Is Mezlan A Good Brand? (Must Know This)

These days it’s quite a fuss finding a brand good enough to design and sell the shoes we want. Different shoes carry different features for a diverse customer base.

For instance, Mezlan, a popular brand, has been purported to produce good quality shoes. So, you may be wondering whether Mezlan is trustworthy.

I’ll gladly tell you that Mezlan is a good brand that makes and distributes Italian shoes within and Outside of Europe. It delivers fair-enough quality shoes and gives prices that you can only afford if you know their worth. With a Mezlan shoe, you’ll storm out with class and style if you can rightly combine your outfits.

In this article, I’ll explain why I consider Mezlan a good and famous brand. Also, I’ll take you on a journey of how the company started.  

At the end of this piece, you’ll know whether Mezlan is worth your money!

Is Mezlan a Popular Brand?

Is Mezlan a Good Brand

Mezlan is a famous brand both in Europe and all of America. This brand makes a lot of leather dress shoes of any design you can imagine.

One of the good things you’ll hear about Mezlan shoes is that they’re comfortable to wear.

That means you can wear them all day and not get tired; in most cases, you won’t even know you’re wearing a shoe.

One of the unique things that add to the popularity of Mezlan is its price tag.

The outrageously high cost of a Mezlan shoe can trigger curiosity, and one would want to buy it to see what’s special about it.

These shoes have a Spanish touch, which makes them popular because there’s no way you’d spot a Mezlan and sit calm. Instead, Mezlan simply has a way of drawing attraction to itself. 

You can buy a Mezlan shoe and experience it because individual preferences differ.

Additionally, although the prices are turn-offs for others, you might find value in the brand and see that the shoes are worth the costs.

Is Mezlan Any Good?

Mezlan shoes are good, at least to a certain extent. However, the truth about Mezlan is that you won’t give it the worth it deserves if you have a bias against Spanish shoes.

The thing I like the most about Mezlan is that it makes leather shoes in such a way that you’ll love them.

Many reviews I’ve seen so far show that Mezlan shoes don’t exceed six months before they begin to wear.

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But that’s objective and not a thing to use against them; that’s because people use or wear shoes differently.

The way I walk in shoes may seem to you as a mishandling which can be a significant factor in the easy wear and tear of the shoe.

So, although we can put that at the back of our minds, we can’t judge the durability of shoes from the experiences of others.

You’ll need to get yourself one and have your own experience before you can tell if it lasts longer than you hear around or not.

Nevertheless, apart from the fact that their prices are on the high side, they are generally a good brand.

Where Are Mezlan Shoes Made?

The birthplace of Mezlan shoes is Almansa, Spain. Antonio Sanchez and one of his relatives began this industry at a shoe factory in Spain.

Nonetheless, Mezlan has a lot of retail stores scattered in strategic states in America.

At the time when Antonio had the dream of starting up the shoe business, one of his relatives already had the Mezlan shoe factory.

So, all that Antonio did was help the relatives manage Mezlan and expand its coast. Mezlan was initially nothing but a big factory containing random shoes for sale. 

Antonio felt a lot could be done in that factory and so he rebranded it and started creating and designing his shoes.

In a while, Antonio Sanchez took hold of Mezlan and became the full-time owner.

While doing that in the small town of Mezlan, Antonio frequently set out on tour for about 260 days a year.

In doing that, he created awareness and showcased samples of his shoes to most companies around Spain. He also extended his reach to different parts of the world, including the USA.

That helped him develop relationships and partnerships that expanded Mezlan. Today, Mezlan is one of the leading international companies known for its production of high-standard shoes.

These shoes stand out in terms of style, fashion, and class. 

When you go on the Mezlan website, you’ll find a different collection of shoes depending on your choice.

Antonio Sanchez has proven himself to be the best at what he does in the shoe business.

Is Mezlan a Luxury Shoe Brand?

Mezlan is a luxury shoe brand that’s recognized globally. This shoe company specializes in making, marketing, and designing luxurious shoes of different textures and designs.

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Mezlan produces shoes to meet all expectations at different levels. However, you might be wondering whether their shoes can be affordable to an averagely-earning person.

Well, the truth is that Mezlan shoes are pretty affordable; but that again depends primarily on you and what you fancy enough to spend your money on.

The truth about Mezlan is that if you spot and lay hold of one of their products, you’ll not mind whatever it’ll cost you to have it.

That’s because this exotic shoe brand makes leather footwear that emerges from the world’s finest craftsmanship.

Mezlan produces its shoes from its headquarters in Spain and distributes them across all its retail stores within and outside the country.

Mezlan shoes differ from other brands of luxurious shoes in design and popularity.

If you own a Mezlan shoe or, better still, transform your shoe collection to Mezlan products, you’ll automatically have some form of class.

The shoes that Mezlan produces are too eye-catching; in clear terms, you’ll be walking on the street in a Mezlan shoe and have everyone staring.

The only issue I have with this brand is its price tag, but if you know the value, you’ll see it’s worth the money.

And that’s mostly seen in Mezlan’s efforts to maintain its standard over the years.

This luxurious brand has not failed to produce the same quality of shoes year after year; it instead strives to upgrade the quality and design.

Does Mezlan Go with Any Outfit?

Yes, Mezlan goes with any outfit. You only need to make the right combination of a Mezlan shoe with your dresses.

Every style begins with the shoe; having the right shoes will give you the attention and take you places in life.

For ladies, the first thing they notice about a man is his shoes; they can also keep tabs on his wristwatch, but that’ll be seconds later after the shoes are in line.

So, it’s a step ahead into looking good if you have a Mezlan shoe or, better still, Mezlan shoes in your shoe collection.

Now, the question is how to combine a Mezlan shoe with your outfit, so you don’t end up looking funny.

The tricky thing is that Mezlan shoes are leathery in design and texture, so you’ll need the perfect combination sense to define the shoe’s glory.

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That’s important because no matter how sophisticated your Mezlan shoe is, you will only look attractive if you get the right combination.

So I’ll show you how to make the right combination to look intelligent and dazzling in a Mezlan shoe.

#1. Shirt 

The shirt you choose for the right combination with a Mezlan shoe is important. Since Mezlan specializes in making men’s leathery shoes, it’s always a good idea to go for patterned shirts.

#2. Socks 

To make a Mezlan shoe stand out, try combining it with patterned socks. There’s just something unexplainable that patterned socks do for leather dress shoes like a Mezlan.

#3. Jacket 

Whether you choose to wear plain or patterned shirts, leather jackets are a perfect combination anytime. But, of course, tailored jackets also go perfectly. 

In Other words, knowing the right outfit for your Mezlan shoe solely depends on your style; if you have a type, your Mezlan shoe will go well with all the clothes in your wardrobe.

Mezlan Vs. Magnanni; Which Is Better?

Between Mezlan and Magnanni, it’s hard to say which is better because they share specific characteristics and differences.

Hence, the decision to know which is better for you lies in the knowledge of their similarities and differences.

Similarities Between Mezlan And Magnanni 

Here are the essential things that these two International shoe companies share in common.

#1. Origin 

Mezlan and Magnanni have Italian origins; while Mezlan originates from Spain, Magnanni originates from Spain and Portugal.

#2. Design 

These two shoe brands share the same style of shoes in common; they both make sophisticated men’s leather shoes. If you’re not careful, you’ll hold a Magnanni and think it’s a Mezlan.

#3. Price 

Their prices are both on the high side; for the prices they set, you can add just a little and go for a higher brand of designer shoe. 

However, if you have a thing for these Italian brands, you won’t mind their price tags.

#4. Retail Stores 

Mezlan and Magnanni both have retail stores in other high-income countries, such as the United States of America.

Differences Between Mezlan and Magnanni 

If you don’t research deeper, you won’t see the differences between a Mezlan shoe and a Magnanni shoe. 

So here’s a table to help you understand how far apart they stand:

DurabilityThe shoes don’t exceed six months with constant use.The shoes last longer than Mezlan.
ComfortMezlan shoes are comfortable to wear. Their shoes aren’t as comfortable as Mezlan’s.
Customer ServicesThey can improve their customer service.Magnanni tries in this regard more than Mezlan.
AffordabilityMezlan shoes are more affordable.Magnanni shoes are more expensive.
Customer ReviewMezlan gets a better rating and review than Magnanni.Magnanni shoes don’t have good reviews.

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