This is How To Wear Spats! (Are You Wearing Correctly)

Spats, also known as spatterdashes, were in vogue from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. 

The thing about wearing spats then was that it gave the person wearing it an aura of importance and elegance. However, we no longer use the spats as people often used them in those days.

The thing about old school is that it comes back as retro fashion trends. So, if you want to try out spats, this is for you.

First, get your spat ready and wear your shoes. Next, strap the spat over your shoe or boot, ensure it goes from the underside of your shoe to the front, and button it up. Fortunately, you can get a customized spat for your feet so that it will suit all your shoe types. That way, your spat does its job.

In this article, I’ll explain how you can wear spats with your shoes. I’ll then further explain the purpose of spats and what you can wear with them while looking like a million bucks.

How Do I Wear Spats?

How To Wear Spats

To wear spats, you should decide which look you are going for. Spats come in both short and long sizes, i.e., they can either be ankle length or longer to your knees.

Also, are you wearing it to look fashionable or formal? Although, you can combine both looks. With that in mind, you can select a spat to give you the look you’re aiming for.

In the olden days, there was a limited selection of colors to choose from when selecting a spat. But now you can get more colors when selecting a spat for your footwear. 

After selecting a spat, put on your shoe for the event. You wear your spat by putting the loop underside your foot and pulling it up; you either zip it or button it as required.

You can go out with your spat over your footwear and rock it. You can use this way of wearing spat with any shoe you want to wear.

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The white spat will be excellent if you intend to go to a wedding with spats. However, if you aren’t using it for a special occasion, you can go with any other color of spat.

If you want your dressing to radiate elegance and class with spats, I recommend you go with the ankle-length spat.

However you wear your spat, consider your purpose of wearing the spat and your style before selecting a spat for an occasion.

What Are the Purpose of Spats?

There are several purposes of spats for you. Some popular purposes of spats are listed below;

  • To protect your shoes.
  • Fashion purposes.
  • Uniform.

#1. To Protect Your Shoes

A primary reason for wearing spat is to protect your shoes, not just your shoes but your legs. 

Originally, spats manufacturers created them to protect the person wearing them from mud, dirt, etc. However, their primary purpose is to keep your feet dry.

Nowadays, we have not only used spats to protect ourselves from just mud and dirt or to keep us dry but for other purposes.

For example, repairers or welders can use the spat to protect their feet from burns; not only they but also other professionals use spats.

In the workplace, you see people working with molten lead wear spat to protect them. Likewise, those in the sports industry, like fencing and rowing, use spats to protect themselves from injury.

In essence, spats serve as protection from dirt and also as personal protective equipment.

#2. Fashion Purposes

One purpose of wearing spats is to add to your look, to make you stand out as an ornament to your shoe.

Even in the olden days, when spats were “in vogue,” people wore spats to show off or to stand out. It was to show off their wealth and class, reflected in their dress with spats.

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For example, the well-to-do in those days made use of short spats, giving their shoe a boot look. 

They even had them in fashionable colors with designs around the spats back then. Even mobsters wore it back then in fashion with flashy clothes, which became a “thing.”

Not only were spats used back then as fashions, but even now, we also use spats to add glamour to our looks. 

Even Michael Jackson and other stars like Johnny Depp we consider fashionable, wore spats, further showing us how fashionable they are.

Nowadays, if you want a fashionable look, there are spats in different colors and designs you can use to get that look. Fortunately for you, they are inexpensive.

#3. Uniform

Another purpose of spats is to be part of a uniform. Therefore, when you see spats worn in a certain way, you associate them with a particular profession, like the military.

Sometimes, you find them wearing spats for ceremonies (the white ones). In earlier times, military men in different countries used spats.

They use the long spats and tuck their uniform pants into them. This look makes them distinct and stands out as someone in the military.

Even nowadays, people use spats as a uniform to perform at ceremonies or as costumes. 

Sometimes, when we watch movies and see a character wearing a spat, we immediately attribute the character’s role to a mobster.

What Do You Wear With Spats?

In the olden days, people wore spats with shoes, i.e., dress shoes. However, with the advancement in fashion and the way spats were made (materials), we now wear them with other shoes apart from dress shoes.

In the table below are shoes that are compatible with spats.

Shoe NameCompatibility
Monk strapYes

Now that shoes are out of the way, the rest is your outfit to wear with spat shoes. You can wear spats with your pants tucked in the spat, a top, and a coat to give you an elegant look.

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The cool thing about spats is that you can wear them with a 3-piece suit. Wear your suit with the long spats and leave your pants untucked to get the refined look.

You can also wear a shirt and pants with spat, with your pants untucked, or stylish casual trousers tucked in the spats. Whatever you wear with your spat, look confident and rock your look.

Are Spats Back In Style?

Spats aren’t in style. However, if you’re going for a vintage or retro look, then spats are an accessory you can use to achieve that look.

Given how famous spats were back in the day, people frequently used them and got ideas from there to develop them. 

Nowadays, there are different designs of spats to match your look. Also, some designers like Cydwoq incorporate spats into some of their shoe designs. 

That way, you get to wear spats without actually wearing them. Once again, you can see people wearing spats, although they’re not something we use regularly. 

Nowadays, there are different colors of spats available, so you can choose a spat that matches your cloth or give your cloth a distinct look.

With the available designs, you can also get a spat for your sports shoes. In addition, you can get them fitted to your exact size by customizing them instead of just ordering online.


In summary, you wear spats with your shoes. Although wearing spats may not be the “hit” right now, you can wear them and still look refined and elegant. 

It only depends on your charisma and style. Whatever reason you have for wearing spats, for work purposes or fashion, wear them confidently and own your look.

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