Is Armani Collezioni A Good Brand? (Read This First)

Armani Collezioni is amongst one of the most expensive Armani sub-labels. 

The brand’s reputation for producing high-quality fashion wear and accessories is undisputable, giving it unique appeal in many fashion circles. 

However, is Armani Collezioni another luxury brand made for status buyers and clout chasers? 

Or is the quality and finesse this brand claims to exude genuinely worth your hard-earned money? This article clears the air on whether or not Armani Collezioni is worth the hype. 

Armani Collezioni does live up to its reputation as a producer of numerous high-quality fashion wear and accessories, instilled with deep consideration for the customer. However, Armani Collezioni caters to an older demographic. Although without compromising on smartness and appeal. Fortunately, the brand now has other sub-branches catering to a broader audience. 

In this article, I will answer if there is a difference between Armani Collezioni and Armani Giorgio or if they are both the same, with detailed and precise comparisons of each. 

Furthermore, I will answer whether or not Armani Collezioni is still a good brand worth patronizing. Lastly, I will end with a comprehensive review of Armani Collezioni’s G-Line. 

Is Armani Collezioni the Same as Armani Giorgio?

Is Armani Collezioni a Good Brand

The Armani Collezioni sub-brand was absorbed into Emporio Armani. 

Armani’s founder, Giorgio Armani, saw a need to restructure the company’s seven different design lines into three formidable lines. 

The new fashion lines include Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, and Armani Exchange. The idea behind Emporio Armani was for a diffusion line targeting a younger demographic.

The line incorporated new concepts and styles, opening it to a broader range of products for its audience. 

Armani Collezioni, however, typically aimed at older customers who do not fancy ‘trendy’ designs but appreciate high quality and classic items, was absolved. 

The restructuring also brought about a hierarchical order in price and quality among the three lines. 

The Giorgio Armani line deals mainly with high-end fashion wear from the Armani fashion house. 

Emporio Armani focuses on the mid-market category, while Armani Exchange is for much lower-priced Armani wears and accessories. 

The essence of Armani’s restructuring was to reposition the brand and brace it ahead of the increasingly competitive global market. 

It also helped to declutter the company’s portfolio, reduce costs and maximize the potential of each fashion line.

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Below is a detailed breakdown of each line and its assets: 

#1. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is an original sub-brand from the Armani fashion house. Emporio Armani sits at the second tier amongst three restructured lines. 

It is below the Giorgio Armani line and slightly above the Armani Exchange line. Emporio Armani includes sub-lines such as EA7 and Armani Jeans Brand. 

The emphasis of this line is targeted at young people; therefore, it features mainly ready-to-wear articles of clothing with trendy designs. 

The Emporio Armani line boasts a long list of celebrity endorsements geared towards garnering a solid appeal amongst young consumers. 

Fashion wear from this line is relatively easier to buy than the Giorgio Armani line. 

#2. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani consists of Armani’s signature high-end fashion wear and accessories for both men and women. 

The high-end line also includes the haute couture label Giorgio Armani Privé. Armani explains that this line will reinforce the label’s identity and reputation of timeless elegance and class. 

Thorough attention to detail is a priority. Hence, customers can expect nothing but highly crafted detailing and clean lines. 

The Giorgio Armani line also features a cosmetic and scent range. 

When you see a celebrity rocking a custom-made Giorgio Armani suit on the red carpets or a societal function, it is most likely from the Giorgio Armani line. 

#3. Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange is more like the mass market option among the three lines. Therefore, fashion wear from this line is easily available at affordable prices compared to the other lines. 

Armani Exchange absorbed a part of the former Armani Jeans and Armani Collezioni. The line mainly features fast-fashion street wears that appeal to youthful audiences

Hence, this line produces products with more vibrant designs, chic styles, and experimental collaborations. 

Armani Exchange aims to cater to a broader audience of customers who can’t patronize high-end lines such as Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani. 

Below is a table that gives a detailed comparison between the Armani Collezioni line and the Giorgio Armani line:

Armani Collezioni LineGiorgio Armani Line
Produces less expensive fashion wears compared to the Giorgio Armani line. Produces only High-end fashion wears 
The quality of fashion products can range from medium to high quality. Products from this line are of the highest quality and are made by the Armani brand. 
Armani ceased production from this line as a separate entity.It is still an active line and one of the original founding lines. 

Is Armani Collezioni Any Good?

Yes, Armani Collezioni is an excellent high, quality brand. The brand boasts impeccably detailed, finely tailored clothing, stylish sportswear, eveningwear, outerwear, and accessories. 

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Armani Collezioni specializes in classic fitting clothing with top-notch designs for both men and female customers. 

However, the brand’s range is not as versatile as other sub-brands. Emporio Armani features much more stylish and modern pieces without reducing quality standards. 

Armani Collezioni is your brand if you like expertly tailored suits or classically styled clothing. 

However, if you prefer designs with more style and a modern look and feel, you could opt for pieces from the Emporio Armani or Armani Exchange brands. 

Armani Collezioni mostly finds appeal with older people. However, the statement its fashion wears make is indisputable. 

Because older and much more fashionably reserved audiences prefer this line doesn’t mean it is dull. 

The Armani Collezioni line boasts a broad canvas of expertly tailored wear that can rival other pieces from separate Armani lines and other fashion brands.  

To purchase pieces from the Armani Collezioni line, you must look through the Emporio Armani collection. Armani Collezioni’s details are relatively easy to find and buy. 

Is Armani Collezioni an Expensive Brand?

Armani Collezioni is among the more expensive lines within the Armani fashion house. 

Although fashion pieces from this line are less expensive than the high-end Giorgio Armani line, the cheapest sub-label amongst the three primary tiers is the Armani Exchange. 

The Armani Exchange tier is the most accessible line within the Armani family. Armani Collezioni is not just expensive because of its name or legacy. 

The pieces produced from this line embody true quality and attention to detail. In almost all cases, Armani Collezioni’s quality is worth its price tag. 

Below are 5 of the most expensive Armani Suits. Amongst them are some Armani Collezioni brands:

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#1. Emporio Armani Three-Button Runway Suit In Chevron Wool

This Armani Suit is among the most costly Armani Suits in the world. It costs between 3000 to 2500 US Dollars. 

Made of 100 percent wool with a shaded Chevron design, this masterpiece defines pure luxury. 

This three-button Emporio Armani suit features small lapels, three pockets, and a center rear vent. Its low-rise pants feature slash pockets and a central pleat.

#2. Armani Collezioni Tuxedo In Wool With Jacquard Details

This Armani suits reeks of style and finesse. Unfortunately, it costs roughly about 2500 to 2300 US Dollars. Nevertheless, they are among the dapper Armani suits available in the market. 

It is sleek and made to perfection. In addition, the line features a permanent collection available in dark blue. 

Armani Collezioni Tuxedo comprises 85 percent Jacquard virgin wool and 15 percent mohair wool. 

It has three external and internal jacket pockets, darts, and a lined interior. You’ll be sure to make a statement when you walk out sporting this suit. 

#3. Armani Collezioni Single-Breasted Suit In Wool

This Armani suit resembles the Armani Collezioni Single-Breasted Suit in virgin wool. 

Pulling a hefty 2400 to 2200 US Dollars, this modern-day fashion marvel comprises 100 percent wool. 

It also features long sleeves, a two-button closing, a solid color, dual back vents, three external pockets, four internal pockets, a lined interior, and a lapel collar with mid-rise straight-leg pants. 

Armani Collezioni G-line

You will find the sub-labels’ most expensive and finely tailored suits in Armani Collezioni G-Line. 

The Armani Collezioni is amongst the world’s top choices for high-end men’s suits. 

The construction and quality of the fabric of Armani Collezioni G-Line suits are amongst the best in their class and the entire Armani suit collection. 

The suit and fit feel taut yet flexible enough to move about seamlessly. The G-Line suits consist of 100 percent virgin wool and are single-breasted with two buttons. 

It also features a natural shoulder line and a slight waist suppression for a perfect fit. In addition, the pants have ¼ top pockets as well as besom back pockets. 

Suits from the Armani Collezioni G-Line require proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure it remains sleek and sharp for a long time. 


Is Armani Collezioni Discontinued?

Yes, Armani Collezioni was absorbed into the Emporio Armani sub-label.

Which Armani Sub-Label is the Most Expensive?

The Giorgio Armani sub-label features the most expensive fashion wear from Armani. 

What Are the Three Sub-Labels Under Armani?

The three sub-labels include Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, and Armani Exchange.

Which is the Original Armani Brand?

Giorgio Armani is the first original label under the Armani brand. 

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