Is Linen Better Than Cotton Shirt For Men? (Explained)

It’s that time of the year when your closet requires a makeover to suit the hot summer or warm spring. 

Hence, men switch from thick warm cashmere and wool clothes to breathable ones like linen, chambray, and cotton. 

However, some men prefer purchasing linen shirts for summer, while others prefer cotton to pair them with different pants. 

Due to the high purchase of linen during summer, you may wonder if linen is better than cotton shirts for men. Let’s find out! 

Linen is better than cotton shirts for men due to its numerous benefits. Linen shirts are breathable and allow more oxygen, reducing perspiration, especially during summer. Cotton is also a great option during summer as it provides comfort. Despite these facts, you can purchase the summer shirt of your choice. 

This article will explain everything you need to know about linen and cotton shirts, from their differences to ways of wearing them. 

In the end, you’ll be able to make the best choice between linen and cotton shirts. So hang on tight, and let’s explore further! 

Are Linen Shirts Better Than Cotton Shirts for Men?

Is Linen Better Than Cotton Shirt for Men

Linen and cotton shirts are the first clothing that comes to mind during the hot summer that causes constant heat and discomfort. 

During this season, many men settle for linen shirts, while others settle for cotton shirts. But which shirt is better? 

You must consider breathability when picking the right shirt for summer, and linen shirts offer this feature. 

Wearing a breathable linen shirt allows free airflow, reducing heavy perspiration and unpleasant smell. 

The reason for this remarkable feature is that linen shirts are loosely woven, thereby keeping you dry during the hot hours of the day. 

On the other hand, cotton shirts offer little breathability due to the material’s lack of porosity. 

In other words, the shirts are tightly woven and don’t allow the free flow of oxygen or air. 

For instance, you might wear a cotton shirt during a scorching day only to suffer from a lack of air. 

This will lead to heavy sweat, which will dampen your shirt and cause an unpleasant smell. 

Although cotton is soft and comfortable, it’s not the best option to consider during a sunny day. 

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Another exceptional feature of linen shirts is their ability to wick away moisture like sweat. 

Since linen shirts are lighter than cotton shirts, they absorb moisture and dry it off quickly. Unfortunately, cotton shirts are medium-weight, absorb moisture easily, and don’t dry off quickly. 

This makes them difficult to use during emergencies. Let me elaborate on this point! Suppose you have an important meeting and want to wear a cotton shirt. 

Sadly, you discover it’s dirty, and you decide to wash it overnight. Unfortunately, this effort will not yield positive results as the shirt will remain damp. 

However, that’s different for a linen shirt, which will dry due to the cool air. With all these features, it’s obvious that linen shirts are the right ones to purchase. 

Nevertheless, this boils down to personal preferences, as you can purchase the shirt of your choice. With minimum care and maintenance, you can preserve linen and cotton shirts.  

What Is the Difference Between Men’s Linen and Cotton Shirts? 

Men tend to step up their game when utilizing summer shirts made of linen and cotton for a business meeting or a casual event. 

Moreover, everyone wants to look their best to strike a life-changing business deal or make a strong impression. 

However, linen shirts are becoming increasingly popular among men in business, fashion, etc. 

Nevertheless, cotton fans still purchase cotton in summer, spring, and winter. But what exactly is the difference between these two shirts? 

The table below summarizes the differences between men’s linen and cotton shirts according to some distinguishing features.  

Features Linen ShirtsCotton Shirts 
Breathability It’s breathable. It’s fairly breathable. 
TextureIt has a stiff texture.It has a soft texture. 
Weight It’s lightweight.It’s medium weight. 
Moisture wickingIt dries off moisture quickly.It doesn’t dry off quickly. 
Cost It’s expensive. It’s cheap. 

Let’s look at the differences between men’s linen and cotton shirts critically. 

#1. Breathability 

Linen shirts are highly breathable, and this comes in handy when the day is extremely hot. 

Since the fibers of linen are porous, it allows the free flow of air, which goes a long way to keep you dry and fresh all day. 

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On the other hand, cotton is fairly breathable. The reason for this is that the cotton fibers are not porous, thus restricting the flow of oxygen. 

Hence, if your day is going to be hot and stressful, then a linen shirt is the right choice. 

#2. Texture

Cotton shirts prevail when it comes to softness and comfort. Thus, they are easy to wash and maintain. 

However, linen shirts are stiff and aren’t soft on the skin. In addition, since linen shirts are loosely woven, they tend to wrinkle easily. 

Nonetheless, you can easily maintain them by washing them with cold water, drying them under cool air, and proper ironing. 

#3. Weight 

Linen shirts are lighter than cotton shirts. This makes them easy to wash and dry. On the other hand, cotton shirts are medium weight and require proper washing and drying under sunlight. 

#4. Moisture Wicking 

Linen shirts dry off moisture quickly due to their ability to allow the free passage of air. Conversely, cotton shirts don’t dry off quickly and don’t allow the free passage of air. 

However, some cotton shirts that are loosely woven allow free passage of air. But this depends on the seamstress/seamster, as most cotton shirts are tightly woven. 

In addition, you can purchase the fabric and sew the shirt to allow more air.  

#5. Cost 

Linen shirts are more expensive than cotton shirts, while cotton shirts are cheap. 

But this depends on the store and location you purchase your shirts, as some cotton shirts are more expensive than linen shirts. 

What Is the Best Way for Men to Wear Linen Shirts? 

Linen shirts are undoubtedly the most versatile piece of clothing that suits anything you pair them with, as it brings out a unique style and aesthetic appeal. 

Hence, there are many options at your disposal when it comes to styling and wearing linen shirts. 

You can pair a white linen shirt with black straight-leg trousers for a professional or office look. 

You can step up your game by adding a black suit, black shoes, and a necktie. If you’re looking for a casual look, pair a sky-blue linen shirt with white chinos and sneakers. 

For a beach outing, you can throw on a loose linen shirt with shorts and a pair of flip-flops. Also, jeans are another versatile piece of clothing that goes well with everything. 

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Hence, pair your linen shirt with deep blue jeans and sneakers or shoes. Although linen shirts exude a more professional look, you can wear them with any jacket. 

For instance, you can pair your linen shirt with a bomber or field jacket. Furthermore, linen shirts go well with cardigans made with any fabric. 

You can wear a loose floral linen shirt with white shorts for a more colorful look. Additionally, you can wear a blue linen shirt with a pair of slim-fit jeans for an evening look. 

Nonetheless, there are many ways you can explore to style your linen shirts with different pants such as chinos, shorts, jeans, and straight-leg trousers. 

You can always consult a stylist or an expert if you’re perplexed about the right way to wear your linen shirts.

What Is the Best Way for Men to Wear Cotton Shirts? 

Cotton shirts have different styles and colors; you can wear them with many pants. The best part about cotton shirts is that they are soft and comfortable. 

The shirt’s smooth and warm feel insulates you during cold days and protects your skin from harsh sun rays

Hence, if you want an office look, you can wear your cotton shirt with straight-leg trousers, a necktie, a suit, and a pair of shoes. 

You can pair your cotton shirt with grey or cream chinos for a smart casual look. In addition, you can wear a cotton shirt with a pair of jeans. 

For a more casual look, you can wear an unbuttoned cotton shirt over a T-shirt with jeans or shorts and a pair of sneakers. 

Furthermore, you can wear a dusty pink cotton shirt with white shorts for a beach look. 

Choosing understated and neutral colors when selecting a cotton shirt, especially for an office look, is best. 

However, you can select cotton shirts of floral or bright colors for a casual and beach look. 

Do Linen Shirts Look Better on Men? 

Linen shirts are trendy and have become the favorite piece of clothing of many men, making them appear smart and confident. 

Admittedly, linen shirts look better on men as most of them that wear them exude a masculine aura making them appear mature and responsible. 

Furthermore, linen shirts help them stay dry and fresh all day by allowing air passage. Hence, linen shirts are the best choice for men for business or office, casual or fashion.

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