Joseph Abboud Vs. Brook Brothers (In-Depth Comparison)

Considering top-notch clothing brands in the fashion industry, Joseph Abboud and Brooks Brothers are excellent names to reckon with.

While one deals with only men’s wear, the other spreads to women, children, and home furnishings. 

Here we will explore the strengths, quality, and prices of both brands and the edge one have over the other.

Making choices regarding luxury fashion brands could be exhausting; this article is here to smooth things out.

Joseph Abboud and Brook Brothers are both outstanding brands in the fashion world. However, Brooks Brothers are considered the better of the two. Brooks Brothers’ wears are more expensive, durable, and luxurious than Abboud’s. Still, while Brook Brothers produce male and female wear, Joseph Abboud is a strictly men’s brand. 

What Is Joseph Abboud?

Joseph Abboud Vs. Brook Brothers

Joseph Abboud is an American menswear fashion designer brand; the man behind the brand is Joseph Abboud, a fashion designer and an author.

The Joseph Abboud Apparel was launched in 1987 and was made as a joint venture in 1988 between Abboud and GFT(Gruppo Finanziario Tessile) in the USA.

The brand makes men’s apparel, including watches, sunglasses, custom suits, shoes, and sportswear.

Being in business for about 35 years, they continually supply fantastic clothing to adorn men.

What Is Brooks Brothers?

Brooks Brothers is a luxury clothing brand that makes clothes for women, men, and children, including home furnishings.

As a family business, it remains the oldest cloth brand in steady operation in America. 

This luxury clothing business specializes in blazers, suits, skirts, shirts, shoes, handbags, wallets, sleepwear, jewelry, and even sweaters.

With over 630 stores globally and 170 in the USA, Brooks Brothers stores serve customers worldwide and ship to over 100 international destinations.

They were established in Manhattan, New York, in 1818; founded by Henry Sands Brooks.

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They came into prominence in 1845, and even Lincoln wore a suited hand stitched by Brooks Brothers when he was assassinated. They also supplied uniforms for soldiers during the civil war.

Brooks Brothers started making only men’s wear but then launched a full women’s collection in 1976 and spread to Japan in 1979, making them one of the international pioneer brands to expand to Japan.

Which Is A Luxury Brand, Joseph Abboud Or Brooks Brothers?

Brooks Brothers is a luxury apparel brand; however, I can’t say the same for Joseph Abboud.

Brooks Brothers are known for their high-quality suits that have stood out for over two centuries, with high-quality fabrics to finely fitted sweaters and a wide variety of sizes available for all clothes. 

After being in the American Staples for so long, they haven’t diminished in quality.

The Brooks Brothers prioritize quality above all else, so you bet the fabrics are amongst the best.

Joseph Abboud, on the other hand, has made a name for themselves after being in business for about three decades in the men’s fashion industry, constantly supplying comfortable yet average work and business wear for men that can be working all day. 

The initial standard is said to be impressive; nevertheless, they start to depreciate in quality from collar to button holes and other parts of the shirt.

The Joseph Abboud suits, however, are made from the choicest Italian materials, giving a sense of luxury and standing the test of time.

Joseph Abboud suits are American custom-made and believed to be of superb quality.

Even with all these appealing features, the Joseph Abboud suits are not as expensive as that of Brooks Brothers, and price tags constitute luxury, high quality, comfort, and exclusivity.

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Is Brooks Brothers Better Than Joseph Abboud?

Brooks Brothers are the better option if you choose between both brands. Joseph Abboud is not bad but is still no match when put side by side with Brooks Brothers.

As a result, most people believe that Brooks Brothers is a better buy and consider Joseph Abboud as just an average men’s brand.

The Brooks Brothers constantly serve quality and finesse and are always the “go-to” choice for business and office wear.

Joseph Abboud men are not the worst out there, but there are many opinions and concerns about its durability and quality, though if well taken care of, it could last for about three to four years.

A greater number vouch for the Brooks Brothers men and are willing to pay any price to see a piece of the brand in their closet.

Joseph Abboud Vs. Brook Brothers Price Range

Both brands manufacture a large variety of wears and accessories with different colors, sizes, and patterns, and these all differ in prices since everything is not of the same quality.

The average price for a full suit ranges from $300 to $600. However, since Joseph Abboud is a known brand that deals with custom-made suits, they could cost more, ranging from about $800 to almost $2000.

Not all Joseph Abboud apparel costs this much together with sunglasses, wrist watches, and other accessories; some suits cost about $500, and some pants go for about $40 to $100.

Brooks Brothers, as a luxury brand, have suits that start pricing at about $1500, and this is not strange, considering their quality and artistry.

The brand has now been purchased and is under new authority by Authentic Brands Group (ABG), and there are expectations that the new management will adjust the existing prices. 

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Brooks Brothers suits are as low as $400, but this does not tone down its quality as they still maintain the desired standards.

William Barton, in “The Adult Man” while describing the Brooks Brothers apparel, says, “If it’s good enough for Abe Lincoln, it’s good enough for me.”

Fabrics Quality and Fittings Comparison

Though both brands are concerned with quality, one is more pronounced than the other.

Joseph Abboud’s suits are of good quality but inferior to Brooks Brothers.

The latter prioritizes quality above all else, and this feature makes them stand out as a luxury brand. 

Brooks Brothers manufacture their suits using the best Italian fabrics, so they don’t wear out as easily as the Joseph Abboud.

Abboud’s wears are known to diminish in quality over time, as seen earlier in their shirts.

This comparison is not to say Abboud uses inferior quality material, but theirs is simply no match for Brook Brothers’, as reviews have shown.

The popular opinion goes with Brooks Brothers as being of better quality than Joseph Abboud, which some think dropped in quality may be because the brand has been sold.

The Brooks Brothers, on the other hand, have better control over their manufacturers and keep the quality of their products in check, and thus, have been consistent over the years.


These fashion brands have served the public over a considerable period, supplying quality clothes and accessories.

They aim to give you your money’s worth while making a name in the fashion industry.

Brooks Brothers outshine Joseph Abboud and should be your choice if you are concerned with luxury and quality. However, both brands are excellent in equipping the man with confidence.

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