Is European Flax Linen Soft? (Let’s Find Out)

Linen is not just any type of fabric. It has existed for generations and remains one of the most important fabrics in the textile industry. However, not all linen is good for clothing. 

That is where the European flax line comes in. This type of linen is not only the best but also a popular choice among people who want a high-quality material. 

It’s an all-pleasure with no guilt material. However, is European Flax linen a soft material? 

European flax linen is one of the strongest yet softest fabrics that keeps cool during summer and cozy during winter. Linen is a natural material made from fibers of flax plants. Also, this fabric is soft, which makes it breathable and a popular choice for bedding, clothing, and various textile uses.

This article highlights what type of material European flax linen is, why it’s one of the best materials, and what type of clothing manufacturer uses these fabrics for. 

Is European Flax Linen Actually Soft?

Is European Flax Linen Soft

European flax linen has exceptional softness, making it popular among those who want high-quality bedding and clothes. 

Various properties contribute to this fabric’s softness and comfortability. The first factor contributing to European flax linen’s softness is the flax plants’ quality. 

This plant is popular for its long and subtle fibers, carefully nurtured and processed to make the best quality. 

These fibers, in turn, produce clothes that have a smooth silky texture suitable for the skin.  

Another factor contributing to this European fabric’s softness is the production process. This factor plays an important role in enhancing the softness. 

After harvesting the flax fiber, it undergoes retting. Retting is a natural process in which you soak the fibers to break down the plant’s outermost layers. 

Doing so helps separate the fibers, thus making them more soft and malleable. Furthermore, the manufacturers twist the fibers into yarn and treat it to improve its softness and longevity

Aside from the flax linen softness due to the exceptional quality of the fiber and meticulous production, it also gets softer as you wash and wears it without losing its durability. 

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As a result of this, you get to enjoy the fabric more. Unsurprisingly, this cloth is one of the most popular materials. Also, caring properly for your flax linen will help it retain its softness and durability.

The table below highlights some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Dos Don’ts 
Hand wash or machine wash your linen gently with cold or lukewarm water. It’s best not to use any products containing bleach on your fabrics. 
Use a mild detergent, especially for delicate fabrics. Don’t use fabric softeners on your linen since they can cause blemishes and wear your linen. 
Wash bright-colored fabrics separately from dark colors to avoid color bleaching. Avoid washing your fabrics with a rough material like denim or clothing with zippers. 
It’s best to air-dry linens to retain their softness. Avoid washing your fabrics with a rough material like denim or clothing  with zippers. 

How Comfortable Is European Flax Linen? 

European flax linen is exceptionally comfortable, making it a popular choice among individuals who want a luxurious and comfortable material. 

This flax linen has various qualities that contribute to the extraordinary comfort you will feel when used.

Here are some of these qualities. 

#1. Breathability

This factor makes the European flax linen stand out. This fabric circulates air, making it breathable and the best option for warm temperatures. 

The natural fibers of this linen make it possess excellent moisture-wicking properties that reduce heat and moisture by absorbing them. 

Doing so keeps your body cool and comfortable during the summer periods. 

#2. Hypoallergenic and Anti-static Nature

The European flax linen resists allergens like molds, bacteria, and dust mites. Thus this factor makes it one of the best choices for an individual with sensitive skin. 

Also, the clothing’s anti-static nature prevents it from sticking to your body or attracting lint, thus making it more comfortable to wear. 

#3. Excellent Durability

The flax linen has excellent durability, which contributes to its comfort. 

Flax fibers are very strong plants and resistant to wear, making the fabric withstand consistent use while maintaining its shape and quality. 

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As a result of the clothing’s longevity, you enjoy its comfort for a long time, therefore making it a good investment. 

#4. Good Absorbent 

The excellent absorbing nature of European flax linen makes it a useful material for towels, bathrobes, and beach wear since it will absorb the body’s moisture. 

Additionally, this fabric dries quickly, thereby preventing the growth of molds and bacteria and promoting comfort. 

Is European Flax Linen Scratchy? 

There is a common misconception about flax linen; Linen is scratchy and uncomfortable to wear. 

Although linen feels stiffer than other materials due to its natural makeup, not all are scratchy due to the fabric’s weaving. 

Linen can come in different forms of the weave. It could be the plain, herringbone, or twist weave. 

Therefore the weave tightness and thread fitness have a great influence on the texture of the linen. 

When flax linen has an extended small rope across the side, it might run against your skin and make it scratchy. And this might make you feel uncomfortable at first. 

However, European flax linen mostly comes in plain weave, making it smoother and less scratchy. 

Still, if you feel any itch when you wear your linen clothing, the best way to soften it is to wash it vigorously. How often you can wash your linen to achieve softness has no limit. 

It all depends on the manufacturing process. So the more you wash, the more it will become softer, and it’s the best way to soften your linen. 

While some use fabric softeners to soften their thick linen, it’s not the best way. It can cause damage to your fabric and make it less durable. 

What Clothing Is Made From European Flax Linen? 

The European Flax Linen is a very high-quality fabric and is very durable. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the best materials for various wears, making it popular among many consumers.

This dynamic fabric is suitable for making many comfortable and luxurious garments.

Here are some of the clothes made from European Flax Linen.

#1. Dresses

Linen dresses are common in many wardrobes. Linen is the perfect material for a wrap, sun, flowy, or custom-made tailored dress. 

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It is strong, gives a touch of elegance, and lasts long. It allows for free movement. It is also cool to wear for all seasons since it is breathable.

#2. Pants and Trousers

Linen gives pants and trousers a relaxing yet professional look. It is the perfect alternative for heavier fabrics. 

European flax linen is suitable for custom-made tailored trousers and flare pants. As a result of the linen thermoregulation, it helps you keep warm on cooler days and cool on hot days. 

#3. Shirts and Blouses

Whether you dress casually or formally for any occasion, linen shirts and blouses are among the best options. 

There are varieties ranging from button-down shirts, long-sleeve shirts, or lovely blouses. 

European Flax Linen is best known to absorb moisture making it the perfect choice for the shirt as it makes you feel dry and energized all day.

#4. Shorts

Linen shorts are perfect for any adventure during warm days. It offers comfort and breathability. 

A casual pair of shorts or a custom-made tailored style is perfect for the hot season as it soaks up all moisture and allows free airflow. 

You can always spice up your dressing with any of your desired shoes

#5. Skirts

Linen skirts are very flexible. European Flax Linen makes mini, midi, or flared A-line skirts. The fabric falls naturally and holds its shape, making it look appealing and comfortable on you. 

#6. Jumpsuits and Rompers

Linen jumpsuits and rompers are one piece of cloth you can style effortlessly and maintain an elegant look. 

This one-piece clothing is available in various designs, from loose fitting to tailored styles, depending on your preference. 

The texture of the European flax linen adds fineness to these pieces, and its lightweight nature adds to its comfortability. 

#7. Lingerie and Sleepwear

As a result of the linen’s soft and gentle feel against the skin, it makes them suitable for making sleepwear and lingerie. 

Linen lingerie and sleepwear offer you more comfort than synthetic clothes. These linen garments are good for you if you want good and eco-friendly clothing. 

#8. Accessories

Not only can you use European flax linen for clothing, but you can also use it for accessories to complement your dressing. 

These linen accessories include bags, scarves, hats, and belts, which are popular because of their durability and natural aesthetic. 

#9. Jacket and Blazers

European flax linen jackets and blazers give a lightweight yet stylish look. 

The nature of the clothing makes it a good choice for spring and summer while adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

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