes.

So if you are a size 10 (full size) or a 10 ½ (half size), order a size 9. Also, in the same vein, if you plan to wear your L.L. 

Bean Boots with heavyweight socks, order your normal size for full sizes and 1 size down for half sizes. Therefore, if you are a size 10 (full size) or a 10 ½ (half size), order a size 10. 

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How you take your feet measurements is key to ensuring you get your exact boot size. Most people take their measurements the wrong way, affecting the size of the Boots they order. 

Below are the right steps for measuring your feet size:

  • Place your foot on the floor. Ensure the heel rests against an upright linear surface, like a straight wall. 
  • Place a ruler or measuring tape alongside your foot; ensure it touches the linear surface.
  • From the end of your longest toe to your heel, measure the distance in centimeters. 
  • Repeat this same process with your other foot to get the measurements for both feet. 

Having a sound knowledge of boots beforehand can help you make better decisions in the store when trying them out. 

Below are a few guidelines you should heed before purchasing L.L. Bean Boots:

  • The boots shouldn’t fit too tight. There should be a little jiggle space around the toes so your feet can feel snug and comfortable inside the boots. 
  • To ensure your boots aren’t too big or small, try to fit your index finger between your heel and the backside of the boot while the shoe is unlaced.
  • If the boots are a perfect fit, your finger should be able to slide into the gap comfortably. 
  • However, the boots are likely too small for you if they don’t fit. And, if the gap can fit more than 1 finger, then the boot is too big for you. 
  • Ensure your toes can only wiggle freely inside the shoe, not moving forward or backward. 
  • If they do, the boots are most likely not your size. Your heels should also hold firmly in their places and should not slide in and out of the boots.
  • The instep of the boot should not feel too compact when worn. Often, if the boot’s instep is too compact, it can cause excessive rubbing on your feet, resulting in sores or swelling.
  • Therefore, pay close attention to the instep when considering an L.L. Bean boot you’re considering buying. Try another boot if you feel tight in this part of the shoe.
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L.L. Bean Boots Size Chart 

L.L. Bean boots come in more than 30 different styles for women, men, and children, each with unique fittings. 

The Bean Boot Size Chart gives a comprehensive listing of all the different boots for men and women the company offers in various countries. 

Below is the L.L. Bean Boot Size Charts for men and women.

#1. L.L Bean Boots Size Chart For Men


#2. L.L Bean Boots Size Chart For Women


Do L.L. Bean Boots Expand With Time?

Yes, with frequent use, L.L. Bean Boots are prone to expanding over time. However, the boots come with a 1-year warranty

Therefore, if they stretch out too quickly before the year’s end, then you can return them to L.L. Bean and even receive a newer, better fit.

You could also try changing the insoles of your boots. Swapping insoles with a boot brand like Clark’s can sometimes help.

However, if your boots feel too tight and cause painful blisters after wearing them for a brief time, you should return them. Chances are they weren’t your size in the first place. 

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If your warranty is still valid and you are having expansion issues with your L.L. Bean Boots, try contacting the company’s customer support service through this link. They may be able to provide some support.

Can You Shrink L.L. Bean Boots?

Do not attempt shrinking your L.L. Bean Boots. It can damage the leather and harm the shoe stitches

Instead of shrinking your boots, attach tongue or heel pads and liners inside them to fill any gaps. 

Trying out risky tests like soaking your boots in water, spraying the boots with a hair dryer, applying heat, or rubbing alcohol on the leather will only damage your boots

If you still wish to go ahead with shrinking your boots, there are a few methods you could try out. They include;

  • Stitching in an elastic band.
  • Soaking your boots in water for 2 hours.
  • Drying the boots in a hair dryer after soaking in water. 

Final Thoughts

Always refer to the L.L. Bean Boot Size Chart before purchasing Bean Boots. Remember to order 1 size down for full sizes if you plan to wear thin, medium, and 1½ size down for half sizes. 

If you plan to wear full sizes for heavyweight socks, order your actual size. For half sizes, order 1 size down. 

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