Is Linen Good For Hot Weather? (Things You Should Know)

Most people say, “Dress according to the weather,” I’m sure you also agree. Some clothing is more suitable for particular weather, while some are suitable for every weather.

For instance, wearing a black shirt on a sunny day is a big no since black clothes absorb heat, but white is always a good option.

Likewise, everyone has different opinions about wearing linen clothing in hot weather. So, can you wear linen clothes In hot weather? 

Of course, linen is suitable for hot weather, mainly because the material is breathable and light. Linen absorbs sweat quickly, but the exciting part is that it dries up as quickly as absorbed. Also, linen is a suitable fabric for pillowcases and bed sheets. So, wearing or using linen during hot weather should be comfortable.

However, this article explains the possibility of putting on linen clothes in hot weather if it keeps you cool and if it is better than cotton for hot weather.

By the end, you will find a list of the best materials you should wear in hot weather. So, read on. 

Can You Use Linen During Hot Weather? 

Is Linen Good for Hot Weather

Yes, linen is one of the best fabric materials to use during hot weather. 

Even though it is not always the most fashionable choice of clothing in hot weather, they are comfortable, durable, and fancy. 

However, several factors make linen the go-to fabric during hot weather, and they include:

#1. Linen is Light and Breathable

Linen materials are light and breathable, which makes it easier for air to circulate on your body.

In addition, their light texture reduces the tendency to cling your clothes to your body when you wear them. 

#2. Linen Absorbs Heat Quickly

More than allowing air to circulate on your skin, linen clothes have heat-absorbing qualities.

Rather than allowing you to get drenched in sweat, they wick moisture from your clothes quickly, which makes them a good fabric option for hot weather. 

#3. Linen Materials are Stiff

Linen materials can absorb and release moisture from your body due to their stiffness. 

They can absorb at least 20% of the moisture in your skin when you are sweating. Linen makes heat and sweat evaporation easy and faster.

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#4. Linen Has Temperature Regulation Qualities

Aside from other exceptional qualities, linen enhances temperature regulation abilities that give a cooling effect on your skin. 

Linen traps heat regulates the temperature, and releases it so your body can remain dry in hot weather. 

The temperature regulation quality is what makes it suitable for use as bed sheets and pillowcases. 

Does Linen Keep You Cool? 

Yes, linen keeps you cool. Linen materials or fabrics can trap heat and sweat and regulate and evaporate it to keep your body cool in hot weather. 

They can absorb at least 20% of your body’s heat whenever you sweat. Aside from this, they wick away moisture from your body quickly when you wear them in hot weather. 

Linen gives you a cooling effect when you wear it due to its light nature and breathability, making it easier for air to circulate through your body. 

Is Linen Better Than Cotton for Hot Weather? 

Cotton and linen materials are both excellent choices of clothes to wear in hot weather. They both have pros and disadvantages when wearing them in hot weather. 

So, when deciding whether you should choose cotton clothes or linen material to wear in hot weather, it depends on the preferences of the person wearing it. 

Nevertheless, to answer your question, below is a table that will help you identify if you should wear cotton or linen in hot weather. 

It is smooth and silky when new but wears out quickly.It is highly breathable and absorbent.
It is capable of insulating heat in hot weather.It is 30% stronger than cotton materials.
It is a quite expensive material.It can be worn on any outfit.
It is quite expensive material.It dries up sweat quickly and easily.

What Fabric Material is Best for Hot Weather?

When choosing clothing you should wear in hot weather, remember that it is always best to choose light materials that allow you to breathe well. 

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Interestingly, you can choose a fabric suitable for hot weather that’s also fancy and fashionable. 

Here is a list of some of the best clothes you should wear in hot weather. 

#1. Cotton

Cotton has one of the most amazing cooling effects any fabric can have. They are cheap and readily available in the market. 

Cotton materials are light, breathable, and soak up heat, allowing your body to dry even when you wear them in hot weather. 

However, even with all these advantages, some downsides come with wearing cotton in hot weather. 

Cotton materials soak up a lot of sweat, making your clothes heavy. They could also leave sweat patches around your armpit, neck, and back when you sweat in them. 

#2. Linen 

Here is another excellent choice of fabric you should wear in hot weather. Linen is light and breathable. 

The fabric of the lining material is loosely woven, allowing air to pass through and touch your skin when you wear it. 

Even though linen materials absorb a lot of sweat and heat, the beautiful part is that it dries the sweat up as quickly as it absorbs it. 

Due to its sweat evaporation quality, linen is a good material for bed sheets and pillowcases. 

#3. Rayon 

Rayon is another great fabric that you can wear in hot weather. However, it is a synthetic material made from weaving cotton, wood pulp, and other synthetic materials. 

Rayon is not only light but also breathable. Due to its lightweight nature, it allows air to enter through the clothes and touch your body.

This quality allows the material to dry off the sweat that can form on your skin. Most sports clothes, tracksuits, and summer dresses are products of rayon materials.

#4. Denim 

Denim materials are very similar to cotton. They are similar to cotton fabrics due to the breathable spacers on them. 

However, unlike cotton materials, Denim is a heavier material, so most people prefer to use Chambery materials during hot weather. 

One of the advantages of Chambery materials is that they are pretty light even though they have the same properties as Denim. 

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#5. Polyester

Polyester is another synthetic fiber made from woven plastics light together. It is one of the most commonly used materials by athletes, campers, and gym-goers who sweat a lot. 

Its high heat resistance ability enables you to have dry skin when you wear them and need to do a lot of work under the sun. 

Polyester is the product of water-resistant thread made from petroleum-based mixtures. 

#6. Nylon 

Nylon is a perfect material used for sports clothes and tracksuits. Interestingly they are also used in sporting bras and even shoe linings. 

Nylon is also a very flexible, stretchy, and durable material. Nylon’s structural abilities are so efficient that it draws heat from your skin to the material and dries it up as quickly as possible. 

Another attractive quality of nylon fabric is that when used in shoes, it makes them last longer due to the heat and sweat regulation that allows them to dry up quickly. 

#7. Silk 

Due to the complicated process of manufacturing silk materials, they are pretty expensive. 

However, if you’re looking forward to having flare to your clothing choice in hot weather, consider purchasing silk clothing. 

Silk is a good choice for choosing the fabric you should wear in hot weather due to its ability to dry up sweat quickly. 

Unfortunately, the drawback of using silk during hot weather is that it may leave sweat patches around your neck and armpit region when you sweat in them. 

#8. Micromodal 

Micromodal materials and fabrics are products of synthesized rayon. 

However, it is an excellent choice for clothes in hot weather due to its high sweat resistance and evaporation ability. 

Most underwear and undergarments are products of micro modal materials. You can purchase bed sheets, pillowcases, drapes, blankets, and carpets made from micro-modal materials. 

But apart from their softness, micro modal materials are breathable, resistant to shrinking, and are quite easy to get stained off. 

#9. Merino Wool 

Merino wool is the only fabric to trap sweat pockets and dry them later. This quality makes them an excellent choice for fabrics to use in hot weather. 

Merino wool fabrics trap air pockets, dissolve them and regulate your body temperature to make you feel less impact of how much sweat your body is giving out. 

Merino wool is an excellent choice for hikers since it is light and breathable and does not trap body odor.

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