3 Steps To Keep Trench Coat Collar Up!

Owning a trench coat always comes in handy during the fall, spring, and winter. It’s always an excellent choice to grab a trench coat while leaving home on a windy day. 

Wearing a trench coat is a great way to make a fashion statement, especially if worn right. However, many people worry about keeping their trench coat collars up.

Luckily, this article has all the right answers concerning keeping a trench coat collar up.

There are several ways to keep your trench coat collar up, such as starching it or sewing in a wire. Other ways to keep your trench coat collar up include; supporting it with a scarf or steaming it. Rest assured, all the necessary processes to adjust your trench coat collar, so it stays popped up are straightforward DIYs. 

I will explain how you can keep your trench coat collar up in this article. You will learn how to fix a drooping collar and if popping your collar up is advisable or in style.

How Do You Keep a Trench Coat Collar Up? 

How To Keep Trench Coat Collar Up

It is tricky to figure out how to ensure that your trench coat collar stays up. Despite that, there are ways you can modify your collar to make sure that it stays up.

You can do this by starching your collar, steaming it, holding it in place with a scarf, or sewing in a wire. 

If you’re ever in the mood to keep your neck warm by popping up your collar, below are some helpful tips; 

#1. Starch the Collar of the Trench Coat 

Starching your coats or dress shirts is always a good idea; you get it done right. For example, if your trench coat’s collar keeps dropping anytime you pop it up, it must be stiffer.

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The safest and easiest way to stiffen your fabric is by starching it and ironing it afterward. Highlighted below are the steps to follow when starching the collar of your trench coat; 

  • Spread your trench coat out on your ironing board. 
  • Spray the collar of your trench coat lightly with a starch brand you prefer. 
  • Allow the starch to set in for a few minutes. 
  • Iron the collar of your trench coat on low or medium heat, depending on the fabric. 
  • Ensure that you spray starch on both sides of the collar and that both sides are ironed.
  • Spray the collar with starch and iron until you’re satisfied with the results. 

#2. Sew a Wire Into the Trench Coat Collar 

Starching your collar is a simple solution, but it is temporary because starch can wear off after a while. 

If you prefer a more permanent solution, it is best to sew a wire into the collar of your trench coat.

The steps for sewing a wire into your trench coat collar are more complicated than ironing it with starch, but the results are worth it.

Below are the steps to follow to sew a wire into the collar of your trench coat; 

  • Carefully cut open the side of your trench coat’s collar. 
  • Measure the wire correctly by using the length of your collar to determine the right length. 
  • Insert the wire into the collar and pin it flatly against the fabric. 
  • Make some stitches along the wire and stitch up the side of your collar that was torn open. 

#3. Hold Up the Trench Coat Collar With a Scarf 

A helpful DIY that can quickly remedy a dropping collar is giving it some support. You can decide to support it with any random item of clothing, but a scarf makes it fashionable.

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You can keep your trench coat collar popped up by rolling a scarf around your neck, right under your collar.

Make sure that you adjust it neatly and keep your scarf secured properly to stop your collar from drooping as you move.

How Do You Fix a Floppy Trench Coat Collar? 

A floppy trench coat might be hard to deal with, especially on cold or windy days. 

However, you can ensure that your trench coat isn’t floppy by starching it often or providing support with a scarf or buttons to prop it.

There are several reasons why your trench coat might be floppy. Therefore, you must identify the problem before seeking a suitable solution.

If your trench coat loses its stiffness, you may need to starch and iron it again. If your trench coat collar is worn out, sewing in a wire will give it the right push to pop right back.

If your trench coat collar is floppy because of the fabric used, you can sew in a wire or attach buttons to the sides.

Lastly, if your trench coat collar is floppy and not providing enough neck warmth, tie a scarf around it securely for support and extra warmth.

Should I Keep My Trench Coat Collar Up or Down? 

The decision to drop or pop your trench coat collar depends on your style or the weather. If you’re stylish and love to look extra on some days, pop your collar and strut.

However, if it is cold and you have a trench coat on, it would help if you kept it popped up for extra warmth. 

It is more fashionable to keep your trench coat collar popped up; it gives it an element of sophistication.

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If you’re worried you’re doing something wrong styling your trench coats, the table below highlights the dos and don’ts of trench coats; 

Trench Coat DosTrench Coat Don’ts
Pop up your collar occasionally. Don’t make your collar bulky with more than one scarf. 
Choose neutral colors that match various outfits.Don’t wear bright-colored trench coats with bright-colored clothes.
Wear trench cots with layers and buttons or a belt wrap.Don’t wear trench coats with zippers.
Choose trench coats with 100% wool or cashmere. Don’t wear trench coats made from low-quality blends.
Accessorize your trench coat with lapels or pocket squares.Don’t leave your cuffs peeking through your coat sleeves.
Invest wisely in a high-quality trench coat. Don’t settle for low-quality trench coats to save cost.

Are Popped Collars Still In Style? 

Yes, popped collars are still fashionable to date. Fashion constantly evolves, and older trends, such as popped collars, have become acceptable.

Popping collars were famous in the classic era, giving your overall look a particular stylish spin that is hard to miss.

Asides from being stylish, popping your collar is a great way to protect your neck from wind, cold, or rain. 

In the 80s, popping your collar was a major fashion statement, giving you a mysterious aura. 

If you’re a fan of vintage styles, you’ll love how simply popping the collar of your trench coat changes your look significantly.

You can pop the collars of your dress shirts, polos, or regular coats to embrace a classic look. 

You can go the extra mile by using the tips we’ve provided above to keep your collars from drooping unexpectedly. 


#1. How Do You Fix a Floppy Collar? 

The best way to keep your collar from flattening and looking floppy is to starch and iron it before wearing it. 

#2. Are Trench Coats Still Fashionable? 

Trench coats are likely always fashionable since they have been relevant and stylish since the 70s or earlier. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can keep your trench collar up by following the tips below; 

  • Supporting your collar with a scarf around your neck.
  • Sew in a wire to prop up your collar.

Popping your collar is an 80s-style steal, but it’s a great way to look stylish while protecting your neck. 

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