Is Botany 500 A Good Brand? (All You Need To Know)

Anyone wearing a suit from Botany 500 knows they can raise their shoulders as they walk into any room.

The Botany 500 menswear brand has been in business since the 1940s, and they’ve always been worth reckoning with.

However, the acceptable style in the 1940s and now differs considerably. Since times and fashion has changed and Botany is an older brand, most people wonder if it is a good brand.

Yes, Botany 500 is a good brand for menswear. They are known for being producers of one of America’s best-tailored suits and sport coats. In addition, the Botany 500 brand never lost its unique quality; it only went out of business due to a decline in the garment industry.

I will answer all questions concerning the Botany 500 brand in this article. 

You will learn why it is a good brand, if its suits are of good quality and if its vintage collection is affordable. 

Is Botany 500 an Excellent Brand? 

Is Botany 500 a Good Brand? 

As soon as you spot someone in a Botany 500 suit, you will recognize its excellent quality and style.

Botany 500 has existed for over a century, and its quality is still outstanding, proving its reliability. This goes to show that Botany 500 is an excellent brand. 

Below are the reasons why Botany 500 can be regarded as an excellent brand; 

#1. Botany 500 Menswear Is Made From High-quality Materials

The materials used in tailoring Botany 500 suits and sportcoats are high-quality wool, silk, and wool blend, or wool and polyester mixes.

It is no secret that high-quality menswear is made from wool or wool mixes that can stand the test of time.

A suit or coat made from wool is always durable and gives its wearer a distinct and sophisticated look. 

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In addition, the woolen material makes the Botany 500 tailored outfits breathable and wrinkle-resistant.

Botany 500 menswear can be worn comfortably through different seasons because it is made from high-quality wool or wool and silk/polyester mix.

#2. Botany 500 Menswear Has a Unique Style

Any brand with a distinct style is worth calling an excellent brand. As you would expect, the Botany 500 brand falls into this category.

All the suits and sportcoats tailored by Botany 500 have a timeless look. 

In addition, the double and single-button tweed suits were made a notable trend by the Botany 500, and to date, those suits make its wearer look unique. 

Does Botany 500 Make Good Suits? 

Botany 500 makes amazing luxury suits that are designed for comfort. They are made from high-quality materials and tailored expertly to meet fashion standards.

As mentioned earlier, the Botany 500 suits have a unique and timeless style since it remains fashionable despite having aged over a century. 

To prove the authenticity of Botany 500 suits, some records show how several famous actors and shows constantly wore them. 

Botany 500 suits are so good that they’re still elegant and comfortable for its wearers to date. 

According to Wikipedia, Botany 500 made great menswear that allowed them to provide wardrobes for the following actors and productions. As shown in the table below; 

Actors that Performed In Botany 500 SuitsThe Shows and Movies They Acted
Lyle WaggonerWonder Woman
James Earl JonesClaudine
John EricsonHoney West
Sebastian CabotFamily Affair
Peter Graves Mission Impossible 
Dick Van DykeThe Dick Van Dyke Show
John Newland Alcoa Presents; One Step Beyond

Over 70 actors and showbiz male stars had worn the Botany 500 suits and blazers, especially when it peaked in the 60s.

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It remained popular and stylish because even though the Botany 500 label was moved through different production houses, it maintained its high quality. 

Does Botany 500 Make Vintage Wear?

Botany 500 does not make vintage outfits because they are no longer in business. However, the style of Botany 500 suits is unique because it was first tailored and worn in the 40s.

This unique style makes the pieces of clothing from the Botany 500 line that are still being sold qualify as vintage outfits. 

As an old style of clothing that reflects the fashion sense that was acceptable over 100 years ago, Botany 500 menswear is in high demand. 

Botany 500 menswear stopped being tailored in 1995 when the label was about to be sold and shut down. 

The Botany 500 menswear brand was only widely recognized as a luxury vintage brand once its used pieces were resold. 

Now, the style it represented from the 40s to the 90s is seen as fashionable and more people recognize it as a unique vintage brand.

Are Vintage 500 Products Affordable? 

The prices of vintage Botany 500 vary based on the offer the seller is willing to settle for. 

The particular item of clothing you’re looking for under the Botany 500 brand also causes the price to vary.

For example, vintage suits and blazers from the Botany 500 brand will likely cost more than ties and dress clothes.

On average, vintage Botany 500 menswear can cost between $14 to $200. Since they are used items, reaching an agreement that favors your budget is easy when you find a seller.

Except you’re buying Botany 500 products at an auctioned event, they are relatively affordable and worth the buy.

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If you have a tight budget, it is best to check eBay or Amazon for affordable vintage Botany 500 menswear. 

On eBay, you can find pre-owned Botany 500 items for as low as $10 to $14 in good condition.

When buying vintage items online, there are a few things you need to take into consideration to get your money’s worth.

Below are a few pointers to help you shop vintage clothes better; 

  • Do proper research about the original price and worth of items to avoid being cheated while bargaining.
  • Ensure you know your right vintage size as they differ from modern-day sizing.
  • Make sure you request pictures of every angle to know if there is any damage and if it is fixable or not.
  • Make inquiries about the delivery process and ensure that it is favorable for both people involved. 
  • If you’re interested in a particular vintage outfit, ensure it matches what the seller offers to avoid regrets.
  • If you’re buying a vintage outfit that fits into modern-day style, make sure you buy the right piece.


#1. Is Botany 500 Still In Business? 

Botany 500 is no longer in business. The company became bankrupt in 1973, followed by a general decline in the fashion industry during the late 70s. 

#2. Does Botany 500 still Exist? 

Clothes from the Botany 500 menswear collection still exist even though production was stopped. All outfits tailored by the Botany 500 brand are now sold as vintage clothes.

#3. Who Owns Botany 500? 

Botany 500 was initially owned by H. Daroff and sons and the Botany 500 group of New York. H.Daroff and their sons handled the manufacturing. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the Botany 500 is a good brand for the following reasons; 

  • It is made from high-quality material.
  • Several celebrities have worn it to prove it is a luxury brand.
  • There are budget-friendly platforms where you can purchase vintage Botany 500 outfits.

As long as you use the tips for purchasing vintage clothes above, you’ll love your Botany 500 purchases.

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