This is How To Get Lint Off Barbour Jacket!

Barbour Jacket is a type of wax cotton jacket made by Barbour that is water resistant and is typically used for outdoor activities.

Waxed cotton jackets made by Barbour are known for their durability and waterproofing but are prone to catching fibers and lint.

So, how do I get lint off these jackets?

You can get lint off your Barbour jacket by cleaning the jacket with a lint removal roller and lint removal adhesive. You can also use a lint brush on your Barbour jacket to remove lint from your household pets.

Lint might look hard to remove, but if you arm yourself with the right tools, it becomes an easy job. In this article, I will list four steps to remove lint from your Barbour jacket.

Four Steps Needed to Get Lint Off Barbour Jacket

How to Get Lint Off Barbour Jacket

Cotton wax jackets like the Barbour waxed jacket can easily get covered with a layer of lint. Lint-covered jackets don’t look good and can spoil the wearer’s aesthetic.

If it were just a regular cotton jacket, a quick wash and ironing would have eliminated the lint, but sadly you cannot wash and iron waxed jackets.

Your Barbour jacket is prone to catching lint due to the presence of a fresh layer of wax. It is well known that new or recently waxed Barbour jackets are prone to catching lint compared to older ones.

The fresh layer of wax on the cotton fibers acts like a lint magnet that traps any kind of fiber from the atmosphere or other clothes.

Although this might be annoying, the fresh wax will set after a few days of wearing. Wearing it in two to three rainstorms will also stop it from being so attracted to lint.

Partially melted wax could also be caught on a Barbour jacket.

Storing your Barbour jacket in a hot closet or room will cause the wax to soften and catch lint easily.

You can prevent this by allowing adequate ventilation in your closet/room or running the AC on hot summer days.

Do not iron your Barbour jacket or use a hot water solution to clean it.

Here are the steps to get lint off a Barbour Jacket:

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#1. Clean the Jacket

Before adequately removing lint from your Barbour jacket, you need to clean the jacket properly.

Dirty jackets increase the difficulty of lint removal and spoil the finished work.

Use a damp sponge to clean your Barbour jacket’s inside and outside surfaces. Avoid using detergents or harsh soaps to clean the jacket.

#2. Dry the Jacket 

Damp Barbour jackets are strong lint magnets. Improperly or inadequately dried lint jackets will attract lint from animals and fibers in their surroundings.

Ensure you dry the jacket in the shade before removing lint from its surface.

Avoid using machine dryers or any heat source to dry your Barbour Jacket because it will melt and mess up its wax coating.

#3. Purchase a Lint Roller

A lint roller is a rolling tool with a sticky/ adhesive surface you can use to remove lint on clothes.

After you have dried the Barbour jacket, roll the lint remover on the jacket multiple times until all the lint is gone.

Pay attention to all the edges and creases in the jacket prone to housing lint.

Roll up, down, and side to side. If the first adhesive layer becomes full, remove it and apply another one until there’s no lint left.

#4. Store the Jacket

The lint-free jacket now requires proper storage. Waxed clothes pick up lint from animal hair and other clothes.

Avoid storing your Barbour waxed jackets near windows and closets with wooly clothes.

Cover the jacket with proper laundry nylon and store it in a dry place at room temperature.

Does Barbour Jacket Stain Easily?

Barbour jackets are made with wax-impregnated cotton that is water and oil resistant and doesn’t stain easily.

Unlike regular cotton jackets that absorb moisture easily, waxed cotton will not get stained from liquid spills and oil stains.

The water-resistant and insulating properties of Barbour jackets give them a lot of advantages against ordinary cotton jackets, but it also comes with a few disadvantages. Here are they:

Advantages Disadvantages
Water-resistant Attracts lots of fiber and lint
Durable enough to last for years Not breathable 
It can be re-waxed easily Heavy 
Good insulator It cannot be machine washed

One of the problems with Barbour jackets is that you cannot safely machine wash them if it gets stained; you have to resort to brushing and cleaning with a light sponge.

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Can you Machine Wash a Barbour Jacket?

You must not wash your waxed Barbour jacket with a washing machine. This is because Barbour jackets have a layer of wax that makes them unsuitable for machine washing.

No matter how mild, machine washing can strip the protective layer of wax on Barbour jackets and cause them to lose their protective/insulating properties.

If you want your Barbour jacket to last long in-between waxes, you should avoid doing the following. 

#1. Machine Washing

One of the things Barbour jacket owners should avoid is machine washing. The constant tumbling in a washing machine will strip the wax from the cotton fibers and ruin the jacket.

Avoid machine washing your Barbour jacket. No matter how tempted you are, you can use a mix of alcohol and water to get rid of mold and foul odor.

#2. Machine Drying

Try avoiding using a machine dryer on your Barbour jacket after cleaning it. Machine dryers use spin and hot air to dry clothes, and these methods are bad for waxed cotton.

#3. Ironing 

Do not attempt to use a pressing iron to remove creases from your Barbour jacket. The heat from the iron will melt the wax coating and ruin the jacket.

You can eliminate creases in your Barbour jacket by hanging them in a warm closet for a while so the heat will straighten out some of the creases.

#4. Bleaching 

Bleaching compounds break down dirt and whiten clothing fibers, and bleaching your Barbour jacket will strip the wax layer and spoil it.

If you want to disinfect your Barbour jacket, you can spray a solution of alcohol and water to kill moss and other bacteria.

Do you Need to Re-Wax a Barbour Jacket to Cover the Stain? 

You do not need to Re-wax a Barbour Jacket to cover stains of any kind. Stains are caused by foreign material penetrating or affecting the layer of wax on the jacket.

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You need to remove any stain on your Barbour jackets before re-waxing. If you Re-wax a dirty jacket the stains will become permanent.

If you wish to re-wax your Barbour jacket, prepare the following:

  • Wax dressing
  • Lint Roller
  • Hot water
  • Hairdryer 
  • Soft sponge

How to Re-Wax a Barbour Jacket

#1. Clean the Jacket

Re-waxing a Barbour jacket without cleaning it is a recipe for disaster. You need to clean out moss and bacteria on the surface of the jacket to prevent problems after re-waxing.

You should remove foreign objects like lint, hair from animals, and other organic and inorganic matter from the surface of the Barbour jacket.

You can use a Lint Roller to remove lint and clean it with a soft sponge and water.

#2. Melt the Wax

The wax used in Re-wax Barbour Jackets is solid at room temperature, so you must melt it before applying.

Do not heat the wax above an open flame to melt because Barbour thorn wax is flammable.

Boil some water and turn it into a bowl, place the container of thorn wax, and allow it to melt completely.

#3. Apply the Wax 

Use an old cloth or sponge to spread the wax evenly over the jacket, ensuring it gets into all its nooks and crannies.

Make sure the wax is properly melted before you begin the application. Then, add more hot water if the wax starts to solidify, do this until you are done.

#4. Dry the Wax

Use a hairdryer to heat the jacket surface and better melt the wax into the cotton.

Hang the jacket at room temperature, and keep it away from sunlight or any source of extreme temperatures.

Covering the jacket with laundry nylon would be best to prevent the wax from catching lint and dust particles in the atmosphere.

How Often Should You Wax Barbour Jackets?

A lightly used Barbour jacket must be re-waxed annually or twice yearly.

The original Barbour jacket wax coating has a shelf life of more than five years before it will need reproofing.

How frequently you wear your jacket and the kind of weather and activities you should determine the frequency of re-waxing.

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